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"If Furno has a flaw in his system, it's that he expects too much from himself and pushes himself harder than even the Team Leader does. The stress Furno inflicts on himself is usually unrealistic and leaves him seriously drained. It's not that Furno doesn't like to have fun; but he even pushes himself too hard during downtime."
Akiyama Makuro, HeroFactory.com

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William Furno
Hero 1.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division
Weapons Dual Fire Shooter
Status Functional, upgraded

William "Will" Furno is a powerful young Hero from Hero Factory. A promising rookie in his youth, Furno had a successful career under the tutelage of the Alpha 1 Team, and was eventually promoted to the team, along with his teammates, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge. He later became a team commander who led many Hero teams during the Attack on Makuhero City.



Furno awakening

Furno was created in the Hero Factory. His creation was of interest to the designers, as it was slightly different from a standard Hero, as the molten metal that was used to make Furno burned hotter than usual.[Episode 1] After his construction, he was sent to get his scheduled Hero Core charge. However, the charge was extremely high, and was more reminiscent of a final charge than an initial one. Furno was made leader of the rookie team division consisting of Natalie Breez and Mark Surge, and they were placed under the direct leadership of the Alpha 1 Team. Furno was widely considered a promising up-and-comer, although the attention he received made him rather uncomfortable at first.(Hero Factory FM) Preston Stormer had been tough on Furno since the first day of Stormer training him, and had been tough on him more than the other rookies.[Episode 1]

At one time, Furno and the other members of the Alpha 1 Team chased fuel smugglers in the Faraday Belt. The team survived and completed the mission.(Hero Factory FM)

Furno was interviewed by Mak Megahertz in his show called Hero Factory FM, in his segment called Mak in the Morning.

At some point, Furno studied all of Stormer's known missions,[Episode 1] but he did not study his secret mission in the Hero Factory's early days.[SM2]

Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

Furno traveled with Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer when they went to stop XPlode and Rotor from stealing C-4000 explosives from a mining center on Merak 9. Stormer ordered him to remain in the Heroes' Drop Ship, angering Furno. When XPlode abandoned Rotor and Furno's fellow Heroes cornered Rotor, Stormer called Furno to join the battle. Since this was Furno's mission trial, Stormer ordered him to Hero-Cuff Rotor, despite Furno being nervous to do this alone. When Rotor was using his rotors to try to avoid and decapitate Furno, taunting him, Bulk asked Furno if he needed backup, but Furno declined, believed that he could handle the situation, and then used his weapon called the Dual Fire Shooter to stop Rotor's blades from working, causing Rotor to fall down to the ground. As Furno was about to cuff Rotor, Rotor pulled out a pistol-like version of his Meteor Blaster and tried to use it to shoot at Furno. Furno saw the weapon and tried to handle the situation, but Stormer protected Furno by pushing him out of the blaster's way. After Rotor used his blaster to shoot at Bulk and Stringer, but they dodged him, Rotor escaped. Furno was frustrated with Stormer because of the moment, but Stormer reprimanded him for letting Rotor escape by saying that it was Stormer's fault and he should have left Furno in the Hero Craft, frustrating Furno more.

At the Hero Factory, when the four Heroes got home, Stormer told Furno to train in a Training Sphere. Furno trained in a simulation of that mission to impress Stormer. After hours of training,[C1] Surge and Breez warned Furno to not push himself too far, but Furno insisted in continuing his training. This drained much of his Hero Core energy. Stormer, Surge, and Breez found Furno, and took him to the Quaza Chamber to have him get recharged.

Later, Furno was with Stormer and the other rookies to do a training mission.[C1] They were called into an explosives plant in Lemus 2, where XPlode and Rotor were stealing explosives. Stormer suggested using an empty Hero Pod as a distraction in order to give the ship time to land, and the diversion worked. The four Heroes went to fight and stop XPlode and Rotor. During the fight, Rotor soon knocked out Stormer. While Breez and Surge were covering Stormer, Furno went to get his motorcycle called the Furno Bike from the Heroes' Drop Ship, and raced on his bike at the two villains. XPlode fled, leaving Rotor to fight Furno alone. Furno fought Rotor in hand-to-hand combat, and then won the fight by Hero-cuffing him without him noticing, something that he had been working on in the Training Sphere. As Furno was transporting Rotor to the Drop Ship and stinging Rotor's behind, Stormer, who recovered from XPlode's attack with the help of Breez, told Furno that he "did okay". Surge complained about it because he felt this comment was not enough, but Furno told him that he was okay with it. Furno reminded Surge and Breez that XPlode got away and would plan to hit an explosives plant next time.[Episode 1][C1]

Core Crisis

Shortly after returning to the Hero Factory after capturing Rotor, Furno was ordered to receive a Hero Core recharge, as his Hero Core was low on power. While he was in the recharging in the Quaza Chamber, Surge, Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer were attacked by the villain Corroder at a prison construction site called Penitentiary 1331 in Tantalus 5. Bulk sustained serious injury by being oinned down by falling girders, caused by Corroder. When Stormer requested backup for Bulk, Surge, and Stringer, Furno volunteered to help, but Stormer discouraged him by telling him that Corroder is too much for a rookie to handle. After Stormer and Zib ran out of available Heroes to ask for help, Furno convinced Stormer to let him fight Corroder because he is very fast and has great maneuverability. Stormer relucantly allowed Furno to fight Corroder. Furno was outfitted with acid-resistant armor, and sent in a Hero Pod to the penitentiary.

Breez told Furno that she could be there shortly after him, but Zib was afraid that they would be too late to help Bulk, Surge, and Stringer. Zib had the three Heroes to construct a Hero Cell to protect themselves from Corroder to buy Furno time to help the three Heroes. When Furno was approaching the mission site, Stormer and Zib warned him that he did not have training in landing a Hero Pod, but this gave Furno an idea, where he used a variant of his Hero Pod diversion on Corroder by bailing out of the Hero Pod right before the Hero Pod hit Corroder in the midsection, saving Bulk, Surge, and Stringer. Corroder thought that Furno was in the Hero Pod, so he prepared to melt him when Furno would get out of there, but Furno surprised him from the construction site and started fighting Corroder. During the fight, Corroder used one of his Acid Blasters' acid to hit Furno's acid-resistant armor to try to melt him, but the armor allowed Furno to survive the attack. When Breez arrived in a Hero Craft, Furno bluffed Corroder into believing that another squad of Heroes had arrived, so the acid villain fled, much to Furno's disappointment because he could not catch the villain. Furno and Breez helped Bulk out of the girders.[Episode 2]

Stormer told his team that he noticed that XPlode, Rotor, and Corroder seemed to not really focus on accomplishing their own crimes, and to be told to only use these crimes as traps for the Heroes in order to destroy them. Furno wondered who told the villains to do these attacks.[C2]

Furno and the other Alpha 1 Team members witnessed Bulk getting recharged.[Episode 2]

The Enemy Within

Stormer took Furno and the other rookies with him to investigate an alarm at Mekron City, meeting with his ally, the Police Chief Drax. However, Drax was infected with nanobots, and attacked Stormer and his allies. After they subdued Drax, Meltdown arrived, and infected Stormer with the same nanobots.

