Von Nebula's Gang

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"Von Nebula's Gang" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.


Von Nebula's Gang
TV Ep4 Villains Assembled.png
Villain Team
Headquarters/Base Unknown
Leader(s) Von Nebula
Status Disbanded
Goal(s) Destroy Hero Factory

Von Nebula's Gang was a group of criminals banded together by the crime lord Von Nebula.


As a Hero, Von Nebula (then going by Von Ness, a member of the original Alpha 1 Team) defected the organization during a crucial mission in New Stellac City, eventually becoming a villain. In order to get revenge on Hero Factory, who he believed had wronged him, Von Nebula enacted a master plan to eliminate the entire Factory by using their Hero Core charger to create an anti-matter weapon, and to enact revenge on his former team.

After recruiting the necessary henchbots, Von Nebula set his plan into motion. XPlode and Rotor first attempted steal a shipment of C-4000 explosives, though they were rebuffed by the Heroes. They soon tried to steal more explosives on the planetoid Lemus 2, and were unsuccessful again; Rotor was captured, while XPlode escaped.

Shortly after, a new prison under construction on Tantalus 5 was attacked by Corroder, another member of the gang. Corroder too was repelled, though not without causing massive damage to the construction site. After returning to Von Nebula, Corroder was succeeded by Meltdown, who planned to use nanobots to corrupt Preston Stormer, Von Nebula's old teammate. Meltdown first infected Mekron City Police Chief Drax, an old friend of Stormer's, who successfully lured the Alpha 1 Team into an ambush. Stormer was infected by the nanobots, which began to turn him evil. However, he was cured with the help of his team.

As part of the final stage of the plan, Von Nebula sent Corroder and Thunder to New Stellac City, the site of his original betrayal. Their appearance was responded to by the senior members of Alpha 1, who soon found themselves pinned down. The rookies of Alpha 1 arrived to help, but Von Nebula's gang was supplemented by XPlode and Meltdown. Von Nebula himself finally appeared to the Heroes, challenging Stormer and William Furno. However, they were able to defeat Von Nebula and seal him in his own Black Hole Orb Staff, while the rest of the Heroes defeated the gang members. All were locked up in the Hero Factory prison, including the staff.

The Black Hole Orb Staff was later used by the villain Voltix to incite a breakout, resulting in all of Von Nebula's gang escaping, with Von Nebula's whereabouts unknown.



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