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Splitter Beast
Known locations Antropolis City
Weapons Plasma claws
Street Light
Conservation status Unknown
Set number 44021

Splitter Beasts are pairs of two mutated Jumpers, each mutated Jumper from a different type, where a larger one carries the smaller one.


Splitter Beasts are one of the types of mutated Jumpers attacking Antropolis City after the city accidentally uncovered their nesting grounds. During the response by Hero Factory, Mission: Invasion From Below, a Splitter Beast encountered William Furno, alone after he abandoned his Battle Machine called the Furno Jet Machine. Unable to deal with the gigantic beast, Furno instead led it to Nathan Evo, who had just finished his Battle Machine called the Evo XL Machine. Together, the two Heroes were able to defeat the beast. However, the creature revealed its nature as two separate entities, the smaller one detaching from the larger one, who was the only one that got defeated, and kidnapping Furno to bring him underground. This beast brought Furno to the Queen Beast, who imprisoned him in a cocoon. All of the Jumpers were eventually recalled by the queen, ending the invasion. After the Jumpers' nest was destroyed, it is unknown if the Splitter Beasts had been killed by the incident or escaped to other places to save themselves.[Episode 11]

Abilities and Traits

Each Splitter Beast is actually comprised of two different creatures that combine to form one single two-headed entity; however, the two can also split at will. The larger beast supports the smaller beast on its back. The larger beast has an orange head, six blue eyes, and plasma claws. That beast is taller than a Flyer Beast. The smaller beast has a blue head, four orange eyes, and claw hands that allow it to move on all fours, like a quadrupedal animal. That beast is shorter than a Jaw Beast.

The larger beast is strong enough to fight the Evo XL Machine.


During the invasion, the orange-headed Splitter Beast that fought Furno and Evo grabbed a street light and wielded it as a melee weapon.

44021 Splitter Beast set function

Set Information

44021 Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo

Set 44021 SPLITTER Beast vs. FURNO & EVO, which is large, was part of the first half of the Invasion From Below wave, released at the beginning of 2014 (though delayed until March for North America for an unknown reason). The set is comprised of 108 pieces, 82 of which make up the pair of actual beasts and the larger beast's weapon; the rest of the pieces go to Furno and Evo, including their weapons. Parts from the Jaw Beast can be combined with parts from the Jaw Beast from 44016 JAW Beast vs. STORMER and the Flyer Beast from 44020 FLYER Beast vs. BREEZ to create a new non-canon combination model using building instructions from HeroFactory.com.


  • In Episode 11: Invasion From Below, the beast with the orange head has different claws from its set's. Also, both of its forearms are blue in the episode while they are different from each other in the set.


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