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This is a combiner model in early 2014, portraying a non-canon mutated Jumper beast with three heads.


Set Information

The model is created by combining pieces of mutated Jumper beasts from 44016 Jaw Beast vs. Stormer, 44020 Flyer Beast vs. Breez, and 44021 Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo. It uses # of the three sets' pieces. The instructions for the model were on The three sets, along with the other five early 2014 sets, were released in January 2014 in Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia, but their release date was held back until March in North America for an unknown reason.

The set contains one mini-figure, Hero William Furno. According to the promotional material for the model, it also includes three more mini-figures, Hero Natalie Breez, Hero Preston Stormer, and Hero Nathan Evo. Furno has a Fire Chain, and Breez has a Fire Sword.


Each of the model's heads has opening and snapping jaws. Two of the model's claws on its right hand can move forwards and backwards. It has a platform on its back that a Hero can stand on, and the Hero can wrap the Fire Chain around the model's middle head's mouth. The model has eight translucent orange claw-like pieces, two on each upper arm and two on each foot, that can move forwards and backwards. Each of the model's forearms has a different printed armor piece.


  • The instruction manual tells you to build Furno and the Fire Chain, but you do not need to do it since Furno and the chain come from the component sets.
  • In the instruction manual, the model's left forearm armor piece is placed on the top of its left forearm, so its antenna-holding hand has limited articulation. However, in the Invasion From Below game, the armor piece is placed on the side of the forearm, like the right forearm armor piece being placed on the side of the right forearm. So, what it says in the instructions is likely an error.
  • In the Invasion From Below game, the model is called the "Hydra Beast".

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