Fire Villains

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Fire Villains
Comic Fire Villains.png
Villain Group
Headquarters/Base None
Leader(s) Fire Lord
Status Inactive
Goal(s) Absorb fuel

The Fire Villains were a group of former mining robots who went insane due to a malfunction, and began a hostile raiding mission in an attempt to acquire fuel.


On Tallos 5, Mining Robots were used to mine precious minerals. In order to cut down on time spent traveling back and forth between refueling stations, each robot was given hands through which they could absorb any type of energy, and maintain consistent work. However, no safeguards were installed, and the robots gained the capability to absorb unlimited amounts of power, though continued absorption fused together circuits in their heads, driving them insane.

Four of the insane mining robots, Drilldozer, Nitroblast, Jetbug, and Fire Lord, went rogue and formed a criminal syndicate, lead by Fire Lord. In order to feed their newfound addiction to power, the villains began searching for sources of energy, eventually conducting a string of raids on Hero Factory fueling depots, where they dispense Hero Fuel to power their jet craft. The Fire Villain's marauding led them to Tanker Station 22, where the civilian workers sent an alert to the Hero Factory. The Factory dispensed four members of the Alpha 1 Team - Preston Stormer, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge - to deal with the villains. The Fire Villains quickly dispatched the Heroes, finally cornering them while they were attempting to escape. Surge broke away from the group and started destroying sources of fuel, forcing the Fire Villains to turn their attention toward him. They soon stopped and captured the Hero, though the other Heroes were able to escape.

Later in the evening, the Alpha 1 Team (newly upgraded) returned to the Tanker Station, to confront the Fire Villains. Nitroblast spotted them despite their stealth attempt, and the two sides began fighting. Jetbug, in an aerial craft, started flying around the battlefield and shooting at the Heroes, though the captive Surge in the craft tried to warn his allies about the attacks. Initially with the upper hand, the Fire Villains were pressed back with the arrival of rookie Heroes Julius Nex and Nathan Evo; Drilldozer and Nitroblast were defeated and apprehended. Surge eventually wrested control of the aerial vehicle from Jetbug, and ejected him from the cockpit. Fire Lord, upon seeing his defeated forces, retreated further into the station, hoping to gain power by absorbing fuel reserves there. His newly gained strength renders him impervious to the Heroes' attacks. However, Surge pilots the ship directly into the Fire Lord, severing his absorbing hand and allowing the Heroes to capture him. The Fire Villains were brought back to the Hero Factory and imprisoned, with the promise that they would go through a rehabilitation program to cure their addiction.

After the breakout, the Fire Villains were all able to escape custody.



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