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"One of Hero Factory's most courageous and skilled heroes, Lucas Valor patrols the outer fringes of the galaxy. His assignment: stop any alien incursions from other galaxies in their tracks. With his jet-boots and ice launcher, he is a match for any foe.
Build Lucas Valor using pieces from 7164 Preston Stormer, 7167 William Furno, and 7165 Natalie Breez.
LEGO BrickMaster Magazine, September–October 2010

This is a combiner model in 2010, portraying the Hero Lucas Valor, who did a mission called Mission: Pirates of the Constellations.


  • Name: Lucas Valor
  • Type: Combiner Model
  • Component sets:
  • Release date: September 2010
  • Pieces: #
  • Instructions

Set Information

The Lucas Valor model is created by combining pieces of 7164 Preston Stormer, 7165 Natalie Breez, and 7167 William Furno. It uses # of the three sets' pieces. The instructions for the model were included in the September–October 2010 issue of the LEGO BrickMaster Magazine.


The model comes with two transparent-colored Hero Cores: one blue and one yellow.


  • There is an error in the model's construction, where the Dual Boomerangs get in the way of Furno's chest armor piece.
  • Since the Valor model is a combination model of the Stormer, Furno, and Breez sets, it is unknown why 7168 Dunkan Bulk, 7169 Mark Surge, and 7170 Jimi Stringer in 2010 do not have their own combiner model.
  • Since the model looks very different from the normal 1.0 Hero set figures and is taller than them, its physical appearance is questionable in the canon.

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