Furno dueling an infected Stormer

After Stormer was examined at the Hero Factory, the nanobots took him over, and Stormer ran from the building despite Furno, Stringer, and Bulk's efforts to catch him. Furno realized that Stormer, who fled to Makuhero City, would attempt to take down a billboard featuring him, that Stormer had previously mentioned his distaste for. Arriving at the billboard and finding Stormer standing on top of a building next to the billboard's and being angry at it, Furno noted his irrational hatred of the billboard signified that his personality was still intact. Stormer fought Furno. When Stormer gained the upper hand, Furno pleaded Stormer to fight the nanobots' influence, or he would not be better than a rogue Hero named Von Ness. This made Stormer start somewhat resisting the nanobots' influence. Furno reminded Stormer who he is, making Stormer suppressing the influence of the nanobots long enough to shut down.

Furno took him back to Hero Factory, where Bulk, Breez, Surge, and Stringer returned with a mineral from Lunar Tratix. After the cure to the nanobots was created while the cure was made of the mineral, Furno and the other four Heroes witnessed Quadal curing Stormer from the nanobots.[Episode 3][C3]

Von Nebula

The rookies were testing and playing around with Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings in their boots in Mission Control, annoying Zib while Zib and Quadal were watching Alpha 1 Team fight Thunder and Corroder in New Stellac City. The rookies were having a hard time using the rings, but Quadal stopped them from flying around the room. When the rookies noticed Zib and Quadal watching the Alpha 1 Team fight the villains, they joined in by stepping back to the ground. The rookies, Zib, and Quadal learned that Alpha 1 Team was in trouble at the city when Thunder fired his new weapon called the Nebula Gas Cannon at Stormer. Furno asked what in that strange blast, and Quadal and Zib answered that it was nebula gases. Since the Alpha 1 Team could not contact them because of the Cannon's blast, Zib told the rookies to elect their own substitute team leader before they would go rescue the Alpha 1 Team. The rookies elected Furno to be the substitute team leader, surprising him. Furno promised that he will not let Zib down.

The rookies used their Hero Pods to fly to New Stellac City. Furno theorizes that there may be a connection between Thresher's ill-fated mission in the city and the recent mission in the city. Zib activated an archived footage of Thresher's mission. Furno explained what happened in the mission, where Thresher got hurt by a giant drone, Von Ness fleeing in cowardice, and Stormer defeating the drone.

When the three rookies got to the city, they went to look for the Alpha 1 Team, but they stumbled upon Thunder and Corroder, who came out of hiding to prepare to attack them. The rookies prepared to fight the villains, but XPlode and Meltdown arrived in the city in meteors to help their fellow villains fight the rookies. When they shot their Meteor Blasters at the rookies, Stormer, Stringer, and Bulk appeared and saved the rookies from the villains. The Heroes fought the villains while using a crater as cover. During the battle, Furno asked Stormer, who was surprised that Zib sent Furno, how he survived Thunder's blast. Stormer said that Quadal insisted in trying out his new armor, and it protected him from the nebula gas blast. Furno asked Stormer if he had found Von Ness, and Stormer that he did not. A black hole opened and took away the six Heroes' weapons and gadgets. Von Ness revealed himself to have changed into a villain called "Von Nebula". After Stormer told his team to fight Von Nebula's thugs and then went to the black hole to take him down, Furno told the team the same thing and followed Stormer to help him, going against Stormer's direct order due to Furno's position as substitute team leader. After Stormer and Furno went inside the black hole, they were confronted by Von Nebula, who planned to drain their Hero Cores' energy. The two came up with a plan to destroy the black hole using the anti-gravity thruster rings in their boots, though Von Nebula learned of their idea. The heroes let Von Nebula believe that Stormer was the one with the rings, so when Von Nebula fired at Stormer, Furno dropped the rings in the black hole's vortex, superheating it. Stormer sucked Von Nebula into the Black Hole Orb Staff, and they escaped the black hole before it exploded. Von Nebula's staff was placed in a high-security vault in Hero Factory.[Episode 4]

At some point, Bulk, Furno, and a Drop Shop Pilot also fought Vapor in a city. Furno drove his Furno Bike to fight Vapor.[S!] Vapor was arrested and imprisoned,[FO:MSG] but it is unknown if Bulk, Furno, and the Drop Ship Pilot had succeeded in defeating him in the fight and captured him.

At some point, the design of Furno's Dual Fire Shooter was copied by a villain named Fire Lord to make a weapon called the Lava Blaster.

At some point, a shark-like villain named Jawblade stole the Dual Fire Shooter from Furno and converted it into Magma Blades.

Ordeal of Fire

Furno, Breez, and Surge joined Stormer on a mission to Tanker Station 22 which Fire Lord and his gang were attacking. Furno climbed up a building and acted as reconnaissance, and saw the Fire Lord absorbing energy from the fuel cells. They were eventually overpowered, and when attempting to evacuate the last civilian group, the Heroes were cornered by the villains. Surge drew the villains away, and the Heroes were forced to leave without him. At Hero Factory, Stormer convinced Akiyama Makuro to upgrade them to 2.0 forms. In a training session, Furno struggled with wielding his Multi-Tool Ice Shield, but Stormer deemed them ready to ship out.

