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Hero Factory Fox Sports Animations
Featured Animation LEGO Hero Factory Fox Sports Animations
Promoting Fox Sports+LEGO Hero Factory Breakout,LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack
Creator CC Pixels
Released 2012-2013

The LEGO Hero Factory Fox Sports Animations as a set of animations involving a non-canon crossover between Hero Factory and Fox Sports.


Episode 1

Cleatus and Stormer XL

A football trophy made of 100% Quaza stone is displayed along side the title "Makuhero Football League XXXIV".

The football match plays with the Heroes in attendance. Cleatus acknowledges them as he charges toward the touchdown line while battering through tackles from the opposing team. Before he can reach it, an explosion knocks him away. More explosions erupt across the football field as the other football robots scatter. With the robots in the stands panic and scatter, the Heroes prepare to act. Meanwhile, Witch Doctor is hiding while eyeing the trophy. As Mark Surge helps carry a football robot to safety, Witch Doctor sneaks behind. Jimi Stringer attends to another football robot as Preston Stormer runs behind him. Witch Doctor obtains the Quaza trophy and glows with energy. Stormer is about to attend to football robot, but notices Witch Doctor and fires one of his Scout Drones at him. Witch Doctor simply destroys it and kicks Stormer away and knocking away Daniel Rocka as he attempts to stop him. As Witch Doctor walks away, Cleatus grabs a football and throws it at Witch Doctor's head before he could finish off Stormer. Dazed by the blow, Witch Doctor drops the trophy and sulks in defeat as Stormer pulls out his Hero Cuffs with the rest of the Heroes and Cleatus behind him.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 2

Surge returns the trophy back on its pedestal while Rocka takes Witch Doctor away and Stormer fist bumps Cleatus. Meanwhile, an Arachnix drone scurries through the field. As Surge leaves, the Arachnix grasps the trophy with its mandibles and takes it off the pedestal and to Black Phantom hiding in the background. Surge joins with Stormer and Cleatus, only to look back and realize the trophy has been stolen again. Nathan Evo runs in and points to a powered-up Black Phantom holding the trophy. Natalie Breez throws her Hero Cuffs at him and Black Phantom braces for it, but gets hit in the face when he lets his guard down thinking it missed due to its delayed arrival. Stringer and Evo rush in to attack, only for Evo to get knocked back. Black Phantom fires a laser at Cleatus, who retaliates by throwing a football at him. Black Phantom simply blasts it midair and starts attacking Stormer. Stormer counters by firing his Scout Drones, which destroy Black Phantom's Arachnix drone. Black Phantom fires another laser as Stormer and Cleatus dodge it. The three face off and Black Phantom beckons at them. Stormer runs and punches him in the face, but Black Phantom is unfazed. Cleatus charges at Black Phantom and headbutts him in the face. Surge then jumps on Black Phantom's back, but is thrown off, only to be punched both by Stormer and Cleatus, knocking him out.


Episode 3

In the Hero Factory, Brains swarm around the trophy inside, but are stopped by security glass suddenly protecting it. William Furno appears behind them and shakes his head at them. The Brains start chasing Furno as he runs away. Cornered in front of a door, Furno fights off a few of them before pressing on the keypad to open the door. Inside, he is upgraded to his XL Brain Attack form. Outside, Stormer and Cleatus walk to Hero Factory and discover the transports the Brains came in outside before quickly hurrying inside. As they enter, a Brain jumps at them only to be stopped by Furno's sword. Furno then jumps down and stomps on the Brain before retrieving his sword. Suddenly, more Brains swarm behind them and the trio fight back. As they are about to be overwhelmed, Furno uses his sword to burn the Brains, setting them on fire and causing them to crawl around in panic. Furno strikes an heroic victory pose only to find his cape is also on fire. He humorously tries to put it off as Stormer and Cleatus look on.


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