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Our Guarantee

Articles of the same subjects should look similar enough to be identified as being of the same or similar topic. This page will detail how pages on the same topic should be organized so as to provide consistency between the pages. Please note that these are but general guidelines and some leniency will be allowed as required. If you would like to make a suggestion, please make it here.


*A quote relevant to the character is placed at the top of the article. The quote will preferably describe the page subject itself, meaning it could be a significant statement about themselves if a character, or a descriptive statement from another source.
*The appropriate character template should follow*
*An introductory paragraph with the character's name(s) in bold opens the article*

===*Sub sections as appropriate*===

====*Additional sub sections if necessary*===

==Abilities and Traits==


==Set Information==
*If applicable*

*If applicable*

*If applicable*


==See Also==
*If applicable*

==External Links==
*If applicable*

*Any navigational templates follow the main content of the article, placed in descending order based on storyline relevance and pertinence to that character's evolution through various forms*
*It is a standard of the Wiki to have the ClassicNav placed at the bottom of all articles that are not defined as being Parent Pages*

To Be Continued...