Furno and Breez's weapons stuck together

Returning to the station, Furno blew the Heroes' cover when he accidentally fired his weapon. While Stormer went to attack the Fire Lord, Furno and Breez scouted the station. Furno received a distress beacon, right before a ship, piloted by Jetbug, fired upon the two. Breez and Furno's weapons became interlocked, and they were ambushed by Drilldozer. Nathan Evo and Julius Nex then arrived, distracting Drilldozer, and Furno and Breez attacked him. Nex separated the two, and they continued the fight. Surge eventually commandeered Jetbug's ship and rammed it into the Fire Lord, defeating him. The team returned to Hero Factory, where the Fire Lord was imprisoned. Surge was upgraded, and Furno attended the ceremony honoring his bravery.[Episode 5] Furno's upgrade was later perfected.[C6][Episode 6][Episode 7][C7][Episode 8]

Furno spent a great amount of time reviewing tapes of the mission to try and learn from it.[FO:MSG]

Savage Planet

Furno and a new member of the Alpha 1 Team, Daniel Rocka, had the most villain captures, despite Furno worked way longer than him.[Episode 6] Furno's upgrade was implied to be perfected.[C6][Episode 6][C7][Episode 7]

After winning a game of Roboball with Stringer, Bulk, and Nex, the four Heroes were informed by Stormer that Rocka had gone missing on the jungle planet Quatros. To help function on the planet and rescue Rocka, the Alpha 1 team was given new animal-based equipment, and Furno was outfitted with eagle armor. Arriving on Quatros, the team discovered an injured Rocka, who identified his attacker as the Witch Doctor, Aldous Witch's new villainous identity. Spotting Witch, Furno gave chase, defying an order from Stormer. Furno attempted to fight Witch Doctor, but was outclassed by his speed. After Witch Doctor stated his plan to use the Heroes' Hero Ship to escape from the dying planet he departed, upsetting Furno. Stringer and Nex found Furno. Three of the Doctor's enslaved beasts from the planet approached to fight the Heroes, though Witch recalled them. After the three Heroes came back to the Hero Ship's landing spot and Rocka got his own 3.0 upgrade from the ship, Stormer admonished Furno for charging in recklessly. Furno and Rocka argued about how thr Heroes got into their problem, but they were interrupted by Nex, who was trying to find the Doctor. After the team and Zib made a plan to find Witch in a temple in the planet, the Heroes began searching for the Witch Doctor. During their trek through the jungles, they encountered a teleportation bridge that would take three of them to their destination in a charge. Furno opted to take the long way around, avoiding the risk of using the bridge. Stormer responded by dividing the team into two, placing Rocka and Furno in charge of the units, to help the two work out their rivalry.

Furno disabling the Quaza containment unit

Taking Stringer and Nex, Furno traveled through the jungles to the site of Witch Doctor's mining activity, encountering two Quaza-infected beasts, a Waspix and a Scorpio.[Episode 6] During the fight, Furno's flight gear was damaged by the Scorpio, though the three Heroes were victorious in the end. The three arrived at the Quaza site and helped rescue Bulk and Rocka, who had been decreased in size by the bridge and captured. Using the recharged bridge, they restored the Heroes to the correct size, and renewed their assault on the Witch Doctor. While Stormer fought Witch and Bulk and Stringer grappled with the beasts of the area, Furno tried to restore the Quaza to the core of the planet, and prevent it from breaking apart. He found Rocka in a temple, trying to find a way to beat Witch Doctor. Utilizing ancient armor found in the temple, Furno and Nex helped construct a battle suit for Rocka, who challenged the Witch Doctor. While Rocka fought Witch, Furno attempted to reach the Quaza containment unit, which was taking off from the planet. As his flight gear was damaged, he was unable to achieve the necessary boost to reach it; he enlisted Bulk to help him get to an optimal altitude, where he glided toward the containment unit, and eventually disabled it. Rocka and Stormer beat Witch Doctor, and the planet was refilled with the Quaza, restored to its original state.

Before leaving the planet with the arrested Witch Doctor, Stormer commended Furno on putting aside his differences with Rocka to help the team succeed.[C7][Episode 7]


After their capture of the villain Voltix, Furno assisted Rocka in the incarceration of the criminal, removing his Hero Cuffs and helping to escort him into his cell. However, Voltix then triggered the powers of Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff, causing the containment cells to deactivate and creating a massive black hole, through which every imprisoned villain escaped. Furno, Rocka, Stormer, Stringer, Surge, and Evo tried to stop the villains from escaping, but they failed. During the fight, Furno got in Toxic Reapa's way and fought him, but Toxic Reapa got away. After the villains escaped, Furno noticed Stormer scolding Evo for panicking in the crisis. Furno offered his assistance to Evo anytime when he would need it. At the debriefing for the recapture mission, Furno was assigned to track down Jawblade on the planet Scylla, and was outfitted with aquatic armor tailored to help. While en route to the water planet, Furno was contacted Evo, who needed help on Z'chaya pursuing the villain Toxic Reapa. Furno was able to dispense useful advice to the rookie, who thanked him in return.

Furno battling Jawblade

After encountering Jawblade, Furno attempted to use his newly-upgraded Hero Cuffs to capture him, only to discover that the Hero Cuffs were not capable of functioning underwater, as the cuffs did not move underwater fast. Jawblade pushed the cuffs to the seabed.[Episode 8] While dueling Furno, Jawblade found a piece of pure Oxidium, which he used on Furno, causing the Hero to instantly rust. After Jawblade revealed his plan to weaponize Oxidium against the Hero Factory, Furno sank to the ocean floor while he got near his Hero Cuffs, which came back to him. Furno received another transmission for Evo, though he was unable to help him at the time. Immobile on the ocean floor, Furno was able to neutralize the effects of the Oxidium by using the energies of his supercharged Hero Core to nullify the rusting agent. Furno wrapped his Hero Cuffs around his harpoon and shot both of them at Jawblade, allowing the Hero Cuffs to grab Jawblade by his left hand and tail, successfully capturing him.

