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Makuhero City
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Makuhero City is a large, modern city, located on a small planet in the Makuhero Asteroid Belt. Millions of sentient robots live in the city.


Makuhero City was created and developed by workers of the Hero Factory company, building around the focal point of the factory itself. The city became a sprawling metropolis, acquiring a great number of inhabitants.[FO:MSG] The Hero Factory staff started out consisting of a few hundred robot workers before millions of robotic people were created. The people built villages, towns, and eventually huge cities that have become some of the greatest metropolises in many other planets in the galaxy, with Makuhero City being the largest of those cities,[HFPM] and people from the cities wanted to copy Makuhero City.[SM5] During the Legion of Darkness' attack on Hero Factory, a scout ship Black Phantom was piloting released Jawblade into Makuhero Reservoir, and the aquatic criminal swam to Hero Factory's power lines and disconnected them. However, the power was eventually restored after the Legion was defeated.[SM2]

Makuhero City

Since it was based around the Hero Factory, a number of billboards and advertisements feature Heroes from the corporation. Natalie Breez was asked to be a commercial for a new drink called Robo-Jolt. Preston Stormer and his fellow Alpha 1 Team members were promised by advertisers for another energy drink company called Power Core that they will make a small poster that promoted Stormer, but the advertisers tricked the team by making a giant electro-billboard that promoted Stormer, annoying him. After being infected by nanobots from Meltdown, Stormer went rogue and escaped into the city. He was trailed by William Furno, and they met at a giant billboard of Stormer in the city. They began to fight on the rooftops, damaging buildings and billboards. Stormer twisted Furno's hand so that he torched the billboard, but Furno reminded Stormer of Von Ness, and Stormer overcame the nanobots.[Episode 3][C3] After a later mission, the heroes arrived at Makuhero City with the captured XPlode, Thunder, Corroder, and Meltdown, and the retrieved Black Hole Orb Staff, which contained Von Nebula, and were covered by the evening news.[Episode 4]

Black Phantom's second attempt to take over Hero Factory resulted in a mass breakout of Hero Factory's containment prison.[Episode 8] Most of the villains escaped to other parts of the galaxy; one, Core Hunter, remained behind in the city to steal Hero Core from Heroes there, but was soon chased away by Dunkan Bulk.(Omega Recon Reports)

At some point, new cars were made.[Episode 10] Antropolis City has similar vehicles as well.[Episode 11] Soon after many of the villains were recaptured, swarms of creatures controlled by Brains began an attack on Makuhero City, coming from all areas over the planet. Alpha 1 Team immediately responded, along with other Heroes, fighting the creatures. Once Bulk figured out how to disable the Brains, the creatures were defeated. A Brain-possessed Dragon called Dragon Bolt then arrived and bored into Hero Factory, but the Heroes were distracted while dealing with Brain-controlled Mark Surge instead. Using a booster jet pack, Daniel Rocka chased Dragon Bolt into the sky above the city, and jumped on his back and freed him from the Brain's control. The uninfected creatures returned to their homelands, and then the Heroes started repairing the city.[Episode 10]

The city narrowly avoided destruction when the Heroes stopped the Valiant from crashing and destroying the city.[SM3]

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

The early city was founded by Makuro, but was taken over by Von Nebula after Black Phantom destroyed Hero Factory. It was renamed into Von Nebula City and became the center of the Citadel's empire. The city had rules to encourage power, robbery, and theft, and order was maintained by the Citadel's robotic guards and bounty hunters called the Jolters. Since the city was taken over by Von Nebula, there were some changes in there, like Makuhero University being renamed as Von Nebula University. The Histotron in the university was changed by the villains to look different, as it has a crude design. There is also a deserted warehouse district. The Hero Factory was replaced by buildings that look like that they were built before the Hero Factory was created. The Citadel built a large building that served as the capital of the city.

Recently, when the prime reality Alpha Team arrived, they learned about the city and the differences between it and its prime reality counterpart. They pretended to be a gang of criminals that harassed some villains, getting the Citadel's inner circle's attention. The Heroes accidentally alerted the universe's Brains with their presence, encouraging them to attack the city. In the ensuing events at the Citadel, Von Nebula disappeared, the Brains destroyed the Citadel's inner circle and the Jolters, and the Brains were defeated by the prime reality Alpha Team and the Heroes of the alternate reality.[SM5]


Makuhero City is filled mostly with tall buildings, with the Hero Factory standing as the tallest structure in the city. It has at least 12 sectors, which are distinguished by numbers, like Sector 12.[Episode 10] There are assorted billboards on the buildings, and a very strong robot community. The city does not have a deserted warehouse district.[SM5] The city has electro-billboards that promote Daniela Capricorn's news job, though one got damaged during a fight between Furno and Stormer when Stormer was infected by nanobots. There was a giant electro-billboard that promoted an energy drink company called Power Core, with Stormer being used to promote the company, right in the center of the city. The slogan on the billboard was "Cool to the Core". Stormer hated the billboard, and when he was infested with the nanobots, he unintentionally made Furno accidentally destroy it during their fight.[Episode 3]

The cityscape

There is an apartment building near the Hero Factory building.[MtH]

Merrick Fortis has established a secret base in Makuhero City for his Recon Team.(Hero Factory FM)

The city receives power from main power lines, and water from the Makuhero Reservoