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Set 2194 Nitroblast is a medium-sized boxed set released in early 2011, portraying the villain Nitroblast, member of the Fire Villains.


  • Name: Nitroblast
  • Type: Medium Set
  • Set number: 2194
  • Subtheme: Villains
  • Release date: January 2011
  • Pieces: 57
  • MSRP: $12.99 (US)
  • Ages: 7-16
  • Instruction:

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here

Blast through any security system or vault!
Danger! Nitroblast has been spotted breaking into the security system at Tanker Station 22. If he shuts it down, the fire villains will be able to steal the hero-fuel! He can access any security system with his plasma blowtorch and lava sphere shooter! His flaming shell protects him from almost any attack! He’s gonna be one tough nut to crack!

*Blast through security systems with the plasma blowtorch and back-mounted fuel cells!
*Armed with lava sphere shooter
*Equipped with flaming spike shell
*Mask includes eye-mounted multi-purpose laser scope
*Stands over 8” (21cm) tall

Set Information

The set's box

The set consists of 57 pieces.


The set features a Lava Sphere Shooter.


The set includes a red head piece. The head has a transparent green piece attached to its left eye part. The set also has a printed armor piece on its right thigh.


  • Nitroblast's head piece is the same as the 2193 Jetbug set's, but is placed backwards and red.
  • Despite what is shown in the box art, Nitroblast does not have a glowing green eye in his set.
  • In the set's front box art, his tube connects his right shoulder to the Plasma Blowtorch. However, according to the set's building instructions, this is an error, as the tube connects his left shoulder, on the part that holds his tank, to the Plasma Blowtorch.
  • Nitroblast's tank is a transparent orange variant of one of the two tanks previously used in the 7148 Meltdown set, but with two yellow spikes.
  • Nitroblast has an appendage that connects his left arm to his back.