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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the television episode or the game.

"The world will tremble when I have my revenge!"
― Von Nebula, Hero Factory Promotional Magazine

Von Nebula
Von Ness.png
Hero Team Thresher's Team
Weapons Unknown
Comic Von Nebula.png
Weapons Black Hole Orb Staff
Status Functional, Imprisoned

Von Nebula, formerly known as Von Ness, is a renegade Hero. He was once a member of Preston Stormer's old team, but defected during a mission, and eventually became a reputed crime lord.


Von Ness

Von Ness was a rookie hero with Preston Stormer, on a team led by Thresher.

Stormer trying to stop Von Ness

The team was once sent on mission where they were called to New Stellac City in order to investigate a routine alarm. Instead, they encountered a gigantic robot that knocked out Thresher. Stormer instructed Ness to guard Thresher, but Ness instead retreated to their Drop Ship, and attempted to flee in it. Stormer tried to stop him, but Von Ness managed to escape. The robot was eventually disabled by Stormer, and because of Stormer's success, Von Ness grew bitter about Hero Factory, and went rogue. He eventually rebuilt himself into the criminal Von Nebula.

Von Nebula

Von Nebula recruited an assortment of villains to his criminal empire, including XPlode, Rotor, Meltdown, Corroder, Thunder, and Vapor.

Using his criminal associates, Von Nebula enacted a plan to get revenge on Stormer and the Hero Factory. He intended to transform Hero Factory's Hero Core Supercharger into an anti-matter weapon, which he would use to destroy the Factory.

As part of the first phase of his plan, Von Nebula instructed XPlode and Rotor to steal explosives, though Rotor was eventually apprehended. He next directed Corroder to attack a prison construction site on Tantalus 5. Corroder was eventually repelled as well, and returned to Von Nebula, who immediately directed Meltdown to infect Stormer with nanobots. Meltdown was successful in his mission, and evaded capture. However, Stormer was eventually cured before causing too much damage.

Von Nebula organized XPlode, Corroder, Meltdown, and Thunder, and sent them to New Stellac City in order to draw the Alpha 1 Team out. There, Von Nebula revealed himself, speaking to the Heroes from his black hole base. Stormer let himself get sucked into the hole to face Von Nebula, and William Furno followed. Von Nebula explained his plan to use their core energy to enhance his black hole and vanished, monitoring the heroes with his staff. When the two Heroes came up with a plan to use their anti-gravity thruster rings to negate the vortex, Von Nebula reappeared and demanded the devices. Believing Stormer had them, Von Nebula attacked him, but Furno was actually in possession of the rings and dropped them in the vortex. Stormer then used Von Nebula's black hole staff against him, and the villain was sucked into it. Stormer and Furno escaped the black hole, and took the staff back to Hero Factory.

Von Nebula remains alive inside the staff, which is under heavy guard.

Abilities and Traits

Von Ness was a cowardly Hero, and this cowardice caused him to eventually flee during a crucial mission. However, Ness did not accept responsibility for his actions, and instead blamed Stormer for it. He also has a passionate belief that Stormer is self-important, which is another reason he hates him. He developed a deep, unyielding hatred for Hero Factory, the Heroes, and his old teammate, and set out to exact revenge against the perceived wrongs they had inflicted upon him.

As a criminal mastermind, Von Nebula excels in planning and organization, applying his talents to criminal enterprises.

A former Hero, Von Nebula was built with Hero Factory standards, including a Hero Core, but he eventually became a large, spiky-armored villain.


Von Nebula carried a Black Hole Orb Staff, which allowed him to create powerful black holes. He has since been sucked into the staff.

Set Information

In mid-2010 the large box set 7145 Von Nebula was released. The set had 156 pieces including spiky armor pieces co-injected with black and bright blue plastic.

Set 7145 Von Nebula



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