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Important Notice

Due to the current state of our websites after switching servers, this content is indefinitely postponed until further notice.

Time for an MoC Image Adventure

Welcome to the HEROsector01 Entertainment Hub's First contest for regular members.

The Adventure

Okay, so the Holiday Season is upon us, and for some of us that means trips, for some that means going home, for all of us it most likely means some time off, right? Well, we got an idea to fill some time, or just have and interesting thing to do on a trip or in your hometown or even at school if you are brave enough (and good enough to do it right).

We want you to take your favorite MoC (that's "My own Creation"), or set for those who don't MoC, and put it in a situation worthy of being photographed, snap a picture, and submit it for all to see! EHub Staff Member Tomana came up with the idea for this contest after doing it himself, so you aren't alone if you feel like it is an insane thing to do.

You provide the pictures on the talk page, and everyone will vote on whose picture is the most awesome/random/daring/creative. Prizes will be announced at a later time (maybe).

The submission deadline is January 31th, 2012, 11:59 PM EST. Please submit your entries before this time.


Obviously we are going to have a few rules here, after all we can't just let this get out of hand and be without any guides.

1. Make sure that you are following all Policies while participating in the contest.
2. While funny pictures are appreciated, a Barraki Bathroom Bonanza is not. No disgusting or crude images, no toilet humor (or pictures), and do not put yourself or others in danger in order to get your photos. This is primarily a children's site, and you should keep that fully in mind. Hopefully this Rule is made redundant by Rule #1.
3. You may only enter once.
4. Both BIONICLE and HERO FACTORY MoC's are welcome for submission, but please restrict yourself to at most two MoC's in your photo, and it is highly encouraged you only use one.
5. Try to keep people (that is, humans) out of your photos unless they are 1) not able to be identified or 2) agree to be in the picture. If it is unavoidable to have people in your shot, do all you can to minimize faces seen. Remember, this is about the MoC not the humans.

Example Shots

These are pictures taken by Tomana of an MoC he calls Laris. 1. Helicopter 2. This picture may include a human with a recognizable face, but the picture is fully in line with the rules. The girl with the priceless expression knows what is going on. What is that? and 3. Gen. Rudder.