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HEROsector01:Administrators and Moderators

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Of the staff, the '''Moderators''' are the members who use primarily the '''Sysop''' user right. Sysop allows the accounts possessing it to block/unblock accounts, mark edits as patrolled, delete/restore pages, protect/unprotect pages and edit protected pages, get account IP addresses, and move pages. Sysop is the basic moderating user right, and is used by all moderators to do most of the tasks staff are called upon to do on a day-to-day basis.
There are '''{{NUMBEROFADMINS}}''' members of HS01 with staff power. Only 10 9 are active at the moment. The staff's names are as follows:
*[[User:Swert|Swert]] - Administrator/Owner
**[[User:ErebusDorek|ErebusDorek]] - General Manager
***[[User:Shadow Kurahk|Shadow Kurahk]]
***[[User:Master of the RahkshiArgentum|Master of the RahkshiArgentum]]***[[User:Aanchir|Aanchir]] {{Wiki Staff}}

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