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Comic Waspix.png
Robot Class
Function Beast
Power(s) None
Location(s) Quatros
Status Active

Waspix are an insectoid species native to the planet Quatros.


A Waspix in the Quatros Forest

Waspix live on the protected nature reserve of Quatros.

When Witch Doctor arrived on the planet, he enslaved a Waspix by using corrupted Quaza spikes. This made the Waspix more aggressive and linked it to Witch Doctor's Skull Staff.

The corrupted Waspix arrived with Raw-Jaw and a Scorpio to attack Heroes Julius Nex, Jimi Stringer, and William Furno. However, Witch Doctor recalled them to do other tasks.

While Furno, Nex, and Stringer were later traversing through the jungle, the Waspix and the Scorpio attacked the Heroes. Furno engaged the Waspix in aerial combat, and briefly trapped it in vines, returning to help his allies against the Scorpio. The Waspix soon freed itself, but, after a brief struggle with Furno, it was dispatched by Stringer. Nex noticed the glowing Quaza spikes embedded in the Waspix, theorizing that it connected to Witch Doctor, and had Stringer break them off. Free of Witch Doctor's control, the Waspix flew away.

Abilities and Traits

Normally, Waspix do not attack unless in the event of provocation. They mainly are solitary creatures that fly in the treetops, occasionally taunting slower beasts. They are mildly intelligent, and speak with a hissing accent. They possess three stingers, which are capable of delivering a toxin.

Set Information

Set 2231 Waspix was released as a box set in mid-2011. It contains 48 pieces including three printed armor pieces and two dual-colored Quaza spikes.



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