Ordeal of Fire Character Animations

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Ordeal of Fire Character Animations
Featured Animation Ordeal of Fire Character Animations
Promoting Ordeal of Fire Sets
Creator Unknown
Released April 14, 2011

The Ordeal of Fire Character Animations are an animation set promoting the 2.0 Hero line, and Fire Lord's criminal gang. They made their first appearance in the "Movies" section of the HeroFactory.com Fun Zone. All of the videos came from Episode 5: Ordeal of Fire.


Preston Stormer

The video shows Preston Stormer evacuating civilians, then being given his 2.0 Upgrade. The next clip focuses on his Multi-Tool Ice Shield, and Stormer using it to deflect blasts. Stormer then uses his baton on Fire Lord, telling Mark Surge he is not useless before getting the heroes to fire on Fire Lord.

William Furno

At the start, William Furno is shown avoiding attacks, then being granted his 2.0 upgrade before marveling at just that in Virtual Training. Furno's new night vision is shown, then his upgraded Multi-Tool Ice Shield before using that in a battle. The last clip shows him playing Roboball.

Natalie Breez

The 1.0 Natalie Breez is seen fighting, before her 2.0 upgrade. Next they show Furno and Breez attacking as one, then Breez going at Drilldozer alone. The next two clips shown focus on her personality and Multi-Tool Blades. The last clip shows her protecting Furno.

Mark Surge

Mark Surge is shown fighting, then being upgraded to 2.0. The next clips show his thermo goggles, Ice Spear Blaster, and bravery. The last clip shows him looking into the distance as a 2.0 hero.

Nathan Evo

The first clips show Nathan Evo meditating before utilizing his Multi-Tool Ice Shield.

Julius Nex

The beginning clip shows Julius Nex's HUD interface from the outside, then him lifting Daniela Capricorn. Nex's HUD from his point of view is then shown, then him greeting reporters. The last part is Nex telling reporters about his social networking profiles.

Fire Lord

Fire Lord is shown absorbing energy, and blasting with his Dual Fire Shooter. His jetpack is shown in use against Furno and 2.0 Stormer before he absorbs energy.

Fire Lord's Henchmen

The only clip featuring Fire Lord's three henchmen, Drilldozer, Nitroblast, and Jetbug. Tanker Station 22 is first seen being raided, then the criminals surrounding civilians. Drilldozer is shown using his Turbine Drill and absorbing energy blasts. Nitroblast is shown in the refueling station at night, then Jetbug attacking Furno before surrounding civilians. The final clip is of the criminals chasing and firing at Surge.


  • The villain and hero animations have different background music from one another. The background graphics to the captions are also different between the two factions.
  • The clip of William Furno playing Roboball is the only clip not taken from Episode 5: Ordeal of Fire. It was taken from the next episode.


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