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Set 44019 ROCKA Stealth Machine is a medium-sized foil pack play set released in early 2014, portraying the Rocka Stealth Machine.


  • Name: Rocka Stealth Machine
  • Type: Medium Set
  • Set number: 44019
  • Subtheme: Battle Machines
  • Release date:
    • January 2014 (International)
    • March 2014 (North America)
  • Pieces: 89
  • MSRP: $14.99 (US)
  • Ages: 7-14
  • Instructions:

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here

Floor the evil jumpers with the ROCKA Stealth Machine!
Hurry, ROCKA, go into invisible mode! Power up with the Stealth Machine at LEGO® Hero Factory and venture onto the city streets. The mission is clear – save the other heroes and capture the evil jumpers using the grab claw. Jumpers are everywhere waiting to attack so keep the seat visor down and goo shooter and scanning canister ready at all times. Includes ROCKA mini robot with a gun.

*Includes a ROCKA mini robot with a gun
*Features a detachable seat, adjustable visor, goo shooter, grab claw, scanning canister and translucent elements
*Includes a jumper – make it leap with a flick of your finger!
*Cover beasts in gunk with the goo shooter
*Attack with the powerful grab claw
*Trap jumpers in the scanning canister
*Combine with 44017 STORMER Freeze Machine for an even bigger hero model using building instructions available at
*Power up the massive 44022 EVO XL Machine by attaching weapons from ROCKA Stealth machine so the heroes can battle the huge beasts
*Stands over 7” (18cm) tall

Set Information

The set's foil pack

The set consists of 89 pieces. It, along with the other early 2014 sets, were released in January 2014 in Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia, but their release date was held back until March in North America for an unknown reason.

The set contains two mini-figures, Hero Daniel Rocka and an orange and black Jumper. Rocka has wrench, a sledgehammer, and a gun.

By combining pieces from the Rocka Stealth Machine with pieces from 44017 STORMER Freeze Machine, one can build a non-canon combination model. The Stealth Machine's right arm, along with arms from three other Battle Machine sets in early 2014, can be added onto 44022 EVO XL Machine to create a powered-up Evo XL Machine.


The Rocka Stealth Machine features a detachable lime green cockpit with an opening transparent gray visor. There is also a opening mechanism below the visor that can cover the bottom of the cockpit. The Stealth Machine's right arm has a Grab Claw, which has four translucent green claws that can more forwards and backwards. On the right upper arm is a printed armor piece. The machine's left arm has a Plasma Gun, which is a Goo Shooter, a variation of the Plasma Gun, in the story. On the back of the Stealth Machine is a detachable, opening transparent green canister. The machine has a black clipping piece on each of its thigh armor pieces that can contain one of Rocka's tools. The gun that Rocka holds with his hand can be placed on an armor piece on the top of the Stealth Machine.


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