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"'My Quaza theories are too radical', they said. 'That much Quaza doesn't exist', they said. 'You can't harness that kind of power', they said. 'You are crazy!' they said. They were wrong!"
― Witch Doctor, Savage Planet Part 2

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Witch Doctor
Employer Hero Factory (formerly)
Weapons Skull Staff
Clawed gun (both formerly)
Status Functional
Set number 2283

Professor Aldous Witch, now known as the Witch Doctor, is a former civilian instructor for Hero Factory.


Aldous Witch

At some point before Mission: Legion of Darkness, Aldous Witch was built.

Witch was once an instructor at the Hero Factory, educating rookie Heroes in the subjects of astronomy and architectural geology.[Episode 6] However, he secretly coveted the Hero Cores that all Heroes wear,[FO:MSG] though he was unable to wear one himself. Witch told his fellow Hero Factory employees about his theories about him harnessing Quaza. However, his fellow employees believe that his theories are too radical and called him crazy.[Episode 7]

Aldous Witch trying to implant a Hero Core on himself

Desiring to possess a Quaza Core, Witch tried to install one into his own body in the Assemble Tower and then charge it with the Quaza Chamber. However, his attempt was discovered and was forcibly stopped by one of his former students, Preston Stormer. As a result of his position within Hero Factory, he was exiled rather than imprisoned. Akiyama Makuro, Stormer, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez watched him use his space ship to leave Makuhero City.[Episode 6]

Savage Planet

In order to obtain Quaza, the mineral that makes up Hero Cores, Witch traveled to the protected planet Quatros, using his knowledge as Hero Factory staff to deactivate the force field guarding it. However, his ship crash-landed on the planet. Witch began illegally mining the material, and during his excavation efforts, he discovered an ancient temple housing a mysterious skull. By adding a small amount of Quaza to the skull, Witch created the Skull Staff, which amplified the power of the Quaza, gave Witch enormous powers, and transformed and enlarged him into a villain called the Witch Doctor. Using corrupted Quaza spikes, Witch Doctor enslaved the animals of the jungle, which are several Waspix, several Raw-Jaws, several Fangz, at least one Scorpio, and a snake.[FO:MSG] He had them assist him in mining the Quaza. Witch Doctor believes former fellow employees were wrong. He planned to use the mined Quaza to make an army that could destroy the Hero Factory in revenge for banishing him.[Episode 7] Witch Doctor had the Fangzes as his bodyguards. He noticed the planet dying because of the mining. In order to acquire a new ship, capable of housing his new form and leaving the dying planet, Witch Doctor sent a distress signal to Hero Factory, preventing to be Aldous Witch and saying that he crash-landed on the planet.

Witch Doctor on Quatros

Daniel Rocka, a rookie Hero, arrived on the planet to assist Witch, but was instead attacked by Witch Doctor and his Fangz guards. Five of Rocka's fellow Alpha 1 Team members, Stormer, William Furno, Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk, and Julius Nex, later arrived to rescue Rocka and encountered Witch Doctor. Despite new armor suited to the planet, Furno was unable to defeat the Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor announced his plan to use their Drop Ship to get out of the dying planet. He left before Stringer and Julius Nex found Furno.[C6] The three Heroes were approached by an enslaved Waspix, an enslaved Scorpio, and an enslaved Raw-Jaw, though Witch Doctor soon recalled them. With an available ship to help him leave the planet, Witch continued his mining efforts, eventually acquiring the last bits of Quaza from the planet's core. He had the Raw-Jaw help him with the mining.[Episode 6]

