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"The planet has evolved... It's alive. You take the Quaza away and you hurt it. That's why the mining was stopped, so as not to 'kill' the place."
Jimi Stringer, Savage Planet

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Comic Quatros Planet.png
Inhabitants Fangz, Raw-Jaw, Scorpio, Waspix
Class Planet

Quatros is an organic jungle planet that houses the rare mineral Quaza.


Quatros as it appears in Savage Planet, affected by the mining

The planet of Quatros is one of the last natural sources of Quaza in the galaxy.

The planet was originally inhabited by a race who revered the Quaza, and the power it possessed.

Quatros was once mined by the Hero Factory for the Quaza it possessed. However, it was discovered that the mining was detrimental to the planet, the place was designated as a protected planet, and established as a wildlife preserve. A force-field was erected around the planet, accessible only to Hero Factory personnel.

Some time later, the scientist Aldous Witch went there to illegally mine the planet's Quaza. He successfully deactivated the force field, but crashed his ship.

While mining, Witch discovered a staff and a skull in an ancient temple. Witch combined the two relics with a sliver of Quaza to create the Skull Staff, and was mutated into Witch Doctor. Witch Doctor eventually began to implant corrupted Quaza spikes into native animals to control them, and help him mine Quaza. To acquire a new ship, Witch Doctor sent a distress signal out, which was picked up by the Hero Factory. The Factory sent out the jungle-adapted Alpha 1 Team, who quickly discovered that the distress signal was a ruse, and that Witch Doctor was aiming to mine every bit of Quaza from the planet.

Quatros restored

Witch successfully mined the planet's last reserves of Quaza, triggering a reaction that set about the destruction of the planet. Before the planet could be completely obliterated, William Furno was able to disable Witch's containment unit and return the Quaza to the planet, saving it and returning it to its former glory.


Quatros is considered a "living" planet, and reacts to external sources and stimuli. The mining of the Quaza within the planet altered the very shape and features of the planet, and affected the way the life on the planet behaved.

The planet is filled with vast expanses of jungles and forests, and various forms of vegetation. The climate is mostly tropical, with high heat and humidity. There are also micro-organisms on the planet that corrode electronics and reduce hydraulic efficiency.

A jungle on Quatros

At the very focal point of the planet's Quaza source is a temple. There is also mining equipment, left behind by the Hero Factory, including space bridges capable disassembling and reconstituting molecular structures in a different area, though these tunnels have since run out of energy.


All of the local lifeforms on Quatros are techno-organic, a blend of technological and biological components. They react to the Quaza in the planet, much like the plant life does, and can be controlled when implanted with corrupted Quaza.

The planet was once inhabited by an ancient civilization, who believed that Quaza was imperative to the planet's health. This race has since disappeared, leaving only buildings and artifacts, such as powerful armor later used by Daniel Rocka, behind. Known beasts of the planet include:


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