Furno returned to the Hero Factory with Stormer, Surge, and Evo, only to discover that its Fail-Safe Shield had been activated by the villain Black Phantom, preventing them from entering the building. Rocka, who had remained behind in the Factory to combat Black Phantom, worked to thwart the criminal's efforts and restore access to the outside, eventually raising the shield and allowing the Heroes to return to the Factory. Meeting up with his fellow Alpha 1 team members, Rocka informed them that Black Phantom had taken control of the Hero Factory and had reworked the Assembly Tower so that he could use it to augment his power. Rocka also revealed that he is a member of the Hero Recon Team. After entering the Assembly Tower, Furno, Stormer, Surge, Evo, and Rocka fought against Black Phantom's self-replicating Arachnix drones while Rocka battled Black Phantom from on top of the assembly equipment. Stormer ordered Rocka to unplug Black Phantom from the assembly equipment that were supplying him additional power, while Evo, acting on a gut instinct developed from the advice he had received from Furno earlier, asked Rocka to plug him in to more cables. Believing in Evo, Stormer supported his plan, and Rocka did as Evo instructed, incapacitating Black Phantom with the excess power. The five Heroes met Stringer, who arrived late with the apprehended Voltix.

After the imprisonment of Black Phantom, Furno and the other five Heroes met Zib and Akiyama Makuro in mission control, where the Heroes were informed that a file detailing the Hero Factory's plans had been transmitted to an unknown conspirator in the breakout.[Episode 9]

The Doom Box

Furno, Surge, and Bulk were trapped in the training exercise room when they had gotten too competitive. Bulk figured out a way to turn off the switch, and Furno put out the fire and Surge was thrown at the off switch. Stormer re-called them to Mission Control where they were informed of a Delta-Red priority mission: the former Hero Core Hunter was trying to assemble the Doom Box, a galaxy-destroying weapon. After reviewing mission logs of previous fights against Core Hunter, the Heroes were dispatched to the locations of the Doom Box fragments. Furno travelled with Stormer to a mine on a planet, but they faced extreme automated security the planet had installed after Core Hunter was on the planet the first time. Landing in the mine, they found it dust-filled, but Furno determined it was artificial dust used by Core Hunter. They were attacked by sentry robots until they were identified as Heroes. Returning to their ship, they saw Arctur who gave them Speeda Demon's name, and Rocka followed the lead. Stormer and Furno went to Stringer and Surge's location and met Bulk and Breez. They all saw Core Hunter with the Doom Box fragments, and he accidentally formed the Doom Box when Surge shot him. However, Arctur teleported Core Hunter away to where he could truly activate the Doom Box and explained that he plans to have Core Hunter activate the Doom Box, then have his Hero Core Remover Tool absorb the Doom Box's energies. At Core Hunter's location, the Heroes met with Rocka and confronted the villain and Stormer tricked him into activating the Doom Box. Breez then used Core Hunter's weapon to absorb the energies, but Core Hunter's new power enabled him to defeat all the Heroes save Surge. Surge reflected Core Hunter's energy back at Core Hunter, whose body folded in on itself until it vanished. Furno and the Heroes returned to Hero Factory with the Doom Box, and listed Arctur as the only casualty, victim of Core Hunter. The Heroes went to recapturing escaped criminals.[SM1]

Back at Hero Factory, Furno pulled up file 14Y-YX6 as it was connected to a lot of the escaped and re-captured villains. Bulk told him it was the old file about the Legion of Darkness and proceeded to tell Furno about how Black Phantom and the Legion had managed to temporarily end Hero Factory and almost resulted in its destruction. After Bulk finished his story, Stormer came in and told the Heroes they had to continue to respond after the breakout, as it was the biggest crisis since the Legion of Darkness.[SM2]

Brain Attack

Attack on Makuhero City

At some point, Furno became a team commander of many Hero teams, though he is still obeying Stormer due to Furno still being a member of the Alpha 1 Team.[Episode 10][SM3][SM4][SM5][Episode 11] Furno also started working as Stormer's trusted lieutenant.[FO:MSG]

Furno scanning Makuhero City

At an Alpha 1 publicity event, Furno, Stormer, Rocka, Bulk, Surge, Breez, and Evo were meeting with Makuhero City's citizens. Furno talked with Daniela Capricorn, and informed her that the recapture mission was going great so far. Furno received an alert through his helmet and led the team to Hero Factory, where Zib informed them that an army was amassing around the city. The team acquired new upgrades, and during that, Furno came in first[TBW] and got an XL Brain Attack form. After the Heroes went outside, Furno began directing Hero teams to guard sectors of the city, in his position as team commander. Evo was selected by Furno to guard the city's sewers. Surge was selected by Furno to stay behind back at Hero Factory to guard it, despite Surge arguing that he wanted to do action in the city, and the other Alpha 1 Heroes went into the streets. They saw an army of creatures infected by Brains, and began to fight them off. During the battle, Furno usually fought many Brain-possessed Bull Creatures, including Pyrox.[TBW] After Bulk figured out the way to remove the Brains from their hosts, Furno and the team defeated the enemies around the city. A Brain-possessed dragon called Dragon Bolt appeared, attacked Furno and his four fellow Heroes, and broke into the Hero Factory. Furno led his teammates there to stop the dragon and find Surge. While Rocka went after Dragon Bolt, the others found Surge, controlled by a Brain, creating and leading an army of drones called Blank Heroes. Furno, Stormer, Bulk, Breez, and Evo fought the drones until Breez removed the Brain from Surge and had him deactivate the drones. After Zib told the Heroes about all of the Brains being defeated, the Heroes helped clean up Makuhero City.[Episode 10]

Furno XL directing other Hero teams

Collision Course

Furno saved Breez from a training exercise she was running without a supervisor, telling her not to follow his example. Breez explained that she wanted to be good enough to be a Hero. Furno cheered her up and advised her to go talk to Stormer for a mission to help herself.

Furno got a distress call from a new space ship called the Valiant about its crew being attacked by aliens, and notified Stormer about it. Stormer sent Breez and Rocka to intercept the ship to do.

