Energized Dual Boomerangs

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Energized Dual Boomerangs
Set Energized Dual Boomerangs.png
Status Out of use
User(s) Natalie Breez
Functionality Combat

The Energized Dual Boomerangs are standard-issue gadgets based on the Flying Neutron Grade (FLYNG) class of Hero armaments.


The weapons are powered by encapsulated xenium, and have the ability to be flung through air or a vacuum. Tracking sensors home in on the nearest target, and the molecule-thick blade edge can cut through anything short of neutronium. Once it has sliced through its target, onboard thrusters propel the boomerang back to the waiting Hero for immediate re-use or re-energization.

The boomerangs being used

If a boomerang is lost, safety measures kick in, dulling the blade and shutting off the built-in circuitry.

Natalie Breez carried two of these weapons after her creation, but she abandoned them when she was upgraded in favor of a set of Multi-Tool Blades.

Example Usage

In The Enemy Within, Breez used the boomerangs to slice through floating robots that were attacking her in Mekron City.

Set Information

Two Energized Dual Boomerangs were released in the set 7165 Natalie Breez in 2010. They were co-injected with silver metallic and bright yellowish green plastic.

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