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HeroPad Challenge Animations
Featured Animation Challenge 1: Speed Building
Promoting HeroPad
Creator Unknown
Released 2011

The HeroPad Challenge Animations are videos introducing the various challenges on the HeroPad. They can be viewed on the Hero Factory website either in the Movies section of the Fun Zone or before loading a HeroPad challenge.


Challenge 1: Speed Building

A title card reading "Top Secret 'Speed Builder' Testing" introduces the first challenge video. Scenes from the Battle Against Fire Lord play as Professor Nathaniel Zib explains in a voiceover the results of the initial conflict. The scene cuts to Zib's lab, where he demonstrates using a flamethrower and Preston Stormer's armor how the original hero armor, helmets, and weapons were extremely vulnerable to fire-based attacks. Scenes from the Assembly Tower are shown as Zib describes the Upgrade process, followed by scenes of a human builder from the early 2011 Hero Factory TV ads as he describes improvements in the Hero construction process.

Preston Stormer (with minimal cladding) emerges in Zib's lab to test the various "Speed Builder" prototypes. Each is introduced with a title card. The first, "Itemized Assembly", rapidly hurls armor pieces, all of which miss Stormer and become embedded in the wall behind him. The second prototype, "Magnetic Propulsion", magnetizes the platform Stormer is on, and is supposed to magnetically attract the armor onto Stormer's frame. However, the program has been set in reverse, and Stormer is instead magnetically repelled from the platform and attracted to the lab's various walls. He comes to a rest on the rear wall before a mug that was also attracted to the walls hits him in the head and sends him crashing to the ground. The third prototype, "Rapid-Fire Builder", forms the hero's outfit in advance and then launches it at Stormer, but instead of armoring Stormer as intended it merely traps him within a cluster of random Hero parts. As Stormer demands help getting out, Zib explains that the technical difficulties should cause only minor delays. An Ice Spear Blaster on Stormer's head begins firing bolts around the lab haphazardly before knocking Stormer off the platform, and Zib asks if he is OK as a title card appears inviting the viewer to try out the Speed Building challenge on HeroFactory.com.

Challenge 3: Show Your Moves!

Zib congratulates HeroPad users who received the Speed Builder badge before introducing hero move testing, the next phase of the testing process. Zib describes how the flexibility of the new building system allows for a wider range of moves, and introduced the training program that will be used in the challenge. A title card appears reading "Hero Moves Skill Level 001". Preston Stormer is introduced as the test subject. As Zib activates the test program, various projectiles fly towards Stormer and become embedded in the wall as he dodges them. Zib activates another round of projectiles, which Stormer easily dodges, asking Zib if that's the best he's got. Zib types some commands activating more projectiles and a laser hurdle, which Stormer again dodges without difficulty.

Another title card appears reading "Hero Moves Skill Level 041". Stormer is still on the test platform, with music playing and disco lights flickering across the walls. A motorized smasher drops from the ceiling and projectiles continue hurtling his way as he dodges rhythmically, as though he's dancing. A third title card appears, this one reading "Hero Moves Skill Level 116". Spiky projectiles, laser hurdles, and the smasher all attack Stormer, who dodges rapidly. As the volley of attacks ends, Stormer poses and Zib shrugs in concession. He tosses his coffee mug over his shoulder, inadvertently hitting Stormer in the head and knocking him off the platform. A "LEGO Hero Factory" title card appears, then Stormer is shown in the foreground of the lab, looming over Zib and holding the coffee cup angrily. He pounds it on Zib's desk forcefully, knocking over Zib's computer monitor, and Zib shrugs nervously.


  • "Challenge 2: Weapon Design" is not a video. It is a section of HeroPad that requires the user to design a Hero Factory weapon and upload an image of it to the online gallery.


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