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Z Planet.png
Inhabitants Toxic Reapa's species, insects
Class Planet

Z'chaya is a planet home to Toxic Reapa's species.


The villain Toxic Reapa is known for having been born in Z'chaya. After Voltix caused the massive Breakout from the Hero Factory prison, Toxic Reapa escaped back to his home planet in order to hatch more individuals of his species and form an army to assault the galaxy.

Rookie Hero Nathan Evo was sent to chase after the villain, with Omega and his team following him for investigation. Upon landing on Z'chaya, Evo located various eggs of Toxic Reapa's species. After Evo contacted William Furno in order to know what to do with the eggs, Toxic Reapa appeared and attacked the rookie. The villain then disappeared into Z'chaya's landscape, which confused the Hero.

After various brief assaults from Toxic Reapa, Evo contacted Furno once again. On advice from Furno, Evo managed to knock the villain off his feet, then proceeded to cuff him and returned to Hero Factory.


Z'chaya's landscape are mostly swamps and jungle-like environments. The climate is known to be rather hot, with the planet also being muggy, and the surroundings being sticky, or acidic. The planet is also known to have a high level of moisture.


Toxic Reapa and his species were born in this planet. It is also home to various insects that plague the jungles.


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