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Apparently Twilight wants me to do something. So I will ...but It'd be better if I changed it to "TA wanted me to help out in here. So I will"


"LN you are awesome sometimes"
Lord Oblivion

"Haha Nek, you did it again"
Creep Of The Deep

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Hello, HS01. I'm back. (On BS01 too)

Lord Nektann
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HS01 Status Editing like there's no tomorrow
Online Time Sporadic
BZP Name Lord Nektann
BZP Status Inhabitant
Jobs Board Advisor on TNW
Age ????
Gender Male
Height You guys really want to know?
Nationality American!
Character Nektann, Jaller, Fire people
Set Too many to list
Color Red
Food YOU INFORMATION STEALERS! *holds up shield*


In 2003 for by birthday by LEGO obsessed friend (he owns like all the Mata or something) got be Panrahk for my birthday. I wasn't thrilled an didn't really like Bionicle or Lego. Around December my parents finally convinced me to open it and I built the Rahkshi. I loved the set and quickly bought Makuta and Takanuva. Today Panrahk is one of the few ancient sets still built. Alas, the Kraata was chewed into a blob by my cousins dog and the promo comic is lost to time.

Through 2004 I picked up four Vahki, three Metru, a Matoran, and the three titans (which have made Ultimate Dume briefly twice. (Vahki had Disks of Time and Vahi). That year I picked up a BIONICLE Chronicles box set with a Lhikan mask. In 2005, I didn't think the sets were that good, but on a trip to England I got the Hagah, Visorak, and Roodaka ahead of the US in March. I got the huge Snowspeeder, and a life Lego Club subscription. Earliest comic I remember is Fractures. (Comics up till Battle in the Deep! lost). I picked up the movies (though WoS was never watched, I think I've never seen it fully despite having it).

2006 was the year where I really got into BIONICLE with the reboot-ish story. I got Power Play, my first book in a long time, and soon hunted down Island of Doom and Dark Destiny as well as finding the Adventures Box Set with Takua's mask and other random Adventures books. I got every set here but Reidak, Kardas, and Umbra. I re-discovered and became involved in the story. In 2007 I picked up every set but the European promos and began to value my comics more. In 2008 is full blown in it with games, serials, blogs, BS01, sets, and books.

2009 continued this trend, and now with all non-promo 2007-2010 sets I don't have near enough money to concentrate on Hero Factory. However, I saw my one of my freinds had been a huge BIONICLE fan as he even had a Toa Nuva poster in their Comic 8 pose. His collection of sets range from Gali Mata to Brutaka including a lot in between, and gave it to me. That was awesome. At around New Year's Eve this year I joined BS01, finally with permission from internet wary parents. Now, in 2010 I think its sad Bionicle is ending everything but the serials, but thankful those continue. Who knows, BZP, here I might come.

I have snooping around the wiki for a long time, just before the Great Crash. I am now more involved with the Wiki, and I'm having a blast on the site, it's really great, don't let anyone tell you wrong. Also, KS01 and Empress Kayru was really fun, so thanks for the prank! Other things that pull me away from BIONICLE: 39 Clues, Iron Man.

Also I have got LEGO Universe, one of the greatest games ever. Really well done, and if you're on their, look for LordNektann (1, 2, 3). Really creative, I know. Anyway that's me.

In addition to this, I wrote TWIH on the Wiki and the AfC and AfD directories were run by me I worked on numerous Plast ventures my bosses Bioran23, Shadow Kurahk and Spawn of Teridax such as the Solis Magna Guide led by myself and many Mata Nui Inc. projects run by Celu. I became an advisor to Spawn, a member of the governing board for KanohiJournal. After a lot of reorganization, I began involved with a site called TNW with Bioran and the others, along with Meiko.


Two Ticks, an Epic by Lord Nektann

Two Ticks is an epic I'm writing on BS01, continuing the Bionicle story in the serial's ending, with an emphasis on destiny, told from the crucial character's point of view: the eternally devious Skakdi Nektann.


Recognizing Tahu and Takanuva on Spherus Magna, the Marendar robot awoke. Nektann was captured by the Order of Mata Nui after losing the Battle of Bara Magna. He was held and questioned by Tobduk, but managed to escape by outwitting the order member. He stole Perditus' Thornatus V9, though it was guarded by his girlfriend, Gabrhei, a Fire Glatorian. She pursued Nektann into Bota Magna, knocking him off a waterfall. After getting chased by a dinosaur they ran into Lewa who attacked Nektann. Nektann then saw the Red Star and was approached by Lesovikk.

Fictional Bios


Lord Nektann is a shady and mysterious lord of several lands far from Wiki-Nui. Not much truly is known about Nektann, but rumors abound. Is he really the famous Zakaz warlord Nektann? If he isn't, why is he called that? Is he really a Lord? Not many people know. Some people always show up claiming to have seen Nektann in the dead of the night stalking Wiki-Nui. Some even maintain he personally kidnapped Swert. Whatever the case, Nektann has a memory to be feared.


