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Breakout Villains.png
The Legion of Darkness
Robot Class
Function Commit crime
Power(s) Various
Location(s) Various
Status Operative

Villains are individuals who seek to rebel against the established law and commit crimes, either for personal gain or other ulterior motives.


The increasing presence of crime and villainy in the galaxy eventually led the development of a countering force; this force was developed by business magnate Akiyama Makuro, who created the Hero Factory corporation, with the primary focus on producing Heroes to stop villains.

After the Heroes began quelling villain activity, a group of criminals banded together in order to stop the Hero Factory, becoming the Legion of Darkness. The leader of the Legion, Black Phantom, ultimately had different plans for the group, hoping that they would wipe each other out and leave him as a criminal superpower. Though they succeeded in temporarily shutting down the Hero Factory, the Legion all ultimately captured and imprisoned on Asteroid J-54. However, a number of them later escaped this prison, though the Hero Factory built a more secure proprietary prison on-site at the Factory itself. Much of the Legion was recaptured or transferred into the new prison, where newly caught villains also began being held.

Jailed villains

Several former Heroes have defected from organization, becoming villains. One such Hero, Core Hunter, spent a time as a neutral party, but eventually began proactively engaging in villainous pursuits. Another Hero, one of the first members of the elite Alpha 1 Team, also became a villain, after fleeing during a crucial mission. The Hero, Von Ness, went on to become the infamous crime lord Von Nebula, and dedicated his pursuits to the destruction of Hero Factory. He was eventually stopped by a new incarnation of his former team, led by his old comrade Preston Stormer, and imprisoned in his own weapon, the Black Hole Orb Staff, which was put under heavy guard in the Factory prison.

Recently, a number of villains escaped from the Factory prison in a mass breakout. The breakout, initiated by former Legion of Darkness members Black Phantom and Voltix, utilized Von Nebula's staff to create a massive black hole, disabling the prison security and providing an escape route. A number of villains, including the two instigators, were recaptured as part of Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em, though some villains remain at large.

An unknown villain directing the Brains

Some time after the breakout, and unknown villain amassed an army of brains, and used them in an attempt to obliterate the Hero Factory. The brains, after encountering both Heroes and the machinations of the Galactic Conspiracy, reached the Makuhero Planet, where they mutated and possessed a large number of native creatures. The creatures formed an invading army, and launched an attack on Makuhero City, where they were ultimately rebuffed by the Heroes, who removed the brains controlling the creatures.

Abilities and Traits

Villains are noted for their refusal to accept the law, as well as a general disregard for the well-being of others. Though they are capable of banding together to form a collective villain group, their selfish and immoral attitudes often lead to only temporary partnerships; villains are often seen abandoning members of their groups if it benefits them personally. Villains almost always come armed with Weapons and Gadgets, though some rely on natural tools; some also have certain powers and additional abilities.

The reasons and motivations for being a villain vary widely; some succumb to negative emotions (such as when Von Ness fled a mission out of fear and cowardice) others are addicted to power (either physiologically, in the case of the Fire Villains or psychologically, in the case of Aldous Witch), while some have unknown causes and may have been manufactured in a way that promoted villainy. The criminal Meltdown was specifically manufactured as a villain, engineered using corrupted parts.

Scientist Xera, a temporary ally of the Brains, was enthusiastic at the prospect of using their mind-suppressing powers to eliminate both heroism and villainy, citing the mass breakout as an example that the status quo was unhealthy to social order.

Known Villains

Legion of Darkness

Von Nebula's Gang

Fire Villains

Brain Villains

Galactic Conspiracy

Other Villains

Set Information

Villains have been featured in every wave of Hero Factory, typically paired against a specific Hero in their promotional advertising. 2010 featured the villains of Von Nebula's Gang, all bearing weapons and Meteor Blasters: 7147 XPlode, 7148 Meltdown, 7156 Corroder, and 7157 Thunder as normal boxed sets, as well as 7145 Von Nebula and 7162 Rotor as large box sets; 7179 Bulk & Vapour, a special edition large box set, featured Vapor with Hero Bulk.

The first half of 2011 featured four villains, the Fire Villains: 2192 Drilldozer, 2193 Jetbug, 2194 Nitroblast as normal box sets, with 2235 Fire Lord as a large box set. The second half of 2011 only had one designated villain, large box set 2283 Witch Doctor, though there were several Beasts functioning as mind-controlled adversaries: box sets 2231 Waspix, 2232 Raw-Jaw, and 2233 Fangz, and large box set 2236 Scorpio.

2012, which contained a single banner year split into two waves (unlike the previous years), had an assortment of villains, most of whom would later be identified as members of the Legion of Darkness; the year also switched the method of packaging to resealable bags. Small bagged sets included 6201 Toxic Reapa, 6216 Jawblade, and 6228 Thornraxx in the first wave, and 6229 XT4 in the second wave,; larger bagged sets included 6218 Splitface in the first wave, and 6222 Core Hunter and 6283 Voltix in the second wave. Large villains still came packaged in boxes, with 6203 Black Phantom released in the first wave, and 6231 Speeda Demon in the second.

The release trend was continued in 2013, featuring villains controlled by Brains. Each set included a Brain piece: small bagged villains included 44003 Scarox in the first wave, and 44013 Aquagon in the second. Medium-sized bagged villains included 44001 Pyrox, 44005 Bruizer, and 44007 Ogrum in the first wave, and 44011 Frost Beast in the second. The last villain, 44009 Dragon Bolt, came packaged in a large bag, and was released in the second wave.

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