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"Fine. But this "rookie" can handle himself, so stay out of my way!"
― Nathan Evo to Jimi Stringer, Breakout: Issue 2

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Nathan Evo
Hero 2.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division
Weapons Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Status Functional, upgraded

Nathan Evo is a young Hero from Hero Factory, one of the the first to be built in the upgraded style. Evo is also a rookie member of the Alpha 1 Team.


Ordeal of Fire

Nathan Evo was created as a Hero in the Hero Factory, the first along with Julius Nex to be built with the new 2.0 system. They were shown off at Akiyama Makuro's annual press conference, and Evo demonstrated his skill by destroying training drones.

Evo at Tanker Station 22

Evo and Nex were going to be a part of a new team of 2.0 Heroes, which would act as a strike force that in situations were rapid response was required, but that idea was never utilized.[FO:MSG] Nathaniel Zib sent the two to aid the Alpha 1 Team fight the Fire Villains at Tanker Station 22. Evo's meditative combat style confused the villains, and he surprised them by unleashing a massive arsenal assault on them. The team was eventually successful in capturing all the villains, and returned to the Hero Factory, where he attended Surge's commendation ceremony.[Episode 5]

Evo's performance in Mission: Ordeal of Fire was considered unsatisfactory, despite the promise he had shown at his creation, and he was subsequently relegated to the rookie division of Alpha 1.[FO:MSG]

Savage Planet

It is unknown what Evo had been doing during Mission: Savage Planet.


During the Hero Factory mass breakout, Evo went with Stormer, Surge, and Jimi Stringer to the villain containment area in an attempt to help Furno and Daniel Rocka prevent the villains from escaping through a black hole. Evo himself prepared to leap into the black hole in pursuit of the villains, but was stopped by Preston Stormer, who scolded at him for his attempt and told him to think it through. After the villains escaped and the black hole dispersed, Evo panicked about the villains escaping, but Stormer scolded him for panicking, making Evo feel bad about his brash actions. Furno told the rookie Hero that he could always come to him for support. Evo joined the rest of the heroes in Mission Command for a briefing by Professor Nathaniel Zib. Zib informed the Heroes that they would be dispatched on individual missions to recapture the escaped criminals. Evo was upgraded with new armor and sent after Toxic Reapa, who had retreated to his homeworld of Z'chaya.

Evo's HUD on Z'chaya

On Z'chaya, Evo discovered the cocoons of Toxic Reapa's species, which the villain was planning on raising into an army. Evo contacted Furno and relayed his initial idea to destroy the cocoons, though Furno advised against it, pointing out that it might release the larvae instead. Toxic Reapa then attacked Evo with his chemical weapons, and attempted to move towards the cocoons himself.[Episode 8] During their fight, Toxic Reapa continually gained the upper hand over Evo, who tried contacting Furno again for advice. However, Furno was occupied with his own battle with Jawblade, and told the rookie Hero to stick with his gut decisions. Evo decided to trust his instincts and finally executed a battle strategy, where he used his Plasma Gun to shoot at one of Toxic Reapa's toxic sludges while jumping, making Evo fly quickly toward him. Evo kicked Toxic Reapa out of the tree that contains the cocoons and made him fall to the ground. Evo used his Hero Cuffs to capture the villain.

