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*Voltix was voiced by [[Wikipedia:Rick D. Wasserman|Rick Wasserman]] in ''[[Episode 8|Breakout]]''.
*Voltix was voiced by [[Wikipedia:Rick D. Wasserman|Rick Wasserman]] in ''[[Episode 8|Breakout]]''.
*Voltix's helmet is also shared with [[Speeda Demon]] and [[Black Phantom]] except they're different in color and have different pieces to them
*Voltix's helmet is also shared with [[Speeda Demon]] and [[Black Phantom]] except they're different in color and have different pieces to them.
*Voltix's helment in Episodes 8 and 9 is colored a light shade of gray, while the set has a gunmetal helmet.

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"Watch out Hero, lightning can strike twice."
― Voltix to Jimi Stringer, Breakout Part 1

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TV Voltix Escaping.png
Employer Black Phantom (formerly)
Weapons Shooting Volt Blaster
Lightning Whip
Status Functional
Set number 6283

Voltix is a cunning villain that attempted to destroy Hero Factory multiple times.


Voltix was running a job together with Splitface when they were attacked by Preston Stormer, who was able to subdue them with the help of his commanding officer Thresher. Voltix was put in a plastic cell on Asteroid J-54, while Splitface escaped.


Legion of Darkness

While in prison, Voltix was freed by XT4, along with Toxic Reapa, and the three escaped. During the escape, they were confronted by Dunkan Bulk and Von Ness, so XT4 released more prisoners and the three went to escape through the roof. There they met Von Ness, but the Hero let them pass. They got in XT4's Drop Ship and met with the rest of Black Phantom's new Legion of Darkness.

The incident on the asteroid led to Hero Factory shutting down, so Voltix went with the Legion to take Hero Factory itself. Voltix went with Speeda Demon, Toxic Reapa, and Thornraxx to enter the Assembly Tower. After Toxic Reapa threw Thornraxx out of the craft, the three crashed in the Assembly Tower. They encountered Thresher, and strapped him into the Assembly Tower and put it in reverse, hoping to disassemble the Hero. Black Phantom arrived, but he was trailed by the rest of Alpha 1 Team. Stormer revealed Black Phantom intended to betray Voltix and the others, and Voltix attacked Black Phantom. In the chaos, Voltix was arrested and again incarcerated on Asteroid J-54, but he eventually escaped.


Voltix on Tansari VI

In order to initiate a mass breakout of Hero Factory's more secure Villain Containment cells, Voltix pretended to be caught by Hero Factory Heroes Daniel Rocka and William Furno, and placed into their Storage Facility prison. Shortly after being locked in his cell, Voltix used his energy to trigger the Black Hole Orb Staff, which blew a hole in the roof and created an escape route for all of the villains, who broke free of their confinement. Voltix was confronted by Rocka, but he managed to elude the Hero and enter the black hole.

Voltix traveled to the planet Tansari VI, attempting to disrupt the power supply of their energy collection array and create a superweapon for his own personal use. Jimi Stringer followed Voltix to the area, in order to apprehend him. Stringer tried to capture Voltix using his newly acquired Hero Cuffs, but Voltix used his electricity to disable the cuffs. Escaping through the mist, Voltix began drawing energy from the array into his blaster, incapacitating Stringer with the power. However, Stringer discovered that energy cells present on the planet could absorb Voltix's electrical blasts, repeatedly using them until Voltix had run out of energy. Stringer then recovered his Hero Cuffs, and used them to apprehend Voltix, as well as unplugging his volt switches. Voltix was returned to the Hero Factory by Stringer, but escaped and was later listed as still on the loose.

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

Voltix was installed as the Citadel's prison warden, and had a program where would-be-escapees took info from corrupt guards to escape. In actuality, Voltix was simply testing for prisoners with morale left so he could break it. He did this once to William Furno to break his spirit. When the main reality's Alpha 1 Team engineered a prison break, Voltix was about to send all reserve guards when he received words of the Brains' invasion. He sent out an alert, and in the chaos was later found unconscious.

Abilities and Traits

Voltix possesses electrical elements, including a voltage booster switch. His manipulation of electricity allows him to create electrical projections, ones that can bypass the bars on Hero Factory jail cells. He is a cunning villain, manipulating his opponents and helping to orchestrate the mass breakout of Hero Factory, a move unprecedented at the time. Voltix feeds off energy, and enough energy consumption could keep him alive indefinitely.


Voltix is armed with a Shooting Volt Blaster and a Lightning Whip. The Volt Blaster is a rare weapon that causes paralysis in its targets, and the Lightning Whip is a tool that allows Voltix to absorb or output any amount of power.

Set Information

Voltix in set form.

Set 6283 Voltix was released in the summer of 2012, as part of the second wave in Hero Factory's Breakout line. The set contained 61 pieces, including a spherical ammo piece that can be shot from his launcher when the sides are squeezed, as well as a Hero Core for specific use in the Breakout game. The set could be combined with 6282 Stringer to create a combi-model.


  • Voltix was voiced by Rick Wasserman in Breakout.
  • Voltix's helmet is also shared with Speeda Demon and Black Phantom except they're different in color and have different pieces to them.
  • Voltix's helment in Episodes 8 and 9 is colored a light shade of gray, while the set has a gunmetal helmet.


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