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While I need to find the passages, they can be ignored. Breez and Rocka are very surprised to see Brains in E10 and have to figure out what they are. In SM4, they were still figuring out Brain details. It also explains how quickly they figured out Brains were controlling creatures in E10. They would not have so easily and quickly noticed that if they had no prior experience with Brains. Lord Nektann

However, in SM4, Furno knows how to free Stringer. And both books feature the Heroes with their BA weapons.--~Willess12~ 19:43, 15 March 2013 (PDT)Willess12

That is a good point, and maybe SM4 is after E10. Weapons means absolutely nothing as Rocka had Breakout armor before E10 and they may have had the weapons before E10 but not after that. The Stringer part could mean SM4 is after 3, but lets get Dorek's input. Lord Nektann

Having not read the books, I'm not the best judge on this, but Aanch and KZ both relayed that same particular point to me. Obviously the books aren't mandated to precede the episode, it's just been about weird timing; both SM1 and 2 were set directly after E8/9. And SM5 (if the preview is anything to go by) takes place after E10, so it's possible that SM4 does as well. Whatever you guys think makes more sense, I'll trust it. External Image Dorek 21:56, 15 March 2013 (PDT)

Well, SM4 taking place after E10 makes sense, considering Stringer's disappearance from Brain Attack. ---- Creepa Demon