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Bull Creature

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beast_location=[[Makuhero Planet]]|
'''Fire BullsBull Creatures''' are small beasts living on the [[Makuhero Planet]].
Fire Bulls Bull Creatures make their home in the fiery crags on the Makuhero Planet.
Upon the arrival of the [[Brains]], the bull population was transformed into minotaur creatures, such as [[Pyrox]]. These creatures then formed an army, along with other transformed creatures, in order to enact the Brain's objective of launching an [[attack on Makuhero City]]. The invading army was eventually repelled by the [[Hero]]es, who managed to remove the Brains controlling all the creatures. Freed from the influence of the Brains, the Fire Bulls Bull Creatures eventually returned to their natural habitat.
==Abilities and Traits==
Fire Bull Creatures are ordinarily placid, diminutive beasts.
Upon being transformed by the Brains, the Fire Bulls Bull Creatures become ferocious, fiery villains, with massive horns and fire armor.

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