While the Raw-Jaw was helping the Witch Doctor mine the Quaza, the Witch Doctor was thinking about his former fellow Hero Factory employees doubting him and his plan. When he discovered Rocka, Stormer, and Bulk shrunken in size, Witch captured Rocka and Bulk inside a small container. The remaining team members, Furno, Stringer, and Nex, also arrived, chased by the Scorpio after freeing the Waspix from the Witch Doctor's influence. Witch used his staff to direct the Scorpio to attack the Heroes, but Furno was able to break off the active corrupted Quaza spike embedded in the scorpion. Free of Witch's influence, the Scorpio attacked the tyrant in revenge for enslaving him, giving the Heroes time to recover their allies. Witch directed the Raw-Jaw to fight the Scorpio, and sent a blimp, which was containing all the Quaza, flying into the air. After Stringer and Nex restored Rocka, Stormer, and Bulk to size, Rocka tried to attack Witch, but Witch pushed him aside to a temple. Stormer engaged Witch in combat, though he was outclassed in power. Witch was soon challenged by Rocka, who had increased his power and size by outfitting himself with ancient armor pieces found in the temple, becoming Rocka XL, and the two fought while Bulk and Stringer fought and freed two of Witch's Fangz guards from his control. Witch Doctor eventually gained the upper hand over Rocka, but before he could deliver a final blow, Stormer stole the Skull Staff from Witch and snapped it in two, removing Witch's power, freeing all of the possessed animals from Witch's control, and defeating him. After the Heroes returned the Quaza to the core of Quatros, they arrested Witch Doctor, and took him back on their ship to transport him to Hero Factory,[Episode 7][C7] where he was imprisoned.


After the breakout at the Hero Factory, caused by Voltix, Witch Doctor escaped out into the galaxy.[Episode 8] He was later recaptured.[SM4][FO:MSG]

Abilities and Traits

Aldous Witch was once a mild-mannered professor, with a secret desire to possess a Quaza Core like Heroes do. He is also a scientist. His covetous attitude led him to attempt to illegally mine the material. When he became the Witch Doctor, he was became an insane and ruthless tyrant to the animals of Quatros, enslaving them and forcing them to behave in ways they would normally not. He is also abusive to the animals, as he would bash one of his enslaved Raw-Jaws in the head with the Skull Staff to make him continue mining the Quaza.[Episode 7]

After being exposed to the Quaza energy by a mysterious skull in the Skull Staff, the staff increased Witch's size and strength, turning him into the Witch Doctor. The staff also made Witch evil and insane.

When he was a Hero Factory employee, he looked like some employee robots, including Big Joe.[Episode 6] His new form is bulky, and larger than Rocka XL. He has eight short black spikes in his leg armor, and four long white ones on his arm armor and shoulder armor. His thighs look bent. His face looks like the skull part of his staff.


Witch Doctor carried the Skull Staff, a staff powered by Quaza that he found while illegally mining the mineral. The staff allowed him to control beasts of the jungle planet Quatros through corrupted Quaza spikes. The staff also allowed him to use corrupted Quaza to increase his own power, and manipulate it as energy. It also made him much more powerful and faster than normal Heroes, even in their 2.0 and 3.0 forms, though he could be evenly matched with Rocka XL. When the staff was taken from the Witch Doctor, the Witch Doctor was cut off from the staff's energy, rendering him powerless and freeing all of his possessed Quatros animals from his control. Witch Doctor also has two corrupted Quaza spikes on his shoulder armor while the staff had two more on top of it.

The Witch Doctor also had a gun, a variation of a Meteor Blaster that has two large claws on the back. The gun is confiscated when he was arrested.

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Set Information

Set 2283 Witch Doctor

Set 2283 Witch Doctor was released in mid-2011, containing 331 pieces including four dual-colored Quaza spikes. The Witch Doctor set carries a launcher that can fire a spherical ammunition piece when the sides of the launcher are squeezed. The set comes with two pairs of tubes: one pair white and one pair red. It has an asymmetrical waist for an unknown reason. The set was the largest published HERO FACTORY model.


"The Quaza has changed me. You Heroes are ... beneath me now."
― Witch Doctor, Savage Planet


  • Witch Doctor was voiced by Fred Tatasciore in Savage Planet Part 1 and Savage Planet Part 2.
  • In the Television Episodes, Witch Doctor's front torso armor is black, his shoulder Quaza spikes are pointing downwards rather than upwards, and has a symmetrical waist.
  • Strangly, despite the Witch Doctor's gun having appeared in the episodes, he never used it.
  • According to the Savage Planet Product News article in HeroFactory.com in June 21, 2011, Aldous Witch was a scientist.[Savage Planet Product News (June 21, 2011)]
  • In Comic 6: Savage Planet, the Witch Doctor could control plants in Quatros when he was holding the Skull Staff. He used this ability to stop Furno from attacking him. However, in Episode 6, the Witch Doctor used his staff to trip Furno by hitting him. So, it is likely that the Witch Doctor's ability to control plants is non-canon since the comic is based on a script for the episode.


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