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Set 44021 SPLITTER Beast vs. FURNO & EVO is a large foil pack play set released in early 2014, portraying a Splitter Beast.


  • Name: Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo
  • Type: Large Set
  • Set number: 44021
  • Subtheme: Beasts
  • Release date:
    • January 2014 (International)
    • March 2014 (North America)
  • Pieces: 108
  • MSRP: $19.99 (US)
  • Ages: 8-14
  • Instructions:

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here

SPLITTER Beast – two dangerous creatures in one!
Attention, heroes! SPLITTER Beast is a titanic two-headed beast guarding the biggest crevice in Antropolis City where the evil creatures are hiding. EVO and FURNO, we’ve equipped you with a laser lasso. Distract this brute with many eyes using the fire sword and gun while you tie its legs together to bring it down. But beware, it can suddenly split in two and cause double danger to you and the civilians! Includes EVO and FURNO mini robots with weapons and accessories.

*Includes EVO and FURNO mini robots with weapons and accessories
*Features split function, snapping mouth, plasma claw and translucent elements
*Capture the beast with FURNO and EVO’s laser lasso
*Use FURNO’s fire sword & EVO’s gun to defeat SPLITTER Beast
*Call for backup on the com device
*Lamppost also included
*Divide the double-headed SPLITTER Beast into two creatures!
*Grab the mini robots in the huge jaws
*Uproot the lamppost with the powerful plasma claw
*Combine with 44016 JAW Beast and 44020 FLYER Beast to create an even bigger beast using building instructions available at
*Stands over 8” (21cm) tall

Set Information

The set's foil pack

The set consists of 108 pieces. It, along with the other early 2014 sets, were released in January 2014 in Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia, but their release date was held back until March in North America for an unknown reason.

The set contains two mini-figures, Hero William Furno and Hero Nathan Evo. Furno has a Fire Sword. Evo has a gun and a communication device. Each of the Heroes is also holding one end of a Fire Chain.

By combining pieces from the Splitter Beast with pieces from 44016 JAW Beast vs. STORMER and 44020 FLYER Beast vs. BREEZ, one can build a non-canon combination model.


The Splitter Beast is two beasts in one because the smaller one has its abdomen attached to the larger one's back because of a light gray connector piece. Both of the beasts can be separated from each other. Each of them has opening and snapping jaws.

The larger beast has a printed piece on each of its thighs. It has eight translucent orange claws, four on each hand, that can move forwards and backwards. The beast's right hand can be attached to a lamppost to hold it. The smaller beast can use its clawed hands to move on all fours.


  • The larger beast's right hand is built similarly to Ogrum's hands from 44007 OGRUM.
  • 44001 PYROX and 44011 FROST BEAST have similar clawed hands as the larger beast.
  • The combining function is like Bionicle's 2008 medium-sized sets' figures combining with small sets' when the medium-sized set figures have light gray connector pieces on their backs that connect to the small set figures' abdomens.


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