Nektann was born and named after the famous warlord to glorify him. Once he became a general in his own right, he became Nakulo to avoid mass confusion.

Tunnel RPG

A madman trapped Nakulo in his Tunnel game, and gave him the Lohrak shape. Nakulo went through the game many times, once spawning at the start of the tunnel with many new characters. Nakulo was the first to transform into a Rahi. Nakulo later escaped and returned to Zakaz.

Prisonbreak RPG

Nakulo was sent by Nektann to Pouks island to kill Avak, but shipwrecked on the forcefield protecting the island and washed up on Hagah and went to find people to help him infiltrate Pouks and kill Avak. He found two escaped prisoners, Raeir and Feyrren. Raeir led them to the nuked remains of Hagah prison, dispelling the radiation, and found a tunnel underground to Pouks in a destroyed oven. The first obstacle was a metal door that Raeir attempted to overload with air pressure, the results being a huge noise. Nakulo staggered and found Feyrren, and later and unharmed Raeir through the dust. Seeing the entrance to Pouks, Nakulo created an ice slide down, and crashed into the first wall.

Later, Nakulo became a lord of several lands and reverted to Nektann, his given name.

Treason by Nidhiki

Unknown and shady, Nektann brutally defeated any competitors to learn the title Lord. Nektann joined the Brotherhood at some point, and the Council of Seven. He met with Anti-Nui and the others to discuss the Toa Treason. On Wiki-Nui, he was dueling and losing to his opponent, Spawn. He mysteriously vanished after the duel, pulled into a portal. He ended up at the Brotherhood HQ, and is currently smarting at his defeating by Spawn. Despite this, he went to his stronghold, and thought about how his honor was stripped from him. The Toa Treason entered, and Nektann told them where the HQ was. The teleporter showed himself, and Nektann was nearly killed. The being then vanished, telling Nektann he'll stay alive...for now.

Ghost Database by Creep

A mercenary leading a group of Skakdi, the Black Being hired Nektann to hunt the Toa Vezsdel. He almost succeeded, but encountered rival mercenary Jerarkx. He ordered Jerarkx brutally mauled. Nektann panned out to find Vezsdel and his companion Angelus. The Skakdi forces eventually broke in to the GHOST Database.

Virtual Reality RPG Simulation

The same figure that created a Jamnicwo simulation created a Nakulo one, and while in the Ice Region, Nakulo encountered Jamnicwo. Nakulo was burned to death, but not before killing Jamnicwo. He earned 11 kill points. Challenging Jamnicwo in Reiklaft, Nakulo fought him while falling to the swamp below, but eventually fled when a Klakk showed up. Nakulo fled while Jamnicwo tried to kill the Klakk. He noticed enormous plasma swaths as a result of Jamnico trying to escape Ayanza. Nakulo saw Ayanza, and climbed a tree, and fired ice vision at him. Ayanza teleported it behind Nakulo, and froze him. The plasma melted him, and he launched water at Ayanza, which stopped Jamnicwo's plasma blast.

Abilities and Traits

Nektann (or 'Nekky', as Toa Spawn calls him to de-moralize him) is a Skakdi of Water, and has a mastery of the water element almost on par with a Toa. He can create floods, absorb water, and shoot water streams (also to propel himself). He has the vision power of ice vision to freeze anyone in his path. Nektann's third power is the ability to 'unscramble' text, rendering secret notes unreadable. Nektann is very irritable and headstrong, but has a sense of honor. He doesn't smile like other Skakdi, but scowls at nearly everything.

External Links

My Epic Bio

I'm a n00b that's seen this site from the week before the Great Crash. Found it again in late 2007, and I joined on New Year's Eve in 2009. First edit was on Aanchir's color dictionary about Takanuva's sparkly Avhokii. In my epic, I passed Captcha gate on the great land of Wiki-Nui. Nidhiki, Creep, Vartemp, and Obitor helped stop a fallen building, and I unlocked my Water power with Aanchir. Twilight Avenger helped with some coding, and we went to the New Year's staff party. While at Aanchirs, I met Eleven and KH, before we saw a video filmed by Gatanui of BS01's destruction. After a little incident with ET and Kraah, I got to know Bioran. Twilight helped discover the most important Internet principle, the Terrace Theory. From Gatanui, Vartemp and I learned the whole story of BS01's destruction. We got caught up in the Rachira mystery as a terrible force began to attack Wiki-Nui. Wiki-Nui by Lord Nektann

RPG Characters



A Toa of Plasma with a Garai, Jamnicwo was lost in stasis for thousands of years due to a Makuta, and is a strong believer in justice. He rose to a high-ranking position within Turaga Dume's dictatorship, and acted as a spy on the inside for Castor Troy to start a rebellion. Jamnicwo told him of malfunctioning Nuurakh that was a rebel attack. Castor decided to launch a raid on the Ta-Metru Vahki station.