Three hours later, when Furno, Stormer, and Bulk learned about the ship being set on a collision course with the Hero Factory to destroy it, they talked about blowing up the Valiant to save the factory. Furno supported the idea, which came from Bulk. Furno was trying to contact Stringer while Stringer was radio silent. When Stormer was preparing to go to the ship to help Breez and Rocka, he had Bulk be the Alpha 1 Team's acting leader until Stormer comes back, and have Furno continue trying to contact Stringer. While at Hero Factory, it became apparent with no communications from the Heroes that the situation was dire, Bulk went against Stormer's earlier instructions to destroy the Valiant even with teammates on board. Bulk gave the order to send Drop Ships to destroy the Valiant and went to draft his resignation due to the stress of the decision, much to Furno's surprise and sadness. Later, Furno found Bulk on low power, and tolf him that the tractor beams on the Drop Ships can stop the Valiant, allowing them to avoid destroying the Heroes. Bulk authorized it, and he and Furno boarded a Drop Ship from the Hero Factory's reapir dock, headed for the Valiant, and arrived when it was firing on the ships. Bulk and Furno burst into the bridge and confront Kirch, who was controlled by the Brains' swarm leader, and his fellow Brain-possessed crewbots. Stormer sent the ship on a course with Makuhero City's sun, forcing Kirch and the Brains to leave their hosts without harming thrm, but Kirch tampered with the controls, making the Valiant's course unable to be changed, before the swarm did so. The Heroes witnessed the Brains being destroyed by the sun's heat. Furno, Breez, Bulk, Stormer, and Aquax, the captain of the Valiant, use explosives on the ship to blow it away from the sun, saving Furno and the other Heroes. Furno returned to Hero Factory after this.[SM3]

Robot Rampage

At one time, when Furno was flying a Drop Ship while Bulk was with him in there, he did a triple-spin-roll, tying Bulk's circuits in knots, and accidentally crashed the ship on their planet. After Bulk's circuits are fixed, Bulk got annoyed by the situation.

At one time, Furno was in a sewer, where he encountered large Ratbots.

Stringer sent a distress call to Furno from Tranquis VII, but was cut off. Furno felt shocked to hear this, so he alerted the Hero Factory that Stringer is in danger. He, Stormer, and Bulk were talking about Stringer's mission in Tranquis VII while Furno impatiently wanted to go save him. Furno went a prototype Drop Ship with a chameleon circuit to rescue Stringer while Bulk followed Furno to the Drop Ship to help him. During their trip to Tranquis VII, the two Heroes encountered a three pirate spaceships and a massively armed pirates space battle cruiser, but Bulk avoided the pirates. The two Heroes landed outside the capital city of Tranquis. Bulk and Furno went to the city while Furno learned about the environmental disaster the planet had suffered about ten years ago. When they entered the city, Bulk and Furno saw only one robot and tried to chase after him, and dug a tunnel. Furno broke into a room with security robots who fired on him, but Bulk told Furno to turn Likozite in a wall to glass. The security robots were defeated, and the two went to the top of a building to rest for a night. However, Brain-controlled robots interrupted the Heroes with their rests and surrounded the building, so Furno and Bulk fled to another building. The Heroes decided to go to a communciations tower, but they discovered that someone made the tower unable to contact anyone anymore, and a Brain-controlled Stringer, who was responsible for the sabotage, and a dozen other Brain-possessed robots ambushed them. However, a group of more security robots, led by Karter, saved the Heroes from the possessed robots and brought them to his lab. Karter explained that robots from Tranquis VII have a partial immunity to the Brains as the environmental disaster on the planet gave them the partial immunity. Karter requested the two to stop fighting and leave, but the Heroes refused. However, his associate, Dumacc, ordered Bulk and Furno's imprisonment by having twelve security robots point their laser rifles at them.

In prison, Bulk faked dying to have the cell door opened, and he and Furno burst out and fought two guards. However, a third guard came to attack the Heroes, but Dumacc knocked him unconscious and then told the other two to leave the room. Dumacc said that the Brains have found Project Sunstorm and are coming for it, so he needed the Heroes' help to stop them. Dumacc also said that Project Sunstorm is a dangerous weapon that he and his group developed. Furno and Bulk tied up Dumacc with cable as punishment for his crimes and because they were tired of just watching him. They found Karter and stopped him from transferring Project Sunstorm's data to another location. Furno went to stop Stringer, as he believed Stringer could help him fight the Brains. Furno believed that Stringer is hiding in the communications tower due to Stringer being a sound-based Hero, so he went to find Stringer there. When Furno got to the tower, Stringer used the tower's speakers to attack Furno, but Furno destroyed all but one of the speakers while Stringer used to last one to tell Furno that he wants to talk to him. Furno climbed the communications tower while Stringer personally attacked him along the way. When Furno got to Stringer on the roof of the tower, Stringer offered him a place in the Brains' new empire, but Furno refused, fought, and cuffed Stringer. Stringer chose suicide over capture, but was saved by Bulk's Drop Ship, which was controlled by Stormer from Hero Factory. Furno knocked the Brain off Stringer and defeated it. Furno had Stringer help him rig the tower with an electromagnetic pulse that could shut down all of the robots in the city. After rigging the tower and set a countdown for the electromagnetic pulse, the two ran to Dumacc's lab, entering through a hole Bulk made in the lab's roof. Finding Dumacc, controlled by a Brain, activating the weapon, Furno, Stringer, Bulk, and Karter quickly fought and defeated many Brain-possessed security robots. Bulk defeated Dumacc and then Stringer shut down the weapon. The four robots went to hide in a safe room to avoid getting disabled by the electromagnetic pulse. The electromagnetic pulse was activated and then shut down all of the robots in the city except for the four. Stormer, Rocka, Evo, Breez, Nex, and a dozen other Heroes came to help Furno, Stringer, and Bulk capture the Brains and clean up the mess in the city that the Brains made.

A week later, back at the Hero Factory, Furno, Stringer, Bulk, Stormer, and Zib were talking about the Galactic Conspiracy and the Brains. Later, when Furno was training in a gym because he wanted to be ready for the Brains' next attack, it was reassured by Bulk that Hero Factory will always fight them.[SM4]

Mirror World

At one time, Furno studied Makuhero City, including its history.

Weeks after the Tranquis incident, Furno, Bulk, and Breez were enlisted by Stormer to guard an energy generator when they were testing it. On the next day, the generator malfunctioned, a result of covert sabotage by Karter, the Alpha Team was forced to sacrifice themselves in order to keep the blast contained. However, they were not destroyed, and were instead transported to an alternate reality that would then be called Reality 11275.6 as a result of the blast.

Waking up in a deserted warehouse district, the four Heroes attempted to ascertain their surroundings, eventually deducing that they were still in Makuhero City. In order to discover the source of the apparent changes to the landscape, they went to learn more at Makuhero University, which had been retitled Von Nebula University. Stormer from there learned that Von Ness had betrayed Hero Factory to Black Phantom in its early days and it was defeated by Black Phantom and the Legion of Darkness. Rebuilt as Von Nebula, he ruled the Citadel, a vast empire of villains that took over many planets around the galaxy. Deciding they wanted to meet Von Nebula in order to find the alternate universe's version of the generator in order to go back home, the group decided to pretend to be a crime group in order to gain an audience. After many villains, including Splitface and Jawblade, were busted by the team while Furno enjoyed pretending, XT4 invited them to a meeting with the crime ring.

