Episode 11

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Episode 11
Television Episode
Director Jorgen Klubien
Producer(s) Frederik Fusager
Anders Jensen
Writer Adam Beechen
Starring Peter Sepenuk
Chad Randau
Karen Strassman
Channel HeroFactory.com
Released January 9, 2014
Runtime 22 minutes

Episode 11: Invasion From Below is the eleventh and final episode of the Hero Factory television series. Unlike the first ten episodes, this episode was not produced by Threshold Animation Studios, but LEGO partner ADVANCE and animation company Ghost, and like Episode 10, was not initially aired on television. It was released on January 9, 2014 as part of the online game of the same name.


In Antropolis City, a drill for a new underground Metro Line project reveals strange creatures called Jumpers from within the planet that abduct the crew. Hero Factory send in Evo to investigate, which leads to an attack on the city by giant Beasts.

Other six members of the Alpha 1 Team is flown in to stop the monsters by building Battle Machines to combat the beasts. Breez discovers that the monsters communicate with each other, while Stormer and Furno get abducted by the Jumpers. The remaining Heroes build more battle machines to explore the underground tunnel, while reinforcements from Hero Factory take on the Jumpers in the city above.

After much exploration, the team arrive in the hive nest and discover their missing teammates hidden in cocoons in the custody of the Queen Mother of the beasts, who calls for more Jumpers and beasts to fight in her aid. Surrounded, Breez talks to the Queen and convinces her to free the other Heroes and let them all leave.

They escape to the surface where the tunnel is resealed, keeping the monsters inside. The Heroes head back to the Hero Factory, unaware of a Jumper cocoon hidden away in the loading deck of their Drop Ship.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Justin Murphy Nathan Evo
Mark Surge
Peter Sepenuk Preston Stormer
Assistant Worker
Chad Randau Dunkan Bulk
William Furno
Fanboy Worker
Karen Strassman Natalie Breez
Female Pilot
Battle Machine Voice
Christopher Smith Daniel Rocka
Foreman Worker



  • Invasion From Below was originally supposed to have a happy ending, until it was decided 12 hours before the production deadline to rewrite the final scene. The original idea was that the Heroes would befriend the Beasts after discovering that they aren't actually evil. In the finished episode, one of the Jumpers accidentally fires a Hero's Laser Gun, enraging the Queen Beast and forcing the Heroes to destroy the cave, although one Jumper Cocoon was placed in their Drop Ship before they departed. That made the episode's ending undisclosed similar to Brain Attack's where two Hero Factory workers found a Brain colony under the building.
  • This episode was also originally supposed to be 30 minutes long in runtime.[citation needed]

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