Evo returned to the Hero Factory with Surge, Furno, and Stormer in a Drop Ship, discovering that it was under lockdown, controlled by the villain Black Phantom. When Rocka deactivated the Hero Factory's force field around it, the other Heroes joined him outside the Assembly Tower. While Evo was deactivating a lock on the Assembly Tower's door, Rocka revealed he had been operating as a Hero Recon Team agent, the reason for his presence in the Factory during their missions. Evo deactivated the lock, opening the door, allowing him and his fellow Alpha 1 Team members to go inside the tower. There, the heroes battled Black Phantom, who was using the tower's plugs to gain more power and trying to use them to destroy the Hero Factory, and his Arachnix drones. When Rocka finally climbed up to where he was in the midst of an upgrade, Stormer advised him to unplug the wires connecting Black Phantom to the tower. However, Evo analyzed the situation and acted on his instincts, as Evo believed that unplugging Black Phantom would leave him mega-powerful and still able to destroy the Hero Factory, but Evo had a feeling that if Black Phantom's power had been increased by more plugs in the tower, he would not be able to handle it. This made Evo advised Rocka to instead plug him in even more. Furno asked Evo why he came up with the idea, but Evo told Furno and Stormer to trust him. Stormer approved the plan, and Black Phantom was overloaded with power, which allowed Rocka to cuff him and take him into custody. When the Heroes leave the tower, Furno asked Evo how did Evo came up with the idea, and Evo explained it. The Heroes met Jimi Stringer, who just brought the recaptured Voltix to the Hero Factory.

With Black Phantom's takeover brought to an end, Evo and his teammates joined Nathaniel Zib in Mission Control, where it was revealed that during the lockdown, a file of the Hero Factory's plans had been sent to an unknown destination, and that the Hero Factory was still at risk.[Episode 9]

Later, Evo and his fellow Alpha 1 Team members reviewed Bulk, Stormer, and Stringer's Hero Logs on a mission to capture Core Hunter seven years ago. In the mission to stop Core Hunter from activating the Doom Box, Evo ran the mission with Nex from the Hero Factory.[SM1]

Brain Attack

Attack on Makuhero City

Evo in Makuhero City's sewers

Evo played catch with civilians at a public event at a park, where his statue was, but was recalled to Hero Factory when the Brains began their invasion of Makuhero City. Evo was equipped with new armor and sent in the service canals to stop many Brain-possessed Sea Creatures, including Aquagon.[TBW] Evo fought them off until Dunkan Bulk radioed the Heroes with a way to remove the Brains from the creatures. Evo removed the Brains from his enemies and joined the team at Hero Factory to find Surge. He fought Surge's robotic drones before Surge was saved from the Brain controlling him by Breez. Evo and the Heroes then went to repair the city.[Episode 10]

Evo's HUD in the sewers

Collision Course

Evo responded to Bulk's call for Drop Ships to take out the Valiant, a ship overtaken by Brains heading straight to Hero Factory. Although this could result in Rocka, Breez, and Stormer's death, Evo knew that it had to be done. As they approached the Valiant, Bulk's orders changed to use the Drop Ship's tractor beams to hold the Valiant in place. The ship fired at the Drop Ships, but the beam held until the ship was sent on a course directly toward the sun. Evo later managed to evade collision with the sun and returned to Hero Factory.[SM3]

Robot Rampage

After Stringer sent a distress call from Tranquis VII, Evo helped Stormer run Bulk and Furno's rescue mission from Hero Factory. Stormer had Evo and Rocka take care of pirates, who were piloting four ships and fighting Bulk and Furno during Bulk and Furno's journey to Tranquis VII. Furno later contacted Evo to let him know that he and Bulk arrived at Tranquis VII.

Later, Evo and Stormer became concerned about Furno and Bulk not contacting them since their arrival at Tranquis VII because of radio silence in the city. However, Stormer told Evo that despite the radio silence, they should not be worried yet.

Evo and Stormer received a call from Stringer, who said that more Heroes are needed to crush a rebellion in the planet, but it did not seem in character for Stringer, and the two Heroes did not know that Stringer was actually possessed by a Brain, who came up with these words.

