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"We were made to be heroes. It's our job to help anyone in the known worlds that needs it. We weren't built to fail."
― Preston Stormer, Trials of Furno

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Preston Stormer
Hero 1.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Weapons Multifunctional Ice Weapon
Status Functional, upgraded

Preston Stormer is a Hero at the Hero Factory and the Alpha 1 Team leader.



Stormer was created in the Hero Factory. He became a rookie Hero and was educated by professor Aldous Witch.[Episode 6] When Stormer trained so hard at one time, he became tired, so he had to be recharged in the Quaza Chamber. Stormer did not like the moment.[Episode 1]

After training, Stormer was assigned to Alpha 1 Team, the first ever active Hero Factory team led by Thresher. He went on a mission to stop Voltix and Splitface, but was attacked by them both. Stormer tried to fend off the pair, but Thresher arrived and attached what he described as a magnetic mine to Voltix. Splitface fled, but Thresher managed to capture Voltix, shocking the villain and Stormer by revealing the mine was a bluff. While using a Drop Ship to carry Voltix to the Asteroid J-54 prison, Thresher told Stormer his bravery would have killed him if he had not shown up. Stormer thought about vowing that when he become leader, he will tell other members of his team to not make the same mistake he made.

At Hero Factory, Von Ness, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer were assigned to the Alpha 1 Team. Through many missions, Stormer and Thresher made it known that the Heroes were a force of good. There was one mission where Stormer and Von Ness exposed at least one planetary government's rampant corruption and secret deals with criminals, shutting it down.[SM2]

Legion of Darkness

Thresher had left to investigate an incident at Makuro Industries and left a mission for Stringer and Stormer, to watch a move at a far-rim mining planet. Stormer stayed there with Stringer, but discovered there was no move. Mining Robots attacked the pair, but were stopped by XT4 who identified himself as the new Alpha 1 rookie. Stringer and Stormer met Bulk and Von Ness at Hero Factory and revealed XT4 to them. Preston kept XT4 in a bare room, wary of him, but the robot managed to escaped in a Drop Ship.

The four Heroes trailed XT4 to Asteroid J-54 where XT4 was engineering a prison break. Bulk and Von Ness went inside the prison while Stringer and Stormer waited in the air. They saw a rogue Drop Ship and went to it, but were pinned by a freighter. Stringer reported that it was about to explode, and Black Phantom contacted Stormer on the communication channel and identified himself as the leader of the Legion of Darkness. As the freighter was nearby, Stormer flew right at Black Phantom, but flew past him and the freighter exploded, engulfing the Drop Ship and knocking Stormer and Stringer unconscious. Thresher arrived at the asteroid and took the unconscious Heroes, Bulk and Von Ness to Hero Factory. Stormer was unconscious for days before he was revived and went to a briefing with the rest of Alpha 1. Thresher had announced that due to the disastrous failure on Asteroid J-54, Akiyama Makuro was closing Hero Factory. Von Ness, Stringer, and Bulk left to be security guards at one of Makuro's industrial plants, but Stormer gave them transmitters before they left. Thresher planned to talk to Stormer, and went into the Assembly Tower when a power outage on the Hero Factory's external security systems occurred.

Thresher sent Stormer to the main power core, where Stormer encountered XT4 attempting to hack into the Hero Factory's systems. Stormer stopped and attacked him, but Splitface and Black Phantom in his scout ship helped XT4 fight Stormer. Stormer was so overwhelmed by the villains that he was forced to run into the Hero Factory's Mission Control Fail-Safe Room and barricade the door from Splitface. Stormer used his signal ring to contact the other rookie Heross for help. Stormer used the room to distract XT4 with metal tendrils. He engineered the floor to fall and hid on the ceiling, and, after Splitface broke into the room, Stormer opened the trap to make Splitface fall through the floor, heading to the bowels of the Hero Factory, getting defeated by Stormer. Stormer planned to disable Mission Control Room's main computer systems and help Thresher, but Black Phantom, who saved XT4, arrived and confronted Stormer. Black Phantom revealed that he wanted to let his Legion get captured, and destroy Hero Factory so he could get credit for it. Once the galaxy saw him as the destroyer of Hero Factory, he would form a new Legion without the competition of the other members in the legion. Stormer used a device in the room to record the whole plan without Black Phantom noticing. The other Heroes arrived, with Von Ness defeating XT4. They chased Black Phantom to the Assembly Tower where Voltix, Speeda Demon, and Toxic Reapa were about to kill Thresher. Von Ness saved Thresher and Stormer used a device in the Assembly Tower to play the recording of Black Phantom's plan, angering and causing the other villains to attack him. The five Heroes defeated the three remaining Legion members, ending their threat. Three days later, all of the villains were apprehended. Thresher hid all evidence of the incident as it was almost a disastrous failure, hiding it under the highest classified level. Due to the Heroes' dedication, Makuro decided to go forward with Hero Factory.[SM2]

At one time, Stormer was making a routine delivery of medical supplies to a frontier world when his Drop Ship was attacked by smugglers in their ship. Stormer drove the smugglers off, but he went to follow them without calling for backup from the Hero Factory. The smugglers were actually leading him into an ambush, where the Drop Ship was disabled and Stormer was captured by them. The smugglers tied him up in ropes. They planned to ransom him back to Hero Factory and then sell the technology in the Drop Ship. Stormer felt hopeless, but he was saved by an undercover cop named Aquax, who pretended to be one of the smugglers. The two escaped from the gang, summoned help, attacked the smugglers' base, and defeated and captured the entire gang, forming a friendship between Stormer and Aquax. Aquax even covered Stormer when Thresher interviewed him, saying that Stormer was undercover as well, though Stormer confessed the truth to Thresher later on. Once, Stormer and Aquax were left on a runaway transport ship heading for an asteroid, but they survived. Though Aquax and Stormer became friends, they eventually lost contact.[SM3]

New Stellac City

Members of the original Alpha 1 Team

Responding to a routine burglary alarm, Thresher took Stormer and Von Ness to New Stellac City, though Stormer had a bad feeling about it right before this. When the three Heroes arrived, they instead found a giant destructive mechanoid rampaging through the city. Stormer and Thresher shot at the drone to draw its attention. Thresher told Stormer and Von Ness to go to the Drop Ship to protect them while Thresher went to fight the drone alone. When Silver knocked out Thresher, Von Ness suggested they call for backup; instead, Stormer instructed Von Ness to watch over Thresher and fought the monster alone. Von Ness attempted to abandon Thresher using their Drop Ship, forcing Stormer to divert his attention and try to stop his fellow rookie, giving up after realizing the danger both Thresher and the city were facing. He jumped from the ship onto the robot's back, and managed to disable it. Although hailed as a hero by the citizens of New Stellac City, Stormer felt he could have protected Thresher and stopped Von Ness from escaping.[Episode 4]

Stormer fighting Silver

Stormer learned how to scramble his signal in his built-in tracking chip when he was tracking down Von Ness.[Episode 3]


Eventually, Stormer managed to attain the position of Alpha leader, although in doing so he unseated Thresher, whom he had idolized. However, the former Alpha Team leader was ready to step down, having decided that he had lost his edge. As Alpha Team Leader, Stormer was assigned many rookies, but most of them were unable to measure up to his standards, though Stringer and Bulk remained team members.

Stormer was once good friends with a Hero, but this Hero later on became a villain called Core Hunter. There was one time when Stormer and a young rookie went to find and fight Core Hunter. However, Core Hunter took the rookie's Hero Core away, but Stormer gave the rookie a replacement Hero Core right away to save the rookie while Core Hunter used this as a distraction to get away.

At one time, Stormer thwarted an entire gang's robbery, and arrested and put them in a jail.

A year later and seven years ago, he went to an unnamed planet in pursuit of Core Hunter, and asked the small-time crook runner of a hotel station, Geb, about him. While going into Core Hunter's room, Stormer encountered a damaged robotic member of the gang, who was blocking his path and angry at him for putting his whole gang in jail, but the villain disliked his gang, anyway, so he thanked Stormer and kindly let him pass, disturbing Stormer. When Stormer went into the room, he narrowly avoided a trap that could have overloaded his Hero Core by jumping through a window. Realizing Core Hunter was nearby, Stormer got in his ship and flew off, pretending to give up, before returning and jumping through Core Hunter's roof. After a short tussle, Stormer attached a small device to Core Hunter's weapon called the Hero Core Remover Tool and then used it to stun the villain temporarily. Stormer apprehended Core Hunter and began dragging him to the ship before Core Hunter exploded. Stormer was then contacted by the real Core Hunter, who told him that Stormer only captured a double and he was off-planet. Stormer was forced to return to Hero Factory with no leads to pursue Core Hunter.[SM1]

At some point, Stormer met and befriended a robot named Drax, the chief of Mekron City's police force.[Episode 3]

On one mission, they were called to Almaak V to investigate the disappearance of Almaak IV, a neighboring planet. Stringer observed that the moon of the planet was still in orbit despite the planet's absence, and he discovered that the planet was being cloaked by Almaak V officials. Stormer then led the arrest of those responsible.

