William Furno

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William Furno

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William Furno

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William Furno, often referred to by his surname, Furno, is a hero in the Hero Factory.


William Furno was created with a slightly different design than most heroes, and his Hero Core charge was far higher than normal. Furno was with the Alpha Team when they went to stop Xplode and Rotor from stealing C-4000 explosives. Furno disobeyed leader Preston Stormer, and went into the fray, and decided he was going to hero-cuff Rotor. Furno failed, and Stormer reprimanded him for letting Rotor escape. At the Hero Factory, Furno trained in a simulation of that mission to impress Stormer despite warnings by Mark Surge and Natalie Breez. When he was with Stormer and the other rookies, they were called into an explosives plant where Xplode and Rotor were. With Xplode taking out Stormer, Furno raced on his bike at the two. Xplode fled, leaving Furno to hero-cuff Rotor and transport him to Hero Factory.

When Surge, Breez, Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer were involved in a mission with Corroder, Furno was the only back-up hero. Furno flew in with acid-resistant armor and defeated Corroder while Breez arrived in a huge ship to scare Corroder off. While Bulk recharged his core, Stormer thanked Furno for his efforts.

At a city, Stormer went with the rookies to investigate an alarm. Counting on help from his friend Drax, Stormer was shocked to find himself having to defeat a seemingly insane Drax. Meltdown arrived, and infected Stormer with nanobots. At Hero Factory, the nanobots took over, and Stormer ran from the building despite Furno, Stringer, and Bulk's efforts to catch him. Furno went off to a billboard of himself and Stormer that Stormer hated, knowing Stormer would try to destroy it. Stormer attacked Furno, and the dueled in the sky, but Stormer had the upper hand. Furno reminded Stormer of Von Nebula, and Stormer took control of his body until his curing.

The rookies learned that Alpha Team was in trouble at New Stellac City, and the rookies flew there, watching footage of Thresher's ill-fated mission. Once there, the heroes helped Alpha Team against Thunder and the rest of Von Nebula's henchmen. When a black hole opened, Furno followed Stormer into it as he wanted to help Stormer take down Von Nebula. Learning of charges they had, the heroes convinced Von Nebula Stormer had them while Furno dropped them in the black hole. Stormer sucked Von Nebula in the being's staff, and the escaped the black hole. Back at Hero Factory, the staff was placed in a high-security vault.

Stormer again took the rookies to where the Fire Lord was attacking a refueling station. In the fiery mess, Furno tried to attack the Fire Lord, but was soundly defeated. With the Fire Lord's minions too powerful, Stormer briefly defeated the Fire Lord before retreating. Julius Nex and Nathan Evo upgraded the heroes to 2.0 forms to destroy the Fire Lord's forces.

Abilities and Traits

Furno is overconfident, and believes he will always succeed. This leads him to have a desire to impress his idol, Stormer. Furno is very inventive and quick, a great hero in the field.

Set Information

Furno as a set.

William Furno was first released in mid 2010 as a small hero set with 19 pieces.

He was released again in the same year with the Furno bike, using 15 of the set's 165 pieces. You could connect him to his bike with two pegs on his feet, and two rods for his hands.

Furno was released again in early 2011 under the name Furno 2.0. This set depicted Furno in his updated form and had 30 pieces. One could flip his goggles upside down to represent them in their deactivated form. You could also use his pieces with those from Evo 2.0 to form a combination model.

One could also find, and enter a code a code from the underside of Furno 2.0 canister's lid onto the Hero Factory website to unlock the Creep Crushers game.


  • In several press releases and promotional advertisements, Furno's last name was identified as "Blaze".


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