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Our Guarantee

As it is partnered with BIONICLEsector01.com, HS01 is able to link directly to that site. However, this necessitates a set of rules in order to properly understand and behave on both sites.

1) If you have an account on BS01, you have an account on HS01, AND vice versa. First and foremost, if you are a user coming to HS01 from BS01, and you have an account there, you automatically have an account here. The interface is the same, your login is the same, nothing has changed except for the site content. If you are a brand new user creating an account here, you will automatically have an account there as well. Going to either site is not necessary or required, but you must not create a separate account for either site. The account will be considered a duplicate, and banned from whatever site was signed up for last.

1.5) Userpages: For current users, you may either make a userpage here, or redirect it to your current BS01 userpage. If you are a new user, the same option is available to you from BS01. In order to facilitate easier relations with new members, Staff members will have separate user pages on each site.

2) There is a way to link directly to each site. If you are linking from here to BS01, use this code:



For example, [[biosector:Tahu|Tahu]] becomes Tahu, which leads directly to BS01's Tahu page. Regular linking to a page not on HS01 will result in a broken (red) link. For convenience, there will be a Hero Factory and BIONICLE page on both sites.

3) Conduct on HS01 is judged by the same standards as BS01, and vice versa. Although considered to be different sites with different rules, if your conduct on either site is unbecoming, you will face punishments on both.

3.5) Subpages: As the subpage rule is different for each site, whichever site your account was made on, you will adhere to the rules of that site. You may not create more subpages on HS01 if you have the maximum amount of three on BS01.