A year before Mission: Von Nebula, Stormer, Stringer, and Bulk were assigned to fight off a villain named Cornelius Zo and his army of giant Tiger Ants that were destroying a city. Bulk drove the ants off by using a tank called the Crusher. There was also one time where they successfully captured a notorious space pirate.(Hero Factory FM)

The Alpha 1 Team recruited a division of three rookies, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge, and named it Rookie 1. Stormer had been tough on Furno since the first day of Stormer training him, and had been tough on him more than the other rookies.[Episode 1]

At one time, Stormer and the other members of the Alpha 1 Team chased fuel smugglers in the Faraday Belt. The team survived and completed the mission.(Hero Factory FM)

Stormer was interviewed by Mak Megahertz in his radio talk show called Hero Factory FM, in his segment called Mak in the Morning.

At one time, Stormer met XPlode.[Episode 1]

Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

Stormer caught in an explosion at Merak 9

Stormer was given new armor by Quadal and the Hero Factory Science Team. The Alpha 1 Team, along with rookie hero William Furno, were tasked with protecting a large quantity of C-4000 explosives from theft at Merak 9. XPlode and Rotor attacked, trying to take the explosives. Stormer got a few dents during the battle. He fought XPlode in a swordfight alone. After Stormer disarmed XPlode, XPlode used his Explosive Spikes to shoot at Stormer, but Stormer dodged. This gave XPlode a chance to escape, leaving Rotor behind. After Stormer, Stringer, and Bulk surrounded Rotor, pinning him down, Stormer told Furno to come down to the ground and use Hero Cuffs to capture Rotor alone. However, Rotor evaded capture and escaped as well. Stormer blamed himself for this, stating he should have left Furno in the Hero Craft.

When the four Heroes got home, Stormer noted Furno's errors, which he counted 18, suggesting that he visit the Training Sphere. Stormer then told Mark Surge and Natalie Breez to go do training as well. Furno, seeking to impress the team leader, trained for hours in the sphere. Stormer wanted to do a training mission for Furno, he went to find him. He asked Breez and Surge where Furno was. Breez and Surge led Stormer to the sphere. Stormer found Furno exhausted from his training. He brought him to the Quaza Chamber, where Furno would be recharged. While Zib was getting the chamber ready, Furno's condition reminded him of Stormer's, with Stormer getting to hear this. After Furno got recharged, he said to Stormer that he reviewed the mission record and counted 19 errors rather than 18 as they previously talked, impressing Stormer. Stormer told Furno to come to Hero Launch and bring his bike because he wanted to do a training mission with him. Breez and Surge volunteered to join in.

During the training mission, Stormer was supervising Furno, Surge, and Breez when he received a call from Makuhero City, instructing him to take the three rookies to the Lemus 2 explosives plant to stop a reported theft being carried out by Rotor and XPlode. When Stormer complained about the lack of other veteran heroes, he was told that they were the closest to the location. Stormer used the Drop Ship to drop a Hero Pod, letting it fall to the ground in order to serve as a distraction for Rotor and XPlode. Rotor destroyed the Hero Pod. Stormer told the rookies about what the explosives from the plant can do. Stormer and the rookies went to charge the criminals. Stormer got hit by a blast from Rotor's weapon called the Biohazard Gas Shooter in the resulting battle, dislocating his vital power unit, shutting him down. However, Stormer was quickly repaired by Breez when Breez reconnected the power unit. XPlode escaped, but the four heroes had successfully captured Rotor when Furno used Hero Cuffs to capture Rotor this time. After Furno forced Rotor to go inside the Drop Ship, Stormer told Furno that he "did okay".[C1][Episode 1]

Core Crisis

After delivering Rotor to Hero Factory's prison and then Furno going to get his Hero Core recharged, Quadal was about to scan Stormer's, but Stormer refused, frustrating him. Bulk contacted Stormer to tell him that he, Stringer, Breez, and Surge were cleaning the mess he left behind in Lemus 2. When the four Heroes were notified of an emergency that involved innocent civilians being under attack in an incomplete prison called Penitentiary 1331 on Tantalus 5 and went to deal with it, Stormer got worried about the four Heroes, so he wanted to go help the Heroes, but Nathaniel Zib, who was overseeing the core recharges, forbade him from doing it because he needed recharging. Stormer then wanted to get recharged first, but Zib told him that he already sent Furno to the Quaza Chamber, frustrating Stormer. Zib assured Stormer that the four Heroes would be fine with the mission. Stormer told Zib that he got a bad feeling about it, and this reminded him of the last time he had the feeling, which was Thresher's ill-fated mission in New Stellac City that involved Von Ness.

Stormer witnessed Stringer, Bulk, and Surge fighting Corroder, who attacked the prison and injured several construction robot workers, who Breez helped evacuate the building. When Corroder trapped Bulk under a pile of girders, this caused Stormer to request a Hero who could back his three fellow Heroes up. When Furno, after getting recharged, volunteered to help Stringer, Bulk, and Surge, Stormer discouraged him by saying that "Corroder is too much for a rookie". Zib noted that there are two Hero teams who could not help Stringer, Bulk, and Surge, and then Zib suggested a Hero named Maximus, but Stormer declined this choice because Maximus was not fast enough to dodge Corroder's acid. Furno and Zib convinced Stormer to let Furno help Stringer, Bulk, and Surge since Furno is fast enough and has enough maneuverability to dodge Corroder's acid. Stormer had Furno get refitted to have acid-resistant armor first. After Furno used a Hero Pod to leave the Hero Factory to save his teammates and Breez finished delivered the evacuees, Zib believed that the two Heroes would arrive too late to help Stringer, Bulk, and Surge, so he suggested creating a Hero Cell to buy Furno and Breez some time, but Stormer vehemently refused because of Bulk's Core being too drained. However, Bulk convinced Stormer to allow him, Stringer, and Surge to do it, so Stormer relucantly let the three Heroes do it. Communicating with Stormer, Bulk advised his leader not to blame himself for the situation, as he repeatedly did with the Von Ness incident. When Stringer was telling Surge about the Von Ness incident, Stormer had a flashback about it, but was interrupted by Furno when Furno was approaching the mission site. Stormer warned Furno that Furno is going too fast. When Furno used the Hero Pod to hit Corroder, Stormer figured that Furno had used the Pod's ejector seat before this happen. Stormer witnessed Furno joining his fellow teammates in the battle, and they eventually drove Corroder off.[Episode 2] Right after Stormer's fellow Heroes picked up Bulk and congratulated each other, Stormer told them that he noticed Corroder never having tried to destroy the incomplete prison, and XPlode and Rotor never tried to steal the explosives. The Heroes felt that someone had told the three villains to fight the Heroes only, and Furno wondered who.[C2][FO:MSG] Stormer oversaw Bulk's recharging. After Bulk got recharged, Stormer and Furno playfully raced each other to the Quaza Chamber to get recharged, forming a close friendship.[Episode 2]

The Enemy Within

At some point, Stormer and his team were promised by advertisers from an energy drink company called Power Core that the advertisers were going to make a small poster that promotes him, but they tricked the Heroes when they made a giant electro-billboard that promoted him right in the center of Makuhero City, annoying Stormer, and Stormer wanted to get rid of the billboard.

Stormer fighting Furno while infected by nanobots

Stormer was teaching Furno on how to drive a Drop Ship, and he brought Breez and Surge with them. Breez mentioned being asked to be in a commercial for a new energy drink company called Robo-Jolt, and his fellow rookies were happy for her, but Stormer told them to focus on their jobs as Heroes. Surge mentioned Stormer's billboard to try to make him happy, but this annoyed Stormer due to his dislike on it. When Zib told Stormer and the rookies about Mekron City being on high alert, Stormer led the rookies to the city. Stormer went to Drax's police station along and used his helmet to scan the inside of the place. He met with Drax personally. Drax tried to tell Stormer that there was a false alarm and asked where is the rest of the Alpha Team, but Stormer became suspicious and believed there could be trouble in the station, so he contacted the rookies and told them to come in because he considered this a Code 13 situation, meaning that there could be trouble in his area and go investigate the area for it. After the rookies entered the station, Stormer asked Drax why Drax sent the Hero Factory alert, and Drax replied that one of his Floater Enforcer Drones malfunctioned, so there is nothing to worry about. However, Stormer did not believe Drax and asked him to let Stormer and the rookies explore the station, but Drax refused. However, Stormer did not listen to Drax and had the rookies help Stormer explore the inside of the station. Under the influence of nanobots, Drax attacked Stormer and the rookies, but Stormer easily defeated Drax. However, Drax had several Floater Enforcer Drones attack the Heroes before Stormer Hero-Cuffed him. After the Heroes destroyed all of the drones, Meltdown, who was responsible for using the nanobots to infect Drax, appeared and attacked the Heroes. When Meltdown tried to shoot a group of nanobots at Furno, Stormer got in the way to protect Furno from the shot, infecting Stormer with nanobots, which used radiation to burn through Stormer's armor in the Hero Core. After Meltdown escaped, Furno complained to Stormer that he could have hit Meltdown, but Stormer stated that it was Meltdown who could have hit Furno before Furno could have the chance. Stormer became weak and unable to stand up.

