Hero Factory Promo Animation

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Hero Factory Promo Animation
Featured Animation Hero Factory Promo Animation
Promoting Hero 1.0
Creator Unknown
Released 2010

The Hero Factory Promo Animation is an animation made to promote the Hero Factory company during Hero Factory's 2010 story arc.


Screenshot of the Hero Factory

Makuhero City is shown, and a narrator explains the Hero Factory company as its building is entered, and the levels of the building explored. William Furno's creation is shown, and then Furno's first Hero Core charging. Furno is shown training in a virtual simulator, using his Dual Fire Shooter, and his Furno Bike. Furno then rises after a training session to a loading bay filled with Drop Ships when he sees a robotic dog. The dog then takes a leak on Furno's foot. The Alpha 1 Team 1.0 is then shown.


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