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Q. How do I make a user page?
A. First read the HEROsector01:Account and Privacy Policy#User Page policy, then click here.

Q. If I need help with anything, who do I ask?
A. The Staff exist to help you, and you can contact them by finding their user and talk pages through this page.

Q. Who are the staff?
A. Staff members are members who have received increased responsibilities and work under the owner, Swert.

Q. Is there a place where I can try out Wiki coding and get used to it?
A. Yes. You can use the Sandbox to test edits, however you can create your own personal sandbox.

Q. How can I see what the page I'm editing will look like without actually saving it?
A. You can see a preview by clicking the "Show Preview" button to the right of the button labeled "Save Page".

Q. Can I give out warnings to other users?
A. Not usually.

Q. Can I clean up after vandals?
A. Although you probably would want to, it is the job of the staff and the APO to deal with vandalism. However, if no staff present on the site, and APO and Vandal Clean Up are not available either, normal members can deal with vandalism.

Q: How do I get started on editing?
A: You can edit any page you like, but if you are looking for a specific job, you can see if there are special tasks on the Main Page.

Q: How can I contact the Staff Members?
A: Via their Talk pages.

Q: Where can I find the rules?
A: At the HEROsector01:Policy section.

Q: Where can I voice my opinions?
A: At the HEROsector01:Member Opinions Hub.