Upon meeting Von Nebula, he was shocked to see Stormer, so he had a group of robotic guards and bounty hunters called the Jolters try to imprison him and the other Alpha 1 Team members, so he would interrogate with them. However, the Alpha Team escaped custody and then went to free alternate Heroes trapped in the Citadel. The Heroes started with Furno's alternate universe counterpart. Alternate Furno did not believe his counterpart and the prime universe Heroes at first, but prime universe Furno frustratingly convinced him otherwise and help them free the other alternate Heroes. After the Heroes and alternate Furno freed the other alternate ones, the Brains invaded the city, and the prime universe Heroes noticed them. The Heroes noticed the differences between these Brains and the ones from the prime reality. When the Brains stopped their invasion, the prime universe Heroes went to investigate this, and then the Brains and Von Nebula captured the Heroes. Later, Stormer helped the Heroes escape again.

The prime universe Heroes went to find the alternate universe's generator, but they noticed two Brains guarding a door to the Citadel's testing laboratory, and Core Hunter argued with them about letting him in. After Core Hunter gave up, the Heroes captured and convinced him to help them get to the generator. After Stormer defeated the two Brains, Core Hunter tried to tell the Heroes to kill them, but they refused and Furno knocked him unconscious. The Heroes found the generator, but they discoverd that the generator is missing a half of an Amelium cylinder, which is needed for the generator to work. Von Nebula appeared and showed them the missing ahlf, forcing the Heroes to ally with him to stop the Brains. Stormer and Von Nebula went to find the alternate Makuro while Furno, Breez, and Bulk guarded the generator. After Makuro created a low-emission beta wave device to stun the Brains, the Brains attacked the Heroes and the Citadel's inner circle and the Jolters. When Von Nebula took the jammer and used it to defeat some of the Brains roughly, he accidentally caught the Brains's attention, so the Brains tried to overwhelm the Heroes and his minions, but the timely arrival of the alternate Alpha Team and the other alternate Heroes saved the Heroes from the Brains. When Von Nebula was shocked to see his Stormer, Breez made Von Nebula let go of the jammer and then Furno got it. Furno used the jammer to defeat some of the Brains. After both versions of Stormer made Von Nebula disappear and the Brains destroyed the Citadel's inner circle and the Jolters, the Heroes from both realities defeated the Brains. Furno welded the halves of the Amelium cylinder together and attached it to the generator, and then Bulk made the generator able to take the prime universe Heroes back home. After saying their goodbyes to their alternate reality allies, the prime reality Heroes used the gernator to go back to their reality finally.

There, the Heroes found and interrogated Perjast, learning that it was Karter who sabotaged the prime reality's generator. The team tricked Karter into thinking that the generator is going to destroy the Hero Factory, so he would contact the Galactic Conspiracy's leader. The Heroes appeared in Karter's prison cell, revealing the explosion to be a ruse, and then Furno, Breez, and Bulk witnessed Stormer issuing a public threat to the Conspiracy's leader, who remotely destroyed Karter in response.[SM5]

Invasion From Below

Furno and his fellow Heroes, Stormer, Bulk, Surge, Breez, and Rocka, got upgraded with new forms that allow them to use Battle Machines. They went to Antropolis City, where they fought the Jumpers, who were attacking the city. Rocka used a Remote Builder to build Furno the Furno Jet Machine. Furno used the machine to fight a Jaw Beast to save Bulk and Surge from it, but the Jaw Beast snatched him out of the machine. However, Rocka saved Furno from the Jaw Beast.

Later on, after Stormer was kidnapped by another Jaw Beast to the Jumpers' underground lair, Furno was chased by a Splitter Beast. He told Evo to finish building his Battle Machine to fight the Splitter Beast. Evo built his Evo XL Machine to fight the Splitter Beast. Furno used a chain from the construction site to grab the Splitter Beast's foot, and then Evo knocked the Splitter Beast down to defeat it. However, while Furno and Evo were celebrating their victory when thye thought they defeated the Splitter Beast, the beast revealed its nature, as the smaller member of the pair of beasts kidnapped Furno and took him to the Jumpers' underground lair. The Queen Beast imprisoned Furno in a cocoon.

After Surge was kidnapped by the Jumpers, when Evo, Breez, Bulk, and Rocka found the Queen Beast's nest, Breez discovered that the queen has Furno, Stormer, and Surge imprisoned in cocoons. After Breez convinced the queen to cancel her invasion, the queen released Furno, Stormer, and Surge from the cocoons. However, when a Jumper accidentally triggered one of the Heroes' guns to damage the queen's nest, the queen got angry, mistakenly thought that the Heroes betrayed her, so she attacked them. However, Stormer defeated the queen while all of the Jumpers disappeared. The seven Heroes used Evo's Battle Machine called the Evo Spider Machine to get out of the Jumpers' lair and back to the surface.

The Heroes had the city's people close up the tunnel leading to the underground lair and build a bridge over the city rather than a tunnel below it. When the Heroes are leaving with their Drop Ship and heading home, they do not notice that there is a Jumper, who is contained in an unhatched cocoon, being placed in the ship for an unknown reason, so the Heroes are accidentally bringing the Jumper along.[Episode 11]

Alternate Universes

Reality 09091.5

In this universe, Furno's rookie mission, Mission: Von Nebula, ended disastrously, which led him to quit the Factory and start the Justice Apex, a competing Hero organization comprised of several other rookies from the Factory.

Reality 11275.6

In this universe, William Furno was one of the earlier Heroes, created alongside Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, and Von Ness. However, Von Ness betrayed the Hero Factory to the Legion of Darkness, and took control of the universe for himself as Von Nebula. William was imprisoned alongside many other Heroes. Preston told William that he was going to try and find Makuro.

Shortly before the arrival of four members of the Alpha 1 Team from the prime universe, William attempted to escape custody. Using apparently corrupt guards, he made his way to a purported safe house, but captured by Voltix, who had engineered the entire ruse. Voltix imprisoned him in the Citadel and broke his will.

