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MPIconFangz.png Fangz
Skilled lupine hunters of Quatros
MPIconRawJaw.png Raw-Jaw
Powerful gorilla of Quatros
MPIconScorpio.png Scorpio
Large but agile arachnids of Quatros
MPIconWaspix.png Waspix
Mildly intelligent humanoid insects of Quatros

Makuhero Planet

MPIconBullCreature.png Bull Creatures
Small bull creatures that live in the volcanic region of the Makuhero Planet
MPIconOgre.png Ogres
Plant beasts that make their home in forests
MPIconRockGiant.png Rock Giants
Large rock creatures that live in craggy areas near Makuhero City
MPIconDuneCrawler.png Dune Crawlers
Six-legged desertic creatures that reside on the Makuhero Planet
MPIconSeaCreature.png Sea Creatures
Shy creatures that live in the sea
MPIconIceCreature.png Ice Creatures
Snow beasts that live in the tundra area of the Makuhero Planet