Mission: Savage Planet

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This article is about the mission. You may be looking for Savage Planet.

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Mission: Savage Planet
Objective Alpha 1 Team seeks to investigate a distress call by Witch Doctor
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location Quatros
Result Witch Doctor is apprehended and Quatros is saved

Mission: Savage Plant was a battle on Quatros against the Witch Doctor and his infected animal slaves.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team

Rookie 1 Division


Infected Animals


Initially to investigate Aldous Witch's distress call, then re-evaulated to be defeat him, who became a villain called the Witch Doctor, free the animals he infected, and save Quatros from shaking itself apart.


Aldous Witch is an ex-Hero Factory employee who was obsessed with the Hero Cores of Heroes and tried to implant one on himself. He was stopped by Preston Stormer, his former student, and exiled from Hero Factory. Witch was still obsessed with Quaza and went to the protected planet of Quatros to mine it illegally. The mining began to damage the structural integrity of the planet. Witch discovered a temple in his excavations housing a skull. By adding Quaza to the Skull, he created the Skull Staff which transformed him into the powerful Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor began infecting the wildlife with corrupted Quaza energy spikes. However, his ship had crashed on Quatros and sent a distress signal to the Hero Factory to get Heroes to arrive so he could escape.


Witch Doctor filled with Quaza

Daniel Rocka arrives on Quatros to respond to the distress call, and finds Witch's crashed ship. He is lured in by the Witch Doctor and attacked by infected Fangzes. Nathaniel Zib at Mission Control loses contact with Rocka, and sends all present Alpha 1 Team to get an upgrade into 3.0 armor with jungle motifs and upgrades. They fly into Quatros and see the planet misshapen from the illegal Quaza removal. Dunkan Bulk reads Heropedia to confirm that the planet has evolved. On the planet, Rocka is found by Julius Nex badly injured. The Heroes then encounter the Witch Doctor, who drives them off with infected animals before escaping. Back at the Drop Ship, Rocka is given a 3.0 upgrade. Zib pinpoints Witch Doctor's general location near an ancient Quaza Temple. Preston Stormer creates two teams headed by William Furno and Rocka to either risk taking a transporter than could glitch or go on foot. Rocka, Stormer, and Bulk take the transporter while Furno, Jimi Stringer, and Nex go into the jungle instead. Rocka's team is shrunken as a result of the transporter and are attacked by a Fangz. They witness an infected Raw-Jaw moving Quaza into a blimb for the Witch Doctor, causing Quatros to violently shake due to the removal of the mineral. Nex and Stringer are attacked by an infected Scorpio and Furno by an infected Waspix.

Reading the hieroglyphics on the temple Rocka's team was at, Zib deduced the temple was built above the core Quaza concentration and if Quaza is brought back to the temple, then Quatros would be saved. Witch Doctor and the Raw-Jaw arrived at the temple, and three Fangz were sent after the Heroes. Stormer escapes, though Bulk and Rocka are captured. Furno's team battles the Scorpio and Waspix while reaching the temple. Stringer ripped the Waspix's Quaza spikes from her, freeing her, and then Furno freed the Scorpio. The Scorpio attacked the Witch Doctor in revenge, who sent the Raw-Jaw after him, and went to see his blimp flying. Raw-Jaw defeated the Scorpio and attacked the Heroes, but Stormer attacked the Witch Doctor. While the Raw-Jaw was freed, Stormer was getting defeated by the Witch Doctor, Nex and Furno used ancient armor pieces to turn Rocka into a taller and stronger form, making him Rocka XL. Rocka then fought the Witch Doctor, but was about to lose when Stormer stole and then broke the Skull Staff. Furno destroyed the blimp, raining Quaza back into the planet's core. Witch Doctor was apprehended and brought to Hero Factory.


Quatros restored

Quatros was restored to its original state and the Witch Doctor was imprisoned. The Heroes were then returned to their 2.0 forms from their 3.0 forms, though Rocka did receive another upgrade. Merrick Fortis, Omega, and other Hero Recon Team members went to Quatros to clean up damage from the mission. However, Witch Doctor escaped not too long after in a Breakout engineered by Voltix.


  • The mission is not officially named, as it is named after the summer 2011 set wave and content in this wiki.


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