William was later freed by the Alpha 1 Team from the prime universe, and met his main reality counterpart. He did not believe that the Heroes were going to help him, and believed that they wre going to trick him at first, but his main reality counterpart frustratingly convinced him to help them. William helped the four main reality Heroes free the other prisoners. After the main reality Heroes had Furno and the former prisoners go fight the Citadel, the main reality Stormer asked William where and how his counterpart was. William told Stormer what Preston told him before fleeing. When the Brains attacked, William decided to go back to help Alpha Team, despite Jimi Stringer and one of the former prisoners' protests, and sent out a distress call using an old communicator from Stringer. To his shock, Preston responded. William told Preston recent events. Preston and William reformed their Alpha Team, and they, along with the other alternate reality Heroes, helped the main reality Alpha Team fight and defeat the Brains. Reuniting with Makuro, William and his teammates bid farewell to their counterparts as the prime reality counterparts returned to their home dimension.[SM5]

Abilities and Traits

Furno riding his bike

Furno is impatient and headstrong, but passionate, and eager to prove himself, especially to Stormer. He is also very overconfident, and believes he has the skill to succeed at any task. This amount of self-confidence forces him to push his own limits in order to succeed at harder tasks, even during his downtime.[C1][Episode 1] Time and missions have tempered his overconfidence, though he is still very eager. He is also hotheaded.[SM1][SM3][SM4] His attitude brought him into conflict with the similarly headstrong new rookie on the team, Daniel Rocka, who was modeled after Furno himself,[Episode 6] though Furno grew to accept the rookie.[Episode 7] He had also attempted to cultivate leadership qualities, offering his tutelage to rookie Nathan Evo.[Episode 8] He was eventually promoted to the rank of team commander of multiple Hero teams, including Alpha 1, and led them during the Brains' attack on Makuhero City, though Stormer still commands Furno due to Furno being a member of the Alpha 1 Team.[Episode 10][SM3][SM4][SM5][Episode 11] Furno also works as Stormer's trusted lieutenant for the Alpha 1 Team when the Brains attacked Makuhero City, and Furno became wiser.[FO:MSG] As team commander, he does not want his teammates to refuse any order that he gave them during a battle, as he forced Surge to guard the Hero Factory during the Brains' attack on the city, despite Surge desperately wanting to do action in the city.[Episode 10] Furno is famous.[SM4] He calls paradise planets, like Quatros and Tranquis VII, "vacation resorts"[Episode 6] and "vacation planets".[SM4] Furno is nicknamed "Will".(Hero Factory FM)

His model, at the time of creation, was the newest and most up-to-date one available. His Hero Core is exceptionally pure, thought to be the purest in existence.[HFPM] Furno is one of most skilled Heroes ever created.[FO:MSG] Furno has great speed and maneuverability, and he used these skills to dodge Corroder's acid attacks.[Episode 2] Furno is a great swimmer.[Aquajet Pack/Plasma Gun] He did not have enough experience on landing a Hero Pod when he fought Corroder in Tantalus 5. Furno is working on his Drop-Ship-piloting, and Stormer, Surge, and Bulk point out his somewhat sloppy piloting.[Episode 3][SM4] Furno knows well on rigging electronic doors, and knows how to rig communications towers, but Stringer knows more than this, which was Furno had him help him rig a communications tower in Tranquis to create an eletromagnetic pulse.[SM4]

Furno looks at Bulk as his best friend,[Episode 2] and he is good friends with Breez, Surge, Stormer, Stringer, Nex, Rocka, and Evo. Furno can be playfully competitive with Stormer.[Episode 2][Episode 4] He was taught by Stringer many Roboball skills.[Episode 7] Furno often talks to Bulk.[SM2][SM3][SM4] Makuro and Stormer believe that Furno could make a good successor to Stormer as the leader of the Alpha 1 Team.[Episode 1][SM2] Megahertz looks at Furno as the "the next Preston Stormer", though this comment made Furno feel uncomfortable.(Hero Factory FM)

Armor and Weapons

William Furno initially carried a Dual Fire Shooter in his 1.0 form. He also had a jet-pack.[Episode 3][C3] When he fought Corroder, he had acid-resistant armor.[Episode 2] When Thunder and Corroder attacked New Stellac City, Furno had a pair of Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings built into his boots, but he sacrificed them and Stormer's by throwing them into the center of Von Nebula's black hole base to destroy it.[Episode 4][C4] He was also given a Particle Separator by Nathaniel Zib.[Episode 4] Furno also had a pair of circular binoculars that can scan an area.[Episode 5]

He also occasionally rode an experimental motorcycle called the Furno Bike, named after himself, that he used for combat and transportation.[S!] The motorcycle was Furno's personal favorite.[HFPM] It got destroyed by a Brain-possessed Dragon Bolt.[Episode 10]

He was later upgraded to a 2.0 form, with fire-resistant armor.[FO:MSG] He gained headgear that has a camera, antenna, and gogoles that can switch between thermo-vision and night vision. The goggles look like his binoculars. Furno carried a Multi-Tool Ice Shield, which also possessed fire-shooting abilities. He became slightly taller than his 1.0 form. Furno also had a rectangular prism-shaped silver device that can scan Hero Cores[Episode 1][Episode 2] and get a distress beacon and communications from a near distance. The device beeps when it gets the distress beacon.[Episode 5]

For a mission on the planet Quatros, he was given eagle-based armor, and his helmet was equipped with enhanced scanning capabilities. This armor also allowed him to fly. Even if his wings are damaged, Furno can use them to glide. His weapon from his 3.0 upgrade was a plasma bow, which can be used for melee combat. It can grab like a pincer. It can also be split into two blades that can be used as boomerangs.[Episode 7]

After the Breakout, Furno got a new set of armor for Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em, where he had to catch Jawblade in planet Scylla. Along with the armor, he also got the Aquajet Pack, which is aquatic-based; despite his natural prowess at swimming, this armor afforded him greater speeds underwater, to match that of his opponent. He also received a Plasma Gun with an attached harpoon, modified for use underwater. The Plasma Gun and the left forearm armor can be used as shields against Jawblade's Magma Blades. The harpoon can be launched from the gun. Furno could also breathe underwater.[Episode 8] He was also equipped with a new set of Hero Cuffs, which can fly and seek out their target. He became slightly taller than his 2.0 form, as he was at the same height as Rocka, Breez, and Bulk's Breakout forms.

