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Set 2231 Waspix is a medium-sized boxed set released in late 2011, portraying a Waspix, which is possessed by the Witch Doctor.


  • Name: Waspix
  • Type: Medium Set
  • Set number: 2231
  • Subtheme: Beasts
  • Release date: July 2011
  • Pieces: 48
  • MSRP: $12.99 (US)
  • Ages: 7-16
  • Instructions

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here

Wreak havoc in the skies above the heroes!
Attention, heroes! The beast they call Waspix has been spotted in your vicinity. It may use its wings to attack from above. It has 3 stingers and 2 corrupted quaza spikes that the Witch Doctor uses to control it. This pesky pest is no pushover! Be on guard and bring this beast down!

*Features 3 stingers, 2 corrupted quaza spikes and transparent wings
*Fight off the heroes with 3 stingers!
*Stands over 8” (21cm) tall

Set Information

The set's box

The set consists of 48 pieces.


The set's two wings can articulate to represent the Waspix flying. Its stinger tail can move up and down. One can remove the two corrupt Quaza spikes from the Waspix's wings to represent freeing the Waspix from the Witch Doctor's control.


The set includes a yellow head piece. It also has a printed piece that connects its head to its neck.


  • The placeholder for the set was called "Wasp" before the set was officially named "Waspix".
  • The Waspix's head piece is the same as 2236 Scorpio's, but is yellow.