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hi user who found userpage!


If anyone knows how to make those profile boxes you see on almost every page, let me know on my talk page!

about me

my name is Prof. Srlojohn, known as the Prof., srlojohn, and (to my chagrin) Sir john. I was a permanent resident of the lego galleries on (until they shut them down!! Grr...) , and i am intrested in many things.

my intrests

In order of degree of like, from high to low, including but not limited to: Bionicle!!!, LEGO, Exo-Force, HF, Gardevoir, Pokemon, Command & Conquer, Nancy Drew games, Anne Mccaffery books, the Inheritance Cycle, Ender’s Game, Any version of Sid Mier’s Civilization (But Particularly Beyond Earth), Classic Cars, Star Wars and the My Love Story! manga.

online PC games I play

Sid mier's civlization (5,6,& BE)(via Steam)
Command & Conquer RA3 & 3KW (via CnC online)
Lego Worlds (via Steam)
Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

Hit me up sometime and we can play a game, (maybe)

my steam account name is Solojohn123

my sets

my sets include, in chronological order;

Jimi Stringer (1.0)
Preston Stormer (2.0)
Evo (2.0)
Rocka(brain attack)
Stormer freeze machine
Flyer beast Vs. Breeze

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around the wiki!!