After the rookies returned to Hero Factory with Stormer and Drax, Zib and Quadal superhcarged Stormer's Core, which helped him. After Quadal used his device called the X-Bot Scanner to scan Stormer, he and Zib revealed that the nanobots were still there while having infested Stormer's whole operating system. Stormer asked Zib about how was Drax, and Zib answered that Drax was getting treated. Stormer told Zib to lock him up to prevent him from hurting people due to the nanobots in his body, like how Drax's nanobots corrupted him, but the nanobots took control of Stormer. Stormer pushed Zib away and then threw Quadal at Stringer, Bulk, and Furno, though the Heroes saved Quadal. Stormer climbed up in the building to get out of there, but the three Heroes chased after him, and Zib and Quadal activated emergency lockdown on all Hero Craft and Pods to prevent Stormer from leaving Makuhero City. Stormer pushed Bulk out of the way, diverting the other two Heroes' attention, so he was able to flee the building.

Stormer somehow got a jetpack from the Hero Factory. He began making his way toward the billboard. While the Alpha 1 Team and many other available Hero teams were searching for Stormer in Makuhero City, he scrambled his signal in his built-in tracking chip to avoid being detected. While the rest of the Alpha 1 Team went to find a cure on Lunar Tratix, Furno searched for Stormer in the city. After Furno found Stormer, he noted that his dislike of the billboard meant that his original personality had not been erased. Stormer attacked Furno, and the two fought in the skies over the city. During the fight, they accidentally destroyed an electro-billboard promoting Daniela Capricorn's news job. Stormer accidnetally made Furno use his Dual Fire Shooter to destroy Stormer's billboard. When Stormer got the upper hand and was about to punch Furno to the surface, Furno pleaded Stormer to fight the nanobots' influence and reminded him of Von Ness' betrayal, causing Stormer to start resisting the influence of the nanobots. Furno reminded Stormer who he is, making Stormer resist the influence of the nanobots more while missed punching Furno, long enough to shut himself down.

Furno took Stormer back to Hero Factory. After Drax was cured with the antidote, Quadal gave more of it to Stormer, curing him. Stormer thanked his team for curing him and Furno for destroying the billboard. Breez and Zib explained how they got the last ingredient to the antidote. Bulk asked which was more dangerous, a Tratix Reptoid or the nanobot-infected Stormer, which he nicknamed "the Stormer beast". Stormer answered that neither of them were more dangerous than the other, and said that the monster that sent Meltdown to try to destroy him was more dangerous.[Episode 3][C3]

Von Nebula

Stormer was given new armor from Quadal. He was also given a pair of Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings, and attached the rings to his boots. Stormer was implied to be given a Particle Separator by Zib. He led the veteran Heroes of Alpha 1 to New Stellac City, where they were investigating a crashed meteor near the destroyed drone. They discovered that the meteor crash was not natural, which meant that they were led to a trap. The Heroes were ambushed by Thunder and Corroder, who each came in one more meteor. Thunder hit Stormer directly with a blast from his powerful new weapon called the Nebula Gas Cannon, but Stormer survived the blast, protected by his new armor.

The rookie team arrived to help the veteran Heroes. When Thunder and Corroder ambushed the rookies, were backed up with XPlode and Meltdown, and then the four villains shot the Heroes, the veterans Heroes came out of hiding and saved the rookies from the attack. The six Heroes worked together to fend off the villains. During the time, Stormer was surprised to see Zib sending the rookies to the mission site. A black hole opened in the sky, disarming the Heroes. The Heroes did a Hero Link, where they grabbed each other's arms to prevent themselves from being dragged into the black hole, but Stormer refused and started going to the black hole because he saw someone in there and believed that this someone must be Von Ness. Von Ness, now a rebuilt villain that he called himself Von Nebula, appeared, proclaiming that he is no longer Von Ness and he is Von Nebula now. Furno figured that Von Nebula created the black hole. Stormer told his team to fight the other villains, who were working for Von Nebula, and Stormer will fight Von Nebula. Stormer let himself get carried into the black hole, followed by Furno. When the two Heroes arrived, Stormer was suprised that Furno disobeyed his direct order, but Furno stated that he is the team's substitute team leader, and he wants to help Stormer. Stormer reluctantly let Furno help him, but still wanted to give the orders. Von Nebula appeared and threatened to drain the Heroes' Hero Cores and announced his plan to use Makuro's Quaza to enhance the black hole ten thousand times. Von Nebula used the black hole to try to make the Heroes fall to its vortex, and left to see this happen. The Heroes decided to use their Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings to negate thr black hole. Von Nebula noticed them planning to do it, so he confronted the Heroes and demanded the devices from them. The Heroes made Von Nevula guess whoch one of them has the devices. Tricked by the two when he believed that Stormer always has to claim the glory, Von Nebula attacked him while Furno dropped the rings to the vortex, starting the destruction of the black hole. Stormer stole Von Nebula's staff called the Black Hole Orb Staff and then used it to absorb Von Nebula into its orb part. Stormer and Furno hurriedly exited the black hole as it exploded. After the two Heroes rejoined their team, Stormer announced his plan to put the Staff in an isolation cell in the Hero Factory,[Episode 4] and then witnessed a robotic fly getting absorbed by the staff.[C4] The heroes returned to Hero Factory, where they were met by Daniela Capricorn. Stormer gave credit for the mission's success to the rookie team, and he said Furno's name the first time (rather than habitually calling him "kid" in the past). While he and Furno were walking back inside Hero Factory, they talked about keeping the staff under high security in the Hero Factory. Stormer was not sure if Von Nebula's staff could never be used for evil, but he later ensured that the staff was placed under high security.[Episode 4]

At some point, Stormer went to a mining planet called Tallos 5, where Fire Lord encountered him before gaining the ability to absorb fuel and then becoming a villain.[Episode 5]

At some point, Stormer met Drilldozer.[Episode 5]

Ordeal of Fire

Stormer took Breez, Furno, and Surge to Tanker Station 22, where a gang of villains called the Fire Villains, which consisted of Fire Lord, Drilldozer, Jetbug, and Nitroblast, were attacking. Stormer initially thought it was just some pirate attack.[FO:MSG] The Heroes fought the villains while protecting the refueling station's workers from them. During the fight, Drilldozer came from the floor and confronted Stormer, Breez, and Surge. Drilldozer quickly dodged Stormer's attacks, making Stormer discover that Drilldozer became faster than the last time they met. The Heroes brought some of the workers to their Drop Ship during the fight. They were quickly defeated by the Fire Lord, who claimed to know Stormer from Tallos 5, even though Stormer did not recognize him. Stormer could not contact Hero Factory from the refueling station, so he told his fellow Heroes and the remaining workers from the station to go to the Drop Ship to get out of there. While trying to escape with the workers, the Heroes were surrounded by the villains, but Surge broke away from the group to draw fire towards himself. This gave the Hero and the workers a chance to escape. Furno did not want to leave Surge behind, but Stormer told Furno to get to the Drop Ship. The three remaining Heroes retreated with the workers. Right after they left the station, Furno saw Surge and wanted his fellow Heroes to go back for him, but Stormer told Furno to wait for the right time to do so.

Stormer after his upgrade

After returning to Hero Factory, Stormer tried to convince Akiyama Makuro to use the experimental upgrade procedure on him, Furno, and Breez, but Makuro refused at first because he said that the upgrade is not ready yet. Stormer sugguested that he and his fellow Heroes should recharge, but Zib and Quadal warned him that he and the Heroes will get destroyed by the villains if they try to fight them again, even if the Heroes are fully charged. This made Makuro eventually agree to let the Heroes get the upgrade. Zib, Quadal, and Makuro watched over Stormer, Furno, and Breez, as they were upgraded to 2.0 forms, as Stormer was the last to get his. Stormer and the others were sent to Virtual Training, where they tried to get used to their 2.0 bodies and new weapons, with Zib, Quadal, and several other Hero Factory workers overseeing their training. After a brief session, where the Heroes had somewhat trouble with their new forms and weapons, Makuro contacted the Heroes and asked how they were doing. Stormer told him that he and his fellow Heroes are ready to fight the villains. Stormer then ordered that the team be sent out.