Furno carried a Flaming Fire Sword and a Fire Shield during the events of Brain Attack. He also got XL armor, which made him taller and stronger than a normal-sized Brain Attack Hero, making Furno an XL form, while it is unknown if he had a normal Brain Attack form right before this. His armor had shoulder spikes. It also had Hero Core Locking Clamps, which boosted the power of and protected his Hero Core, as well as a visor, which has diamond strength and shatterproof glass that is additionally heat-resistant. It also has a decorative marking. The armor also had a cape.

When the Jumpers attacked Antropolis City, Furno got an upgrade with compact armor designed to use Battle Machines. He used the Furno Jet Machine during the invasion, but Furno abandoned it when a Jaw Beast snatched Furno out of it.[Episode 11] He had a laser gun, a fire extinguisher, and a Fire Sword. Furno shared a Fire Chain with Evo.

Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook Stats

Furno 1.0


Furno XL


Set Information

Set 7167 William Furno

Set 7167 William Furno was released in mid-2010 as part of the original Hero line, which also contained Preston Stormer, Natalie Breez, Dunkan Bulk, Mark Surge, and Jimi Stringer. This set contains 19 pieces. Its parts can be combined with the Stormer and Breez sets to create Lucas Valor using instructions from the September–October 2010 edition of the LEGO BrickMaster Magazine.

Furno was released again in 2010 as part of a large set called 7158 Furno Bike. This version of Furno looks slightly different from his other set, as the legs look different and are sleeker, and the arm pieces are red rather than orange. This form is not seen in the television episodes for an unknown reason, making it questionable in the canon. The version used 15 of the set's 165 pieces, and could be connected to the bike via pins on his feet.

Set 2065 Furno 2.0

A new version of Furno, set 2065 Furno 2.0, was released in early 2011 as part of the Hero 2.0 line, along with Evo 2.0, Nex 2.0, Stormer 2.0, Breez 2.0, and Surge 2.0. This set contained 30 pieces, including an armor piece decorated with the name Furno 2.0. Parts from Furno 2.0 can be combined with parts from 2067 Evo 2.0 in order to create a new non-canon combination model using instructions on HeroFactory.com. Furno 2.0's canister's lid has a printed code underneath it that could be used to unlock Furno's part of an online game called Creep Crushers, in the HeroPad secrion of the Hero Factory website. Instructions were provided in the March-April 2011 LEGO BrickMaster Magazine to combine Furno 2.0's parts with those from the other five 2.0 Hero sets to build Makuro-X1, a villain.

Set 2191 Furno 3.0 was released in mid-2011. It contains 28 pieces, including an armor piece printed with the name Furno 3.0 and an eagle pattern. Parts from Furno 3.0 can be combined with parts from 2182 Bulk 3.0 to build a non-canon combination model based on building instructions available from HeroFactory.com. Like the Hero sets of the previous wave, this set's canister has a code printed on the underside of its lid that could unlock Furno 3.0's part of a version of Creep Crushers called Jungle Crushers.

Set 6293 FURNO, which is medium-sized, was released in 2012. Containing 56 pieces, this set featured a plasma gun ball launcher and a redesigned Hero Core printed with a 300-point game code for an online game called Breakout. There is an error on the set's front side art, where Furno's left shin armor is placed in front rather than his left side. The set can also be combined with set 6216 JAWBLADE to create a non-canon combination model using instructions on HeroFactory.com. It can also be combined with 6200 EVO and 6217 SURGE to create a combination model for a new rookie in the Alpha 1 Team.

Furno was released in the early 2013 Brain Attack series as a large set called 44000 FURNO XL. The 103-piece set included a printed opening visor piece to protect the new helmet and locking clamps to protect the Hero Core, which was printed with a code for 1000 game points in an online game called Brain Attack. Parts from Furno XL can be combined with parts from set 44001 PYROX to make a non-canonical combination model using instructions from the Hero Factory website. It can also be combined with set 70200 CHI Laval, a constraction set from LEGO's Legends of Chima line, to create a new bulkier version of the Laval set, using instructions obtained from a code present in the September-October issue of the LEGO Club Magazine. This is the first combiner to be made of sets from two Lego themes.

Furno as a minifigure

Furno was released in 3 sets in 2014. The first two were released at the beginning of 2014 (though delayed until March for North America for an unknown reason) while the third one in summer 2014. He was included in set 44018 FURNO Jet Machine in early 2014. In this set, he has a gun and a fire extinguisher. Furno is also included in another winter wave set called 44021 SPLITTER Beast vs. FURNO & EVO. In that set, Furno has a Fire Sword, and shares a Fire Chain with Evo. Furno is included in the summer wave as a part of set 44029 QUEEN Beast vs. FURNO, EVO & STORMER. In the set's box art, Furno is seen holding a longer version of his gun, but in the set's instruction manual, Stormer is holding it.


  • Furno was voiced by Eric Christian Olsen in the first nine Hero Factory Television Episodes. He was replaced by Josh Keaton in Episode 10: Brain Attack. In Episode 11: Invasion from Below, he was voiced by Chad Randau.
  • Furno's promotional nickname is "Young Blood." This and his promotional hand-written signature were shown in Hero Factory Promotional Magazine in July 2010.
  • In several early press releases and promotional advertisements, Furno's last name was identified as "Blaze." However, his official name was later revealed to be Furno.
  • Furno's look in the Furno Bike set was not shown in the Television Episodes or the main Comics for an unknown reason. He was able to drive the Furno Bike with his regular 1.0 look.
  • In Comic 1: Trials of Furno, Furno can summon the Furno Bike by using an ultrasonic signal when he presses a button on his torso armor that can activate the signal.[C1, p. 10] However, in Episode 1: Trials of Furno, Furno went to his team's Drop Ship to retrieve the bike. So, it is likely that the fact with the ultrasonic signal is non-canon since the comic is based on a script for the episode.
  • According to his canister 2010 set's Lego.com description, he has fire powers. This is somewhat implied in Secret Mission 4: Robot Rampage and Secret Mission 5: Mirror World, as he shoots fire.
  • At some point before Mission: Savage Planet, Furno once saw a scene in a movie where someone swings a vine to get across. This gave Furno the idea of swinging a vine through a part of the jungle, and told Stringer and Nex this in Episode 7: Savage Planet Part 2.


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