Jamnicwo became the head guard at Hagah prison, and missed the raid spending two days learning the history of the world he missed. He dueled Kakashi, but Kakashi left the duel before Jamnicwo could re-capture him. Jamnicwo re-acquantied himself with the prison, and sent Roila to find Kakashi, and Krausen to take mangled prison cells to assist Roila. Jamnicwo discovered a nuclear bomb under Hagah, and escaped it using a Kakama, and was severely injured. Roila and Krausen found him, and swore vengeance on Kellin for the nuke. Jamnicwo made a giant sign advertising his capture, but no one went to aid the trio. Gingher met Jamnicwo, and Roila read his mind and it revealed Kellin's location. When Kellin was shot, Roila mind-linked with him, and revealed his death. Krausen celebrated, but Jamnicwo remembered the Toa Code and attacked him. Krausen beat him because of his injuries, but was driven off by Gingher as Jamnicwo slipped into unconscious. Gingher took Jamnicwo and partly healed him in the forest.

Downloaded Personality Copy

In the future robot Techna spaceship, a copy of Jamnicwo's personality was downloaded into a guard in the Science Region. After the hack on Techna, Jamnicwo led the guards around the building it was thought to have started from.

Virtual Reality Simulation

A simulation of Jamnicwo was created by an unknown figure to participate in a kill point game. In the Ice Region simulation, Jamnicwo encountered Nakulo, and was killed by his talon through the chest while he bombarded him with plasma. Nakulo was killed by the plast, earning Jamnicwo 11 points, but losing a life. He and Nakulo challenged each other in Reiklaft, and fought while falling. They eventually flung themselves on a bridge, where a Klakk intervened before the fight could go any longer. Jamnicwo was attacked by Ayanza, who dueled him with teleportation powers. Jamnicwo used a protective plasma shield to stop the attacks, and told Nakulo not to fight after he disrupted an attack.

Unique Prisonbreak Characters


Roila tried to date Dorian once, but failed. Schemes using her power as a Psionics Toa got her thrown into Hagah prison, where she reformed and wasn't in on the riot to escape. Jamnicwo sent her to re-capture Kakashi, where she encountered Dorian. Prisoners attacked her, and she fled to Krausen, and found Jamnicwo after the nuke went off. Roila tried to get the prisoners to help kill Kellin, but failed. The guards launched a four million dollar bounty and a sign in the air to demand Kellin's death, powered by the guards with them. Jamnicwo took it down, and Gingher was met. Roila read his mind and learned Kellin's location. Before she could say it, she detected Kellin's mind and linked with it, and experienced the harrowing experience of feeling a gunshot in the head as Dorian executed Kellin. Roila suffered severe mental damage with this and seeing Jamnicwo attacked by Krausen, and was carried off by four guards including Kinnarhi. Roila's shattered mind entered an illusionary state where Dorian's gunshots stopped her from defeating Krausen and saving Jamnicwo. At urgings by Kinnarhi, Roila began to fight back against the illusionary Dorian. When fighting Dorian in her mind, Roila's body began attacking a tree, and then Kinnarhi.


Krausen wanted to become rich by working hard, but his dad died when he was young. He became a To a of Earth and known as Violeto, a bak robber. Recently he began guarding at Hagah. He was sent with cells to help Roila re-capture Kakashi, and avoid death by the nuke. Roila met him and Jamnicwo, and Krausen tried to defect to the prisoners, but was rebuffed by Dorian and Ikod. Krausen quietly manipulated events to lead to the bounty on Kellin's head, and now is close to finding him after the group met Gingher. Suddenly Roila was rocked by experiencing Kellin's death and Krausen cheered, leading Jamnicwo to attack him on remembering the Toa Code. Krausen attacked his injuries and prepared to kill him, but Gingher drove Krausen off. He began to build a raft to leave Hagah, but slipped into sleep.


An old former prisoner, Gingher escaped and saw the bounty for Kellin. Wishing to settle down with the money, he used his Iden to find Kellin. Talking to Skarloth, Hulan, and the Captain, Gingher was encountered by the guards. Roila read his mind and discovered Kellin's location, and suddenly felt Kellin's death. Gingher watched as Krausen attacked Jamnicwo, but gave in to the side of the right and saved Jamnicwo and drove Krausen off. Gingher carried Jamnicwo off into the forest and partially healed him.


A Toa of Lightning, Kinnarhi was assigned with Krausen to take Cells into the forest to aid Roila's re-capturing of prisoners. Roila and Jamnicwo joined the caravan, and the guards failed to gain an army to murder Kellin. Going with the group, Kinnarhi lit the sign in the air proclaiming the bounty on Kellin's head by lighting the sign at night. Jamnicwo gave her his Kakama to help transport the van to where they met Gingher. Roila discovered Kellin's location from him, and suffered mental damage from feeling Kellin's death. Kinnarhi and the guards were ordered to take Roila to safety as Krausen dueled Jamnicwo. Kinnarhi tried to help Roila overcome her massive trauma and defeat the fractured illusion she was placed in. Kinnarhi was attacked by Roila in her deranged state.

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It goes without saying, Nekky.
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Bionicleman, on the 22nd Podcast

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