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Set 2144 Nex 3.0 is a canister set released in late 2011, portraying the 3.0 Hero Julius Nex.


  • Name: Nex 3.0
  • Type: Small Set
  • Set number: 2144
  • Subtheme: Heroes 3.0
  • Release date: July 2011
  • Pieces: 29
  • MSRP: $7.99 (US)
  • Ages: 6-16
  • Instructions

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here

Join a mission to rescue Quatros from destruction!
Get to the transport stations! Join Furno and Stringer on jungle planet Quatros! The planet will be ruined if Witch Doctor finishes taking the planet’s quaza core. Time to use Nex’s tiger animal power and double-bladed tiger claw in action. Watch out for Witch Doctor’s vicious beasts! Intel reports say they are prone to attack anything metal and shiny.

*Features double-bladed tiger claw
*Blast the Witch Doctor with tiger animal power!
*Stands over 6” (17cm) tall

Set Information

The set's canister

The set was released in late 2011 as one of the six canister Hero 3.0 sets. It consists of 29 pieces.

By combining pieces from Nex 3.0 with pieces from 2183 Stringer 3.0, one can build a non-canon combination model.


Nex's weapon's two claws can move up and down.

The set's canister represents a Hero Pod in the story. On the back of the canister shows Nex and Stringer combining into their combination model.


The set includes an orange helmet and green Hero Core. The helmet looks like a saber-toothed tiger's head. Nex has a transparent green limb armor piece that has his name and a picture of a tiger's head on it. Printed underneath the canister's lid is a 13-digit code, which was used to unlock Nex 3.0's portion of an online game called Creep Crushers, specifically a version of the game called Jungle Crushers, from the HeroPad section of in late 2011. Also included in the set is a sticker sheet with one circular sticker that promotes the Hero Recon Team website.

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