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Set 7165 Natalie Breez, or simply Breez, is a canister set released in 2010, portraying the 1.0 Hero Natalie Breez.


  • Name: Natalie Breez
  • Type: Small Set
  • Set number: 7165
  • Subtheme: Heroes
  • Release date: July 2010
  • Pieces: 19
  • MSRP: $7.99 (US)
  • Ages: 6-16
  • Instructions

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here

Harness the power of the wind with Breez!
LEGO® HERO FACTORY® Alpha Team’s newest recruit, Natalie Breez is a Furno’s tough trainee. Her energized dual boomerang and unique air powers help this natural diplomat to restore order to the chaos caused by Von Nebula’s clan.

*Rookie of the LEGO HERO FACTORY Alpha team
*Use the energized dual boomerangs and harpoon for climbing!
*Equipped with removable hero core, high-tech air armor and a helmet with camera and communications headset
*Over 6” (15cm) tall

Set Information

The set's canister

The set was released in 2010 as one of the six canister Hero sets. It consists of nineteen pieces.

By combining pieces from Breez with pieces from 7164 Preston Stormer and 7167 William Furno, one can build Lucas Valor.


The set has the Energized Dual Boomerangs, each being held in one of its hands in any way facing forwards or backwards on the top or bottom of the set's hands. Each of the weapons can be stored behind one of the set's shoulders, as shown in the Television Episodes.

The set's canister represents a Hero Pod in the story. On the back of the canister shows a battle between Breez and Thunder from 7157 Thunder.


The set includes a lime green helmet and a transparent red Hero Core.

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