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The HeroPad

The HeroPad is a feature on the Hero Factory website, compiling various content including games and challenges. It includes a customizable interface that requires users to sign in with their LEGO.com ID before accessing the features.

At the bottom of the HeroPad is a section where codes from certain Hero Factory sets' canisters can be entered to unlock additional HeroPad content. One of these content activations is the Creep Crushers game, where you can enter a 2.0 Hero's code unlock, and play as them. When it updated for the 3.0 heroes, codes allowed users to play as those heroes in a similar game Jungle Crushers.

Since the Hero Factory website got updated with 2013 content, HeroPad got taken down.


The HeroPad includes various numbered challenges, which can be accessed from the "Challenges" section. Challenges are marked with their name, date they were added to the HeroPad, and a short summary. They also include the two HeroPad Challenge Animations. The challenges happened every other month in the early half of 2011.

Challenge 1: Speed Building

The first challenge, released on January, is in the form of a game where a player is instructed to build Furno 2.0 as quickly as possible from a palette of bricks that includes elements from sets 7167 William Furno and 2065 Furno 2.0. It begins with an introductory video starring Nathaniel Zib and the recently-upgraded Preston Stormer. Time penalties are in place for attaching pieces in the wrong positions.


  • The bronze award is earned by completing the game
  • The silver award is earned by completing the game with a score between 10,000 and 19,999 points
  • The gold award is earned by completing the game with a score of 20,000 points or more

Challenge 2: Weapon Design

The second challenge, released on February, requires the user to design a Hero Factory weapon and upload an image of it to the online gallery.


Awards are available based on the number of approved gallery submissions.

Challenge 3: Show your moves!

The third challenge, released on March, also takes the form of a game with an introductory video starring Zib and Stormer. The player, as Stormer, is instructed to dodge a volley of LEGO elements using keyboard controls.


Awards are granted based on time.

  • The bronze award is earned by for surviving at least 20 seconds
  • The silver award is earned by surviving at least a minute
  • The gold award is earned by surviving at least 90 seconds

Challenge Rules

The Challenge Rules section includes legal disclaimers regarding the HeroPad challenges.

Challenge Awards

The Challenge Awards section displays the user's collection of awards earned from the various challenges, as well as semi-transparent icons for any awards that the user hasn't yet earned. Each challenge includes three awards: gold, silver, and bronze. An image in the center of each award varies based on what challenge it corresponds to. By hovering the cursor over an award, earned or otherwise, users can see the terms by which it is earned.

Challenge Gallery

The Challenge Gallery section opens the Challenges section of the Hero Factory online gallery, where approved challenge entries submitted through the gallery are hosted.

Code Rewards

In this section, users could access the rewards earned by entering codes from the underside of the twelve 2011 Hero canisters' libs into the HeroPad. New codes could be entered at any time when logged into the HeroPad by clicking the "Enter Code" button at the bottom of the interface. Sixteen rewards were available, including twelve versions of the Creep Crushers game, two posters, and two wallpapers. Half of the versions were based on the six 2.0 Hero canister sets in early 2011 while the other versions were based on the six 3.0 Hero canister sets in late 2011. The 3.0 versions were called Jungle Crushers.

Recon Team

Clicking the link for this section opens the Hero Recon Team website.


Users can customize their HeroPad by clicking the button at the bottom with four dots. There are five different aspects of the HeroPad that can be customized: the shape of the interface, the text color of the section buttons, the background color of the section buttons, the background color of the interface, and the texture of the interface.


Prototype Videos for Challange 1

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