After Bulk, Furno, and Stringer managed to defeat the Brains and stop them from using Project Sunstorm, Evo, Rocka, Stormer, Breez, Nex, and a dozen more Heroes went to the planet to aid in capturing Brains. Evo and Rocka checked on Project Sunstorm after it was destroyed by Karter.[SM4]

Evo later security-checked Bulk at a security checkpoint before he could join the other Alpha Team members, who had a meeting about a new source of power.[SM5]

Invasion From Below

Evo, Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Bulk, Surge, and Breez got an upgrade that gave them compact armor, which allows them to use new mechs called Battle Machines. Evo sent to investigate a tunnel in Antropolis City, which three construction workers who used a drill to make the tunnel disappeared in. Evo used a Drop Ship to get to the city and built the Evo Walker. After he landed the Drop Ship near the tunnel, a construction worker, who looks at Evo as his favorite Hero, informed him about the situation while Evo used the Evo Walker to go inside the tunnel. The worker was interrupted when he was kidnapped without Evo noticing. Evo was then attacked by a few Jumpers and was forced to eject from his Machine. When Evo noticed a Jaw Beast attacking the city, he called his six fellow Alpha 1 Team for backup and Battle Machines. While he was waiting for his comrades to arrive, he fought the first wave of Jumpers. After his comrades arrived, they helped Evo fight the Jumpers. After Rocka built, Stormer, Furno, and himself their own Battle Machines, Stormer had Evo build his own Battle Machine. After Stormer got kidnapped by a Jaw Beast, Evo built and used the Evo XL Machine to fight the Splitter Beast. The beast was defeat Evo, but Furno helped Evo defeat it. Furno and Evo celebrated their victory, but they discovered that the beast is actually two beasts when the smaller of the pair of beasts kidnapped Furno and took him to the tunnel. Evo told his remaining comrades about the abduction. After Breez called for backup to fight the Jumpers in the city, she and Evo went through the tunnel with the other heroes in order to free their comrades.

When the Heroes got to an underground cave at the end of the tunnel, they found the first three construction workers, who were trapped in cocoons. After the Heroes freed the construction workers, they had them leave the underground cave for their safety. Rocka told Evo to make five new Battle Machine that can fight underground. Evo and his fellow Heroes disassembled his XL Machine to make the Evo Spider Machine. After the five Battle Machines were built, Evo and his fellow Heroes used them to travel deeper into the cave. However, Evo, Bulk, and Breez got separated from Rocka and Surge by a gravitional pull of a chamber in the cave. After Bulk lost his machine called the Bulk Drill Machine, he, Evo, and Breez arrived at a chamber with green crystals. They foudn the drill. The three Heroes traveled through the chamber, but they were attacked by a swarm of Jumpers, including three Crystal Beasts. The Heroes fought the swarm and defeated one of the Crystal Beasts, but the swarm was overwhelming them, so the Heroes crossed a crystal bridge to get to the exit of the chamber. After Breez lost her machine called the Breez Flea Machine, Breez told Evo to destroy the bridge. Evo used the Spider Machine to do so, preventing the swarm from coming after them.

The three Heroes found a chamber where the Queen Beast resided. After Breez noticed the queen capturing Surge and told her friends about it, Evo attacked the queen head on, but the queen was defeating him by trying to push his machine to a pool of acid. Bulk and Rocka, with the latter having reunited with the others, tried to save Evo, but the queen pushed the two Heroes away. Breez noticed that the queen also has Stormer and Furno hostage. After Bulk and Rocka diverted the queen's attention from Evo by attacking the queen's nest, killing several unhatched Jumpers, Evo got out of the machine to save himself. The queen got angry and summoned many of her children to fight the four Heroes in revenge. When the queen was defeating Evo and Bulk, Breez started to talk to the queen out of the invasion. Evo supported Breez's idea. Breez told her comrades to lay down their weapons, so the Jumpers would stop atacking them. Breez had the queen cancel the invasion and recall all of the Jumpers. The queen gave the four Heroes Stormer, Furno, and Surge back. As the Heroes were about to leave, a normal Jumper accidentally triggered out of the Heroes' weapons, damaging the nest. The queen noticed, so she got angry and mistakenly thought that the Heroes betrayed her and her kind, so she attacked the Heroes. When the queen catptued Bulk, Stormer used the Spider Machine's Canister to hit the queen and unintentionally damage the nest more. The Jumpers disappeared when this happened. The seven Heroes used the Spider Machine to get out of the Jumpers' lair and back to the surface.