The Heroes used their Drop Ship to come back to the station, which was taken over by the villains. Stormer, Furno, and Breez snuck to the main section of the station. Stormer advocated stealth, but Furno accidentally blew their cover to Nitroblast by discharging his weapon. The Heroes found three of the Fire Villains and started fighting them. During the fight, Stormer jumped to attack Fire Lord, but he struggled to make his new form move for a brief moment mid-air, but successfully attacked Fire Lord, and they engaged in a duel. Fire Lord noticed that Stormer could not recognize him. He explained to Stormer that he and his gang were former mining and construction bots, once working on Tallos 5, and that upgrades to their system enabled them to directly absorb fuel into their hands. However, this affected their wiring, corrupting the robots, and creating an addiction to fuel for Fire Lord and his gang. Stormer tried to convince Fire Lord that the Hero Factory's engineers could help him and his gang with their addiction, but Fire Lord refused to listen. As Fire Lord prepared to kill Stormer, Julius Nex and Nathan Evo arrived in a Hero Pod, turning the tides of the battle, and assisting in apprehending Drilldozer and Nitroblast. Fire Lord, desperate, went to absorb every last ounce of fuel, and Stormer led the attack on him. As Fire Lord defeated Stormer and Furno's fellow 2.0 Heroes, a transport ship that Jetbug was piloting appeared, with Jetbug falling out of there, and it rammed into Fire Lord, ripping his absorption hand off. Stormer used his baton to hit Fire Lord on his weak spot, defeating him, and discovered Surge had been responsible for defeating Fire Lord. Stormer, Furno, and Breez were happy to see Surge again. Surge talked about what he had been doing since his fellow Heroes last saw him. Stormer was proud of him for his heroic actions.

At Hero Factory, as Stormer, Furno, and Breez watched Surge receive a 2.0 upgrade, Fire Lord was escorted in by Nex and Evo to the Hero Factory's prison, vowing revenge on the Heroes. Stormer told Furno and Breez that Fire Lord will be given help for the damage his addiction to fuel had caused. Stormer and the other 2.0 Heroes attended Surge's ceremony that honored his bravery.[Episode 5]

Stormer's upgrade was later implied to be perfected.[C6][Episode 6][Episode 7][C7][Episode 8]

Stormer discovered Aldous Witch trying to implant a Hero Core on his body, so Stormer went to intervene to prevent Witch from doing so. Witch was exiled from the Hero Factory and its planet as a result, with Stormer, Breez, Surge, and Makuro watching him leave the planet.[Episode 6]

Savage Planet

Stormer looking for Rocka on Quatros

After Furno, Stringer, Nex, and Bulk won a game of Roboball, Stormer came to the Roboball room to tell them to come to Mission Control for an emergency. When the five Heroes got to Mission Control, Zib told them about their new recruit, Daniel Rocka, gone missing when he was on a rescue mission to the paradise jungle planet Quatros. Zib told the five Heroes about the planet and the Hero Fatory's history with it. He also said that the planet had strangely changed somehow, according to Rocka's report on it. Zib and Quadal gave the five Heroes 3.0 upgrades with the powers of various animals, as Stormer was given a 3.0 upgrade with the powers of a rhino, to help with the jungle environment.

When the five Heroes were heading to their Drop Ship to start their mission to rescue Rocka and investigate the planet's change, Stringer, Furno, and Nex were talking about how Rocka is like Furno while Stormer was packing his and the other four Heroes' weapons in the Drop Ship. Stormer told Stringer, Furno, and Nex to stop talking and focus on the mission. When the five Heroes arrived at Quatros, Stormer was shocked to see the planet being changed. Nex confirmed Stormer that it is Quatros. When the five Heroes were landing their ship, Stormer noted that the force field that typically protects the planet was down, theorizing that Witch was responsible. Stormer told Furno about his history with Witch, making Furno believe that Witch may have come to the planet to search for Quaza. Stormer and the team found a beat-up Rocka. He discovered that Rocka is still alive, and then had Nex reactivate him. After Rocka was reactivated, he told his five fellow Heroes that Witch Doctor, Aldous Witch's powered-up new identity, was responsible for heavy injuries he sustained, surprising Stormer. Furno spotted Witch Doctor, and attempted to give chase to combat him, disregarding Stormer's order to stay put, but was quickly defeated. After Rocka got his own 3.0 armor form the ship and Furno returned to the ship, Stormer admonished Furno for his behavior. Furno and Rocka argued about their situation before Nex interrupted them when Nex was trying to track on the Doctor. The six Heroes planned to use a teleportation tunnel to find Witch with the help of Zib. When the Heroes noticed the planet shaking, Stormer theorized that Witch had something to do with it. He told the team to go to the tunnel.

The team traveled through the jungle to find the tunnel. When Alpha 1 discovered the tunnel, Nex stated that it is capable of transporting three of them in a charge to the site of Witch Doctor's mining site, where they hoped to find him, and, since the tunnel was not active anymore, it could take days for a recharge. In order to settle the rivalry between Rocka and Furno, Stormer placed each of them in charge of a three-Hero unit, with one group taking the bridge, and one group going through the jungle. Stormer had Furno lead Nex and Stringer as Furno's team. He had Rocka lead him and Bulk as his team. Rocka elected to take the bridge to get to Witch's location faster, and Furno decided to take his team through the jungle to Witch's location. After Rocka's team used the bridge, the bridge reassembled their molecules in a smaller size, hampering their ability to complete their mission. The Heroes discovered this when they compared their shrunken size to a Fangz. The Heroes decided to do reconnaissance from that on until they would find a way to restore their size. They contacted Zib and Furno their problem, and then Furno told Rocka's group to wait for Furno and his group to arrive at their location.[Episode 6]

Stormer and his group snuck to a temple in Witch's mining site. They noticed hieroglyphics on the temple and told Zib about them. Zib stated that, based on his understanding on them, and they said that putting enough on top of the temple could stop the planet from breaking apart. Rocka accidentally got the Witch Doctor's attention, making Witch and his possessed Fangz servants look for them. After eluding several Fangz hounds, Rocka and Bulk were captured by Witch Doctor, causing Stormer to contact Furno to tell him to lead his team to the temple immediately. Nex and Stringer rescued Rocka and Bulk. While Nex and Stringer were bringing them to the tunnel in the temple sector, Stormer joined them. Nex and Stringer rewired the tunnel and then used it to restore the shrunken Heroes to their original size.

Stormer took on the Witch Doctor alone, while the others tried to find a way to restore the planet's Quaza and free the enslaved wildlife. Rocka tried to fight the Doctor, but the Doctor hit Rocka away. Stormer fought the Witch Doctor alone, but the Doctor overpowered Stormer and then tried to use his staff called the Skull Staff to possess him by using corrupted Quaza's energy to corrupt Stormer's Hero Core. However, Furno eventually devised a way to increase Rocka's power using ancient armor, and the rookie Hero stopped Witch by getting his attention, forcing Witch to let go of Stormer, and then Rocka XL fought Witch. Though Witch Doctor gained the upper hand in the fight, Stormer was able to steal the Skull Staff, the source of Witch's powers, robbing him of the powers and defeating him. Stormer broke the staff. The team successfully apprehended Witch and restored the Quaza, saving the planet. Stormer commended Furno and Rocka for putting aside their differences for the good of the team, noting that they were most successful when they worked together. Stormer also told Furno that he did a "good job". Rocka asked Stormer to commend him as well, but was interrupted by two Fangz, who were freed from the Witch Doctor's control and who wanted to see the Heroes off by licking Rocka.[Episode 7]


Stormer in the Assembly Tower

When the mass breakout at the Hero Factory happened, Stormer, along with Stringer, Surge, and Evo, went to the Hero Factory's Village Storage to help Furno and Rocka stop villains from there from escaping. During the time, Stormer fought Jawblade in hand-to-hand combat, but when he noticed Evo trying to get to a black hole that is bringing the villains to somewhere, Stormer stopped, punched Jawblade to stun him for a short moment, and went to stop Evo from getting to the black hole. After all of the villains escaped and the black hole disappeared, Evo was panicking about the breakout, and Stormer got annoyed by this and scolded Evo for panicking, hurting Evo's feelings.

Stormer and all other Heroes in the Hero Factory building were called to a meeting held by Zib. In the meeting, Zib talked about the villains escaping. He started Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em, and presented a new model of Hero Cuffs to help with the mission. Zib assigned Stormer to go after the speed-crazed criminal Speeda Demon, and gave Stormer an XL Breakout form, new weapons, and an Ultra Mach Speed Cycle to help with Stormer's hunt for the villain. Stormer tracked Speeda Denon down to the ice planet Kollix IV by using a large Hero Pod. After arriving there, Stormer used the Ultra Mach Speed Cycle to catch up with Speeda Demon, who was riding the Nitro Rocket Motorbike. Stormer and Zib learned that Speeda Demon was heading to the Interstellar Navigational Beacon in the planet's north pole and planned to destroy it, so unsuspecting space-craft would not know how to proceed, so Speeda Dmeon would rob them very quickly. Stormer got Speeda Demon's attention and started racing and fighting him. Stormer used two of his Scout Drones to distract Speeda Demon, so Stormer could catch up with him.[Episode 8] Speeda Demon tried to bury Stormer with an ice arch, but Stormer broke free from there. When Stormer got closer to Speeda Demon, he used his Hero Cuffs to capture him, finally apprehending him. During the time, Furno contacted Stormer and told him that he and his fellow Heroes mysteriously could not contact Hero Factory.

Stormer then reunited with Furno, Evo, and Surge, who also recaptured their assigned villains. They used a Drop Ship to carry the criminals to the Hero Factory, but noticed the Factory's protective force field called the Fail-Safe Shield mysteriously being activated. Stormer told the Heroes to try to contact someone in the Factory to turn the Shield off. The Heroes noticed Daniela Capricorn and her camera robot standing near the Factory, so Stormer came up with an idea, where they could have the media help them get inside the Factory. Stormer talked to Daniela and had her tell people of Makuhero City that "no heroes have returned." Rocka, who was inside the Factory, disabled the Shield around the establishment, and then contacted Stormer to have him and his fellow three Heroes come inside the Factory.

Stormer and his fellow Heroes came inside the Factory and then met Rocka at the entrance of the Assembly Tower, which was locked. While Evo was getting the door to the tower unlocked, Stormer asked Rocka what was going on with the Factory. Rocka explained that Black Phantom caused the Breakout to lure the Heroes away, so he could get inside the Factory and put it in lockdown. Rocka also said that Black Phantom was inside the tower and trying to destroy the whole factory. When Furno asked Rocka how he was able to avoid Black Phantom and the Factory's interior defenses, and shut down the force field all by himself, Rocka revealed that he is a member of the Hero Recon Team, investigating information on a possible attack. Furno and Surge were amazed by the revelation, but when Evo deactivated the lock, Stormer told them to think about HRT later. The five Heroes confronted Black Phantom, who sent his Arachnix drones out to stall them while he boosted his own power using the Assembly Tower to try to destroy the entire Hero Factory. While Stormer and the others dealt with the Arachnix swarm, Rocka took on Black Phantom alone and then climbed onto his back. While Rocka's fellow Heroes were destroying the drones, Stormer told him to unplug Black Phantom from the tower, but Evo told Stormer that Rocka has to do the opposite, and then told Rocka to plug Black Phantom more. Furno questioned this, but Evo told Furno and Stormer to trust him. Stormer supported Evo's idea and told Rocka to do the idea. Rocka did so, overloading Black Phantom to defeat him finally. When the five Heroes were leaving the tower, Evo explained how he came up with the plan to defeat Black Phantom. Surge became worried about Stringer, but Stormer told him to calm down. Stringer came in late, and then Stormer asked him why he did that. Stringer answered that he could not remember where he parked his Hero Pod, making the other Heroes laugh.

Later, Zib revealed that the breakout had been an elaborate ruse designed for Black Phantom to acquire and transmit the plans of the Hero Factory to an unknown benefactor. The six Heroes and Makuro listened to Zib about it and got worried about it.[Episode 9]

The Doom Box

Zib issued a Delta-Red warning to Stormer which was the highest possible threat level tier, as Core Hunter, who had escaped in the Breakout, was trying to reform the Doom Box, a weapon that had the capability to destroy the galaxy. Stormer wanted to give his team a break after several weeks of recapturing criminals, but Zib convinced him to do the mission. Stormer recalled Alpha 1, as Stormer found Bulk, Furno, and Surge arguing about their training, scolded them for it, and told them to come with him. The team listened through mission logs of Stormer, Bulk, and Stringer's encounters with Core Hunter seven years before, in order to determine his next move.

Stormer and Furno went to an abandoned Duradium mine in a planet in the Omega system, which Bulk visited before, where a Doom Box fragment was believed to be held. After avoiding an automated security system from a city that Bulk visited, Furno and Stormer landed on the planet. After the Heroes found the mine, Stormer used a small metal square device to destroy the mine's high-density plastic barrier, allowing the Heroes to enter the mine. Finding the mine dust-covered, Stormer got suspicious of the dust, so he had Furno scan it. The two Heroes realized the dust was artificial, and they were too late to stop Core Hunter when they figured that he left the artificial dust in his wake. When the mine's Duradium attacked the Heroes because of their presense in there and trapped them, the Heroes managed to escape while damaging it. They had a run-in with sentry drones called Sentinel Mechanoids, who threatened to aim their weapons at the Heroes. Stormer was exhausted and got fed up with this, so he damaged one of the robots. Furno, who was aiming his Plasma Gun at the robots, convinced the robots to let the Heroes pass. The robots did so. When Stormer and Furno were returning to the surface, Furno thought that Stormer was supposed to be a peacemaker and Furno a hothead. Stormer told Furno that most peacemakers do not negotiate while aiming a Plasma Gun at someone. Furno jokingly suggested that they should because they could make deals faster that way. When the two found their Drop Ship, they saw Arctur, who gave them Speeda Demon's name before vanishing. Stormer sent Rocka to interrogate Splitface, who knew something about Speeda Demon's involvement with the Doom Box.

Stormer, Furno, Bulk, and Breez went to Surge and Stringer's location, which is a space freighter on a ship gravyard on another planet, saving them from Core Hunter's mercenaries. After Stormer, Furno, Surge, Stringer, and Bulk defeated Core Hunter's mercenaries, and they and Breez found Core Hunter, Surge accidentally shocked the villain to reform the Doom Box, but it did not activate when it happened. However, Arctur broke it and teleported Core Hunter to the Doom Box's birthplace, where he could activate the box. Then, Arctur explained once the Doom Box was activated, Core Hunter's Hero Core Remover Tool could be used to absorb the Doom Box's energies and end its threat.

While the Heroes were using their Drop Ship to go to the Doom Box's planet while taking Arctur with them, Stormer scolded Surge for making thr mistake in the freighter. After arriving at the planet and then reuniting with Rocka, Stormer told Arctur to stay put. The seven Heroes confronted Core Hunter, and Stormer told the villain that he was being used by the Hero Factory, insulting his ego. In anger, Core Hunter attacked Stormer, but Arctur intercepted the blast and was fatally wounded. Right after Core Hunter activated the Doom Box, Arctur told the Heroes to use Core Hunter's tool, and then Stormer told Breez to do it. Breez used the tool to absorb the Doom Box's energy, rendering it harmless. However, it made Core Hunter extremely powerful, and he defeated all the Heroes except Surge, who reflected Core Hunter's power on the criminal, causing his body to fold and vanish.

The Doom Box was taken back to Hero Factory, where Surge asked Stormer why Heroes like Core Hunter go bad. Stormer was unable to answer when he was recalled to recapture more villains, and then told Surge to go do a training session with Bulk.[SM1]

Later, Stormer heard Bulk telling Furno about the Legion of Darkness. Although it was above Furno's classification level, Stormer decided to let it go and told Bulk and Furno to not focus on the past but the future and continuing apprehending villains after the Breakout.[SM2]

Since Speeda Demon escaped again,[SM1] Stormer went after him in Kollix IV again. They were in a motorcycle fight again. This time, due to the planet's icy terrain, Speeda Demon miscalculated a turn and spun out of control. He almost fell from a cliff to his doom when Stormer rescued him. Stormer cuffed and recaptured Speeda Demon again. Stormer put Speeda Demon back to prison. He is working on finding the one that Black Phantom sent the Hero Factory schematics to, but he is not successful so far. He is constantly talking to Makuro about planning a way to protect the galaxy from the upcoming threat.[FO:MSG]

Brain Attack

Attack on Makuhero City

Stormer on the streets of Makuhero City

While attending a public event held for Alpha 1, Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Bulk, Breez, Surge, and Evo received an alert, so they went back inside the Hero Factory. After the Heroes arrived at Mission Control, Zib revealed that an army of native creatures, mutated and controlled by the Brains, had formed an army, and were advancing towards the Factory. Stormer and the others were outfitted in new forms and armor to deal with the monsters. Furno left Surge to guard Hero Factory, while the rest fought Brain-controlled creatures. During the battle, Stormer usually fought many Brain-possessed Ice Creatures, including Frost Beast.[TBW] Though initially overwhelmed, the Heroes regained the upper hand once Bulk figured out how to remove the Brains from the creatures. After clearing their area, the Heroes were attacked by a Brain-possessed dragon called Dragon Bolt. The Heroes witnessed him heading to the Hero Factory. Stormer told his fellow Heroes to go after the dragon while the other Heroes in the city take care of the rest of the Brains. After Dragon Bolt crashed into the Hero Factory, Rocka went to fight the dragon in the factory alone while the rest went to find Surge in the Assembly Tower. Stormer and his group if Heroes encountered a Brain-controlled Surge and an army of drones called Blank Heroes that he created to fight the Heroes. The team fought and defeated many of the drones, but Stormer noticed Surge making more of them, planning to use them to destroy the Hero Factory from the inside. Stormer, Furno, Bulk, and Evo continued to fight the drones while Breez fought Surge to stop him from making more drones. Breez freed Surge and had him deactivate the army, ending the fight. After Zib told the six Heroes that all of the Brains are defeated, the Heroes started cleaning up Makuhero City.[Episode 10]

Collision Course

After a meeting discussing the success of recapturing the major criminals, Stormer assigned his fellow Alpha 1 Team members except Stringer, who was during an ongoing mission in Tranquis VII, to double their training, much to the Heroes' chagrin. The Heroes got a fake alarm from the Hero Factory's sensors, which got glitched because of Rocka trying to modify it. The Heroes learned that the alarm was a fake. After all of the Heroes but Rocka left the meeting room, Stormer figured what Rocka forgot to do to modify the sensors properly, and then lectured him on how to use his skills wisely. Stormer picked up chatter from a space ship called the Valiant, a space ship which was commanded by Aquax and was hurtling toward Hero Factory. Stormer sent Breez and Rocka into space to reach the Valiant, and the two Heroes used Rocka's personal rocket packs to get to the ship. Three hours later, Stormer, Furno, and Bulk discussed about blowing up the Valiant. Since, Stormer was the only one of the three to not agree with the idea of blowing up the space ship because there were innocent people there, so Stormer reluctantly accepted the idea. Stormer became concerned about Aquax, so he went to use another of the rocket packs from the armory to get the Valiant as well. Stormer had Bulk be the Alpha 1 Team's acting leader until Stormer gets back, and have Furno keep on trying to contact Stringer, who was radio silent for too long. Stormer also said that he believed that the ship would be too large for Breez and Rocka to handle alone, so he was coming to help them. Bulk wanted Stormer to admit that the reason why he would not let Breez and Rocka do the task alone was because Stormer was worrying about Aquax, but Stormer ignored Bulk, and have him destroy the Valiant if it gets close to the city and if Stormer, Breez, and Rocka cannot stop the ship from doing so. Stormer flew to the Valiant.

During Stormer's trip, he contacted Aquax. Aquax alleged that engine trouble was responsible for the Valiant malfunctioning, but Stormer realized that something was wrong with his friend. The ship was used to attack Stormer, but he dodged the ship's attack. He found a flock of meteoroids nearby with much metal that disrupts electronic signals. Stormer used a new feature of his armor, which magnetically attracted the meteoroids and brought them to him. Stormer deactivated his armor's magnetic function to avoid getting destroyed by the rocks and hid behind one of them as the rocks were flying toward the ship. Stormer then moved in to board the Valiant.

Once on board, Stormer encountered Breez, and the two were confronted by Aquax, who actually got possessed by a Brain, and two Brains who accompanied him. Kirch, possessed by a swarm of Brains' swarm leader, informed Stormer that he had Rocka as a hostage, but Breez and Stormer were saved by Xera, the ship's medical technician. Stormer threatened Kirch. Stormer and Breez made a plan to go to the ship's auxiliary control room to take the ship back, but Xera knocked Stormer unconscious informed Breez about his secret alliance with the Brains. Breez defeated Kirch before Stormer woke up.

Stormer and Breez rushed to the auxiliary control room while Kirch had begun using the Valiant to fire upon Drop Ships led by Evo, who were holding the ship in a tractor beam. Stormer and Breez took down an array of Brain-controlled crew-bots and Brains that did not have hosts along the way. Stormer noticed Breez fighting very well, but not watching her back, so he defended her from a Brain. Stormer told Breez to stop trying to impress him and plan a strategy when she fights. Breez at first got angry with Stormer, but Stormer told her that he was already impressed. Stormer used the auxiliary control room to slow down the Valiant's attack on the Drop Ships while he sent Breez to get to the bridge to stop the attack. After Bulk and Furno arrived at the bridge, Stormer and Breez met them there, and then the four Heroes confronted Kirch. Stormer and Rocka forced him to have the Brains give up their hosts and stop their plan after Stormer had Rocka redirect the Valiant into Makuhero City's star system's star. However, before the Brains would leave their hosts, Kirch revealed that he had a safeguard installed in the ship, so no one could stop the ship from heading towards the sun. He promised Stormer that the Brains will meet him and the Heroes again. Kirch's and the other crewbots' Brains removed themselves of their hosts and, along with the Brains that did not have hosts, departed the ship, but the whole swarm got vaporized by the sun. Aquax and Bulk devised a plan to use explosives on the ship to force it away from the sun. The Valiant was shot away from the sun, and the Brain threat was ended. While the Valiant is getting repaired, Stormer and Aquax said their goodbye while Aquax told Stormer to promise him that Stormer will go find the one who had the Brains do the attack.

Returning to Hero Factory, Stormer was informed of Bulk's resignation based on the grounds that he almost destroyed the Valiant with Stormer on it. Stormer called Bulk to his office, and then he turned down his resignation, saying that Bulk made the right call that Stormer's friendship with Aquax clouded his judgment. Stormer then informed Bulk that that attack of the Brains might be just the start.[SM3]

Robot Rampage

A week later, Furno received a distress call from Stringer who was on Tranquis VII's city called Tranquis, prompting Stormer to send Furno and Bulk to the planet. When Bulk and Furno were attacked by pirates while the two Heroes are flying to Tranquis VII, they contacted Stormer about it, and then Stormer told the two Heroes to focus on rescuing Stringer and that Stormer will send Rocka and Evo to take care of the pirates. Stormer then lost communications with the two Heroes until Stringer contacted him again, informing them of an apparent rebellion on the planet and the Heroes needed to crush. Stormer became suspicious of Stringer's new behavior. Stormer looked over Rocka's satellite pictures of Tranquis, and he was conflicted on what he should do because he did not want to endanger more Heroes if he sends them to Tranquis VII, which could be used as a trap to them. Zib came to ask about Stormer's team's status, and Stormer relayed the situation. Zib inspired Stormer to take remote control of Bulk's prototype Drop Ship with the chameleon ability on the planet. Stormer made the ship make an illusion of a dragon and used to scare away several Brain-possessed robots. After Stormer deactivated the illusion, he flew the ship to Furno's location, arriving in time to save a Brain-controlled Stringer from attempting suicide. Stormer then picked up Bulk and Karter, who used the Drop Ship to stop a Brain-controlled Dumacc from activating a superweapon called Project Sunstorm. Stormer went to Tranquis along with Rocka, Evo, Breez, Nex, and a dozen other Heroes to clean the mess made by a swarm of Brains in the planet.

A week later at Hero Factory, Stormer talked with Bulk, Furno, Stringer, and Zib about Tranquis, the Brains, and an intergalactic conspiracy that Karter and Dumacc were working for. When Bulk, Furno, and Zib left the meeting room, Stormer talked Stringer about all the recent problems Hero Factory faces, including the conspiracy, but decided the Brains were more important to stop, and showed Stringer the chemical formula for a new power source for Hero Factory technology.[SM4]

Mirror World

A new power source, placed in a generator, was assigned to be tested in Hero Factory, with Stormer, Bulk, Furno and Breez overseeing its progress. Stormer stated his plan to the other Heroes. On the next day, after it malfunctioned, the Heroes forced themselves to prevent the energy from spreading across the Hero Factory, and got caught in the resulting blast of light. They fell unconscious and awoke in a deserted warehouse district. Breez deduced that they did spatial transport. Bulk noticed they were at the same coordinates as before, in Makuhero City. Going to Makuhero University to find out the strange new changes in the city, they found that it is actually now called Von Nebula University. Stormer went to a Histotron to learn about the city's history. When it activated, he saw that the city was run by the Citadel, a crime organization run by Von Nebula after he, as Von Ness, betrayed Hero Factory to Black Phantom during the Hero Factory's early days. Stormer deduced he and his fellow Heroes were in a different universe, and decided that they had to meet Von Nebula and see if a generator existed in this universe. The Alpha Team stopped crimes by Splitface, Jawblade, and many others, causing Von Nebula to send XT4 to approach them and tell them Von Nebula wants negotiations. Stormer demanded to meet Von Nebula in the Citadel, and Von Nebula signaled his acceptance by showing them Jawblade in chains. Stormer entered, and Von Nebula was shocked to see him, so he refused to hand the Citadel to Stormer. The Alpha Team was then arrested and placed in the Citadel's jail, where Von Nebula planned to interrogate them.

However, Alpha Team arranged a breakout of the alternate universe's Heroes jailed by the Citadel. They then heard Voltix announce the invasion of Brains on the city, and the Heroes observed the attack and noticed the differences between the Brains from their universe and ones from this one. Stormer led Alpha Team to the upper floors to see what is going on after the Brains stopped invading. Von Nebula, allied with the Brains, captured Alpha Team, and Stormer was used by one of the Brains to see what is in his mind. Stormer's mind was linked with the Brain and he saw the Brains wanted metal suits to conquer more worlds and only Hero Factory had that technology. Faking his mind was destroyed, Stormer was able to escape and break out Alpha Team. They found the alternate universe's generator after getting past Core Hunter and the two Brains guarding it, and prepared to use it, but Bulk found they were missing a half of an Amelium cylinder, necessary for the generator to function. Von Nebula offered them the missing half, with the condition they help him defeat the Brains. He led Stormer to Akiyama Makuro, who had been held by the Citadel. Stormer convinced Makuro that he is from a different reality, and in the reality, Makuro was able to fulfill his dream of running the Hero Factory. This made alternate Makuro want to help Stormer and Von Nebula. After Makuro created a low-emission beta ray device that can put the Brains sleept, Stormer threatened Von Nebula that he would let the Brains get him if Von Nebula would not let Makuro go after the crisis is over. The Brains attacked, but Stormer used the jammer to defeat some of the Brains. However, Von Nebula took the jammer and used it to defeat some more of the Brains roughly, unintentionally getting the other Brains' attention. The Brains tried to overwhelm the Heroes and Von Nebula, but the other-dimensional Heroes and more of them, including the alternate Stormer, saved the prime reality Heroes from the Brains. Von Nebula tried to kill the alternate Stormer, but both Stormers used their ranged weapons to reflect his staff's energies back on the villain, making the villain disappear. After the two groups of Heroes defeated the Brains, Furno and Bulk made the generator work. Alpha Team talked with alternate Stormer, alternate Furno, and alternate Makuro, who are planning to recreate the alternate Hero Factory. After the prime reaity Heroes said their goodbyes to their alternate reality allies, the prime reality Stormer led his fellow prime reality Heroes home when they used the generator to return there.

There, the Heroes found and forced Perjast to confess that Karter, Dumacc's lead assistant held at the Hero Factory, was behind the prime reality generator's malfunction. The Heroes and Zib tricked Karter into contacting his conspirator. After the Heroes caught Karter doing this, Stormer threatened the contact before the contact killed Karter from afar. Stormer later talked to Breez about their alternate counterparts' futures while Stormer is thinking about the Galactic Conspiracy coming to fight the Hero Factory.[SM5]

Stormer studied the alternate universe and more than four others.(Dangerous Dimensions)

Invasion from Below

Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Bulk, Surge, Breez, and Evo were upgraded with new forms that allow them to pilot Battle Machines. After Evo noticed the Jumpers attacking Antropolis City and then contacted the Hero Factory for help, Stormer and the five other Heroes were later sent to the city to handle the Jumper invasion. He had Bulk and Rocka preparing their Remote Builder. After the Remote Builder was set up, Rocka used it to build three Battle Machines for the Heroes in order to fight the Jumpers. Rocka built Stormer the Stormer Freeze Machine. Stormer was practicing driving the machine, but he somewhat had a hard time doing it. Evo jokingly asked Stormer if Stormer needed some "training wheels" for his machine, but Stormer refused, stating that he needed some time to get used to using the machine. After the Furno Jet Machine and the Rocka Stealth Machine were built, Stormer had Evo build his own machine while Stormer went to battle the Jumpers. Stormer eventually learned how to use his Battle Machine properly. He used it to battle with a Jaw Beast. During the fight, the beast ripped the machine's upgraded Freeze Blaster out of it, angering Stormer, so Stormer grabbed the beast in retaliation. However, the beast removed him out of the machine and then dragged him underground. Stormer was taken to the Queen Beast's nest, where the queen imprisoned him in a cocoon.

After Furno and Surge were later imprisoned in cocoons as well, the four other Heroes convinced the queen to end the invasion, and the queen gave the Heroes their three comrades back. The Heroes released Stormer from his cocoon first. He felt weak, so Bulk and Rocka put him in a medical canister from Evo's Battle Machine called the Evo Spider Machine to heal him. Furno and Surge were freed by Stormer's fellow Heroes as well. When a baby Jumper accidentally triggered one of the Heroes' laser guns to damage the queen's nest and kill some unhatched Jumpers, the queen noticed and got angry, mistakenly thinking that the Heroes had betrayed her and her kind, so she attacked the Heroes. Bulk released Stormer from the canister to save him from the queen. When the queen captured Bulk, Stormer attempted to save Bulk by launching the medical canister at the queen, which greatly damaged the nest while all of the Jumpers disappeared. The seven Heroes used the machine to get out of the Jumpers' lair and back to the surface.

The Heroes had the city's people close up the tunnel leading to the lair and build a bridge over the city rather than a tunnel below it. When the Heroes are leaving with their Drop Ship and heading home, they do not notice that there is a Jumper, who is contained in an unhatched cocoon, being placed in the ship for an unknown reason, so the Heroes are accidentally bringing the Jumper along.[Episode 11]

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

Preston Stormer survived Black Phantom's takeover of Hero Factory after Von Ness betrayed the organization to the Legion of Darkness and became Von Nebula. He told William Furno, one of the early members of the Alpha 1 Team, that he was going to try and find Makuro. When Preston realized Von Nebula was trying to put his staff's power into himself, Preston arrived to disrupt the process. He and Von Nebula's bodies were brutally disfigured, and Preston escaped. He then was repaired by Makuro, and Makuro gave him the plans that could make him better than before. Preston's legs were replaced, and his upper body was fused to a square, large weapons platform that can fly like a jet and shoot lasers and concussive missiles. Makuro also taught him how to build flying vehicles called "Sky Sleds". Makuro told Preston to stay out of sight, that Von Nebula would never stop hunting for Preston. Preston tried to escape the city a few times, but failed. Preston hid somewhere, waiting for a call from Alpha Team since. He taught some Heroes, who were hiding with him, how to make Sky Sleds.

Recently, William called Preston with Stringer's Alpha Team communicator. Preston led Alpha Team and many other Heroes against the Brains, who were invading Von Nebula City. Von Nebula tried to use the Black Hole Orb Staff to kill Preston, but both Preston and his prime reality counterpart shot at the staff, reflecting its energies back at Von Nebula, making the tyrant disappear. Stormer talked to his counterpart and bid him farewell as prime reality Stormer and his Alpha Team returned to their universe.[SM5]

Abilities and Traits

Stormer is a tough, no-nonsense, proud, and skilled Hero, has experienced hundreds of battles, and is a natural leader. He has completed more missions than any other active Hero.[HFPM][FO:MSG] He captured hundreds of villains and saved hundreds of people. He is the most famous Hero.[MtH][SM3] He is very competitive, and specifically targeted the post of Alpha 1 Team leader because he believed he would excel in it. He is a master tactician, and continues to go on missions even when he should be in the Hero Factory building, overseeing operations. He wants constant training, and he wants rookies to do that, too.[FO:MSG] Stormer is also good at stealth, as shown when he stole the Skull Staff from Witch Doctor while Witch Doctor was trying to use the staff to defeat Rocka XL with a finishing blow.[Episode 7][C7] Stormer knows how to use Zib's security system in the Hero Factory's Mission Control Fail-Safe Room when the Legion of Darkness attacked the factory.

Stormer has a little sense of humor, works and trains harder than anyone, and can sometimes be short-tempered,(Hero Factory FM)[FO:MSG] despite being usually a peacemaker.[SM1] When it came to fighting the Brains that are possessing hosts, Stormer would sometimes say things that sound to Breez and Evo like he is threatening to destroy the hosts, but he does not really mean it, as he wants to find a way to defeat the Brains without killing the hosts during certain situations.[SM3][SM4]

He knows that if Hero Factory makes a mistake, civilians could get hurt, so he is determined never to make a mistake again.[FO:MSG] After the incident with Von Ness, Stormer is determined that no rookie ever put a mission in jeopardy again, despite other people believing that the incident was not his fault.[Episode 1][Episode 2] He is especially harsh on them as a result; many prior rookies under his command either gave up or were transferred out.[HFPM][FO:MSG] The incident also plagued him with feelings of guilt, and he often blames himself for things that go wrong with missions.[C1][Episode 1]

Stormer is disinterested in popularity and believes that he should not receive praise for simply doing his job. He wanted Power Core advertisers to make a small poster promoting him, but he was tricked by them when the advertisers created a giant electro-billboard promoting him right in the center of Makuhero City. Stormer hated the billboard and wanted to get rid of it. When Stormer was possessed by nanobots, which made him fight Furno, Stormer made Furno accidentally destroy the billboard, and then when Stormer was cured from the nanobots, Stormer thanked Furno for destroying the billboard.[Episode 3][C3]

When Stormer was a rookie, he sometimes could be very rash and impulsive.[SM3] According to Bulk, Stormer loves giving a long speech about how prisoners cannot do their crimes because Hero Factory is here.[SM2] Also according to Bulk, Stormer usually does not clean up the mess he left behind after a mission, and at least Bulk and Stringer have to clean it up after him. Bulk jokingly picks on Stormer about it.[Episode 2]

After the battle of Tanker Station 22, he learned not to become overconfident in his abilities.[FO:MSG]

After the Alpha 1 Team did many battles together before Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em happened, Stormer has a lot of trust in his team.[HiA] During the Brain invasions, Stormer learned to trust his team even more, including certain Heroes he paid little attention to before.[FO:MSG] He is actually proud of their efforts and respects them better than they think.[C1][Episode 1][Episode 2][Episode 4][C4][Episode 5][Episode 7][C7][SM1][SM3] Stormer usually calls his team's rookies "kids", usually does this to Furno, though he does say their names, even if he is told not to call them "kids".[Episode 1][Episode 2][Episode 3][Episode 4][Episode 5][Episode 6][Episode 7]

Stormer looks at Stringer and Bulk as his close friends, and he usually discusses with them on how to deal with difficult problems.[Episode 2][SM2][SM3][SM4] When it comes to Bulk making mistakes, Stormer forgives him easily because of Bulk's good reasons.[SM2][SM3] He also usually talks to Zib about his missions and concerns.[Episode 1][Episode 2][SM1][SM4] Stormer can be playfully competitive with Furno.[Episode 2][Episode 4] He sees great potential in Rocka.[SM3]

Stormer would never send teammates to do anything he would not do, despite having sent Breez and Rocka to do a scouting mission in the Valiant, though he later also went to the Valiant to back them up because he wanted to make sure Aquax is okay.[SM3]

Stormer knows the whole Hero Factory building and how to scramble his signal in his built-in tracking chip.[Episode 3]

Armor and Weapons

One of Stormer's first weapons was a small ice blaster.[Episode 4] Stormer made four metal ring-shaped devices called Hero Factory Signalers, or Signal Rings, where each can make a call to the other Signalers' wearers by being twisted to make them buzz. Stormer had one, and gave the others to Stringer, Bulk, and Von Ness during the Hero Factory's early days.[SM2]

As Alpha 1 Team leader, he carried the Multifunctional Ice Weapon that he upgraded over time to the point where it consisted of an ice blaster, a buzzsaw, a pickaxe, and could instantly create a blade made of ice. He also had a jetpack.[Episode 3] Stormer also initially bore special high-tech ice armor. Stormer had a small device that can be attached to an opponent's weapon and then be used it to stun the opponent temporarily.[SM1] He had a pair of Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings, but he gave them to Furno, who threw them, along with his own, to the bottom of Von Nebula's black hole base to destroy the base.[Episode 4][C4] Stormer was implied to be given a Particle Separator by Zib.[Episode 4]

When Stormer received his 2.0 upgrade, he was given a Multi-Tool Ice Shield and an extendable baton,[Episode 5] and his armor was made to be more fire-resistant.(shown in the March-April 2011 Lego Magazine)[FO:MSG] Stormer had a blue tube that connected the shield to his back in order for the shield to be powered by his Hero Core. He gained headgear that has a heads-up display with radar, GPS, thermal vision, object detection, camera, antenna, and lights. He became slightly taller than his 1.0 form.

He was later given a 3.0 upgrade, giving him the power of rhinoceros, as he got the enhanced strength of a rhinoceros.[FO:MSG] He carried a weapon with dual fold-out blades, capable of firing energy blasts, based on his signature ice weapon.[Episode 7]

He was equipped with a new set of extremely advanced armor, which is his XL Breakout armor, for Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em. The armor made him taller and stronger than normal-sized Breakout Heroes, making him an XL form, while it is unknown if he had a normal Breakout form right before this. The XL form also came with five Scout Drones. With his new armor, Stormer carried a Plasma Gun and Power Sword. He was also equipped with a new set of Hero Cuffs, which can fly and seek out their target. For his mission on Kollix IV, he was given an Ultra Mach Speed Cycle to ride.[Episode 8][Episode 9] Stormer has a small metal square device that can destroy a high-density plastic barrier like glass, but after the device is placed, people have to find cover while the device takes a few seconds to be activated.[SM1]

Stormer outfitted for the Brain Attack

During the invasion of the Brains, Stormer was outfitted with new armor, a Nano Alloy Sword, an Ice Missile Launcher, and an Ice Hero Shield to defend Makuhero City from the invaders. He was medium-sized this time, as this form was slightly taller than his 2.0 form, but slightly shorter than Furno, Rocka, Bulk, and Breez's Breakout forms. Stormer was also slightly taller than Rocka, Bulk, Breez, and Evo's Brain Attack forms, and was at the same height as Surge's Brain Attack form. His armor include Hero Core Locking Clamps, which boosted the power of and protected his Hero Core, as well as a visor with lightning deflection for added defense. The visor also has a decorative marking. Stormer's armor has a function that can magnetically attract meteoroids with much metal that can disrupt electronic signals.[SM3] When Stormer was doing Mission: Collision Course and Mission: Mirror World, he was armed with the Plasma Gun[SM3][SM5] and Power Sword.[SM3]

When the Jumpers attacked Antropolis City, Stormer got an upgrade with compact armor designed to pilot Battle Machines. He used the Stormer Freeze Machine during the invasion, but it got damaged during a fight against a Jaw Beast, and then lost when the beast kidnapped him.[Episode 11] He was armed with a laser gun and a spear.

Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook Stats

Stormer 1.0


Stormer XL


Set Information

7164 Preston Stormer was released in mid-2010 as part of the original Hero line, which also contained Natalie Breez, William Furno, Dunkan Bulk, Mark Surge, and Jimi Stringer. This set contained 17 pieces. Instructions were provided in the September–October 2010 LEGO BrickMaster Magazine to combine Stormer's parts with those from Furno and Breez to build Lucas Valor, a hero of the Delta 9 Team.

Set 2063 Stormer 2.0

In early 2011, 2063 Stormer 2.0 was released under the Heroes 2.0 line, which also contained Evo 2.0, Nex 2.0, Surge 2.0, Furno 2.0, and Breez 2.0. It contains 31 pieces. This set is slightly taller than the other 2.0 sets. Parts from Stormer 2.0 can be combined with parts from 2142 Breez 2.0 in order to create a new non-canon combination model using instructions from Stormer 2.0's canister's lib has a printed code underneath it that could be entered to unlock Stormer's part of an online game called Creep Crushers in the HeroPad section of the Hero Factory website. Instructions were provided in the March-April 2011 LEGO BrickMaster Magazine to combine Stormer 2.0's parts with those from the other five 2.0 Hero sets to build Makuro-X1, a villain.

In the summer of 2011, 2145 Stormer 3.0 was released as a canister set, along with the other 3.0 hero sets. It contains 31 pieces, including a transparent green armor piece printed with a rhinoceros design. The set is shorter than the 2.0 set, and became as short as the other 2.0 sets. Parts from Stormer 3.0 can be combined with parts from 2143 Rocka 3.0 in order to create a new non-canon combination model using instructions from Stormer 3.0's canister has a printed code underneath it that could be entered to unlock Stormer 3.0's part of a version of Creep Crushers called Jungle Crushers.

Set 6230 Stormer XL

In the summer of 2012, 6230 STORMER XL was released as a large boxed set. It contains 89 pieces. The set comes with a Hero Core with a code imprinted on the back, which could be entered into an online game called Breakout for 900 in-game points. Parts from Stormer XL can be combined with parts from 6231 SPEEDA DEMON in order to create a new non-canon combination model using instructions from It is unknown why there is not a regular Breakout version of the Stormer XL set.

In the summer of 2013, 44010 STORMER was released as a medium-sized set. It contains 69 pieces. The set's Hero Core had a game code that could be entered into an online game called Brain Attack for 600 in-game points. Parts from the set can be combined with parts of 44011 FROST BEAST in order to create a new non-canon combination model using instructions from

Stormer as a minifigure

Stormer was released in 3 sets in 2014. The first two were released at the beginning of 2014 (though delayed until March for North America for an unknown reason) while the third one in summer 2014. Stormer is included in 44016 JAW Beast vs. STORMER, released in early 2014. In this set, he has a spear and a communication device on his left forearm. Stormer is also included in 44017 STORMER Freeze Machine in early 2014. In that set, he has a gun, which represents his laser gun, and the communication device. Stormer was included in 44029 QUEEN Beast vs. FURNO, EVO & STORMER in summer 2014. In this set's instruction manual, he has a longer version of the gun that is made of two pieces, but in the set's box art, Furno is holding it.


"Okay, rookies, playtimes's over."
― Preston Stormer, Hero Factory Promotional Magazine and Episode 3: The Enemy Within

"No Hero is useless while his Quaza Core still glows."
― Preston Stormer to Mark Surge, Ordeal of Fire

"Once again, Stormer, your unwavering commitment is an inspiration."
Akiyama Makuro, Ordeal of Fire

"This was the work I was born to do. It's what makes me more than a collection of parts. It's what gives me a soul...and you too."
― Preston Stormer to Mark Surge, The Doom Box

"Bulk and Furno have done a good job reviewing security in our jail so that sort of thing will never happen again."
"And what if it does?"
"Then they're both fired."
― Preston Stormer and Nathan Evo, Collision Course

"So it's two for one in favor of blowing up the Valiant. Too bad Hero Factory isn't a democracy."
― Preston Stormer to Dunkan Bulk and William Furno, Collision Course


  • Stormer was voiced by John Schneider in the first ten Hero Factory Television Episodes while in Episode 11: Invasion from Below, he was voiced by Peter Sepenuk.
  • Stormer's promotional nickname is "The Pro". This and his promotional hand-written signature were shown in Hero Factory Promotional Magazine in July 2010.
  • Stormer's 1.0 form was featured in an online game called Poptropica as an Outfit called "LEGO HERO Factory Suit" for a limited time in 2010.
  • According to a Lego Club Inside Scoop article called "Stormer's Birthday Giveaway" in 2012, Stormer's birthday, called "Activation Day", could be on October 3 (judging from the article's release date) while the article was used to provide Hero Codes and a game guide to Stormer's level in the Breakout game.
  • According to Stormer's Bio on in 2014, his motto is that "heroes don't panic in a crisis."


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