The Heroes had the city's people close up the tunnel leading to the underground lair and build a bridge over the city rather than a tunnel below it. When the Heroes are leaving with their Drop Ship and heading home, they do not notice that there is a Jumper, who is contained in an unhatched cocoon, being placed in the ship for an unknown reason, so the Heroes are accidentally bringing the Jumper along.[Episode 11]

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

When the Alpha 1 Team was defeated by the Legion of Darkness long ago, Evo never existed. However, since the Legion of Darkness and their fellow villains in Von Nebula City are recently defeated, Evo would likely be created.[SM5]

Abilities and Traits

Evo in meditation

Initially calm and quiet, Evo debuted as an expert at weaponry. When his expertise is required, he would quickly become alert and ready for action. During his initial missions, he would meditate before a fight to stimulate himself and sharpen his reflexes.[Episode 5]

As a rookie on the Alpha 1 team, he has faced pressures to live up to team leader Stormer, but with the assistance of his other teammates, including Furno, he has been overcoming self-doubt and insecurity in order to be a worthwhile ally and Hero. Evo became a little unsure of himself and more talkative. He used to go with his instincts without thinking it though, but he later learned from Stormer and Furno to combine knowledge with his instincts to avoid making the same mistake.[Episode 8][Episode 9][FO:MSG]

Evo is enthusiastic,[MtH] as he lately developed an enthusiasm for all types of technology, embracing the Battle Machines used in Antropolis City.[Episode 10][Episode 11] Evo is a highly skilled communication expert who can hack and interface with nearly any computer/AI system. He talks loud, fast, and hilarious. However, he can sometimes act a little crazy.

Evo is programmed to communicate with almost any machine,[MtH] so he can disarm many foes without needing to fight.[BA!] He can swim.[Episode 10]

Armor and Weapons

Evo wore fire-resistant armor.[FO:MSG] He wielded a Multi-Tool Ice Shield as his primary weapon in his 2.0 form. He wore headgear that has heavy-duty breathing apparatus, plated facial armor, camera, and antenna. He was slightly taller than a 1.0 Hero.

Evo was upgraded with new armor for his mission to capture the villain Toxic Reapa. Evo also gained a Plasma Gun. In his new armor, he had a Tank Arm, supplementing the Plasma Gun. To help combat the toxic environment, he was using anti-venom equipment, used in the Tank Arm and on his anti-toxic armor,[Episode 8][HiA] including his boots. He was also equipped with a new set of Hero Cuffs, which can fly and seek out their target.

After the Makuhero City assault from the Brains, Evo was upgraded with new armor, where it has a spike on the left bicep arm armor, an underwater breathing and armored visor, and Hero Core Locking Clamps, which enhanced the power of and protected his Hero Core, to defeat the underwater threat. He was also given a Vortex Staff, capable of reaching white-hot temperatures, which can be attached to a special back-mounted sheath.[Episode 10] He can throw the weapon with deadly accuracy.[TBW] Evo had a back-mounted scabbard that can hold the staff. He also carried a small dagger with him. Evo became slightly taller than his Breakout form, as he was at the same height as Rocka, Bulk, and Breez's Brain Attack forms. He was slightly shorter than Stormer and Surge's Brain Attack forms.

For the investigation of Antropolis City, Evo was upgraded with a new compact armor design compatible with the new Battle Machines. Evo initially used the Evo Walker until he abandoned it before it was destroyed by the Jumpers. Evo switched to the Evo XL Machine after designing and building it, and finally switching to the Evo Spider Machine after traveling underground.[Episode 11] Evo was also armed with a laser gun, and had a personal buzz saw at his disposal while piloting the Evo Walker. He also shared a Fire Chain with Furno.

Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook Stats


Set Information

Set 2067 Evo 2.0

Set 2067 Evo 2.0, which featured Evo, was released in early 2011 as one of six "Heroes 2.0", which also contained Nex 2.0, Furno 2.0, Breez 2.0, Surge 2.0, and Stormer 2.0. Evo 2.0 contains 31 pieces. Its parts can be combined with parts from 2065 Furno 2.0 to create a new non-canon combination model using instructions from Evo 2.0's canister's lib has a printed code underneath it that could unlock Evo's part of an online game called Creep Crushers in the HeroPad section of the Hero Factory website. Instructions were provided in the March-April 2011 LEGO BrickMaster Magazine to combine Evo 2.0's parts with those from the other five 2.0 Hero sets to build Makuro-X1, a villain.

Set 6200 EVO, which is small, was released in the first half of 2012. Made of 36 pieces, the set contains a redesigned Hero Core, upon which a game code is printed for an online game called Breakout. It also includes a launcher with spherical ammunition which fires when the launcher is squeezed. Parts from this set can be combined with parts from set 6201 TOXIC REAPA to build a non-canon combination model using instructions from

Set 44012 EVO is a small set that was released as part of the second "Brain Attack" wave in summer 2013. This 51-piece set includes a Tornado Staff, a back-mounted scabbard, and a new blue visor element that can open or close over Evo's new helmet. Like the other Hero sets in this wave, the set also includes locking clamps to secure the Hero Core, which was the same style as the previous series, but includes a code for 400 game points for an online game called Brain Attack. Its parts can be combined with parts from set 44013 AQUAGON to create a non-canon combination model using instructions from

Evo as a minifgure

Evo was released in 4 sets in 2014. The first three were released at the beginning of 2014 (though delayed until March for North America for an unknown reason) while the fourth one in summer 2014. He is included in set 44015 EVO Walker in early 2014. In this set, he has a buzz saw and a communication device on his forearm. Evo is also included in set 44021 SPLITTER Beast vs. FURNO & EVO in early 2014. In that set, he has a gun, which represents his laser gun, and his communication device. Evo also shares a Fire Chain with Furno. He is included in 44022 EVO XL Machine in early 2014. In this set, like the Splitter Beast one, Evo has his gun and communication device. He is also included in set 44029 QUEEN Beast vs. FURNO, EVO & STORMER in summer 2014. In that set, he pilots the Evo Spider Machine, and has a click shooter, which also represents his laser gun. His Battle Machine can also hold the click shooter and another gun, which is another longer laser gun and held by either Furno or Stormer.


  • Evo's promotional nickname is "the Steamroller". This and his promotional hand-written signature were shown in a Lego magazine in early 2011.
  • Tom Kenny provided Evo's voice in Ordeal of Fire. Then, Jason London provided Evo's voice in Breakout Part One, Breakout Part Two, and Brain Attack. It is unknown why that happened. In Invasion from Below, he was voiced by Justin Murphy.
  • Due to the Evo prototype having Nex's name and vice versa, both characters were mixed up in different media and appeared with reversed character traits, such as in their biographies.
  • In Episode 5, during the press conference, Akiyama Makuro described Evo as "artillery".
  • Since Evo was never a 1.0 Hero, his Breakout helmet in his 2012 set was based on his 2.0 helmet.
  • Strangely, in the episodes, Evo's 2.0 form's spike on his left bicep arm armor is placed on the top left side of his torso armor.
  • Strangely, Evo did not use his dagger in Episode 10 for some reason.
  • At some point, Evo got an evasive wolf-lizard as a pet.[SM3]
  • Evo's mini-figure appeared in more 2014 sets than the other Heroes' mini-figures.
  • A worker from Antropolis City looks at Evo as his favorite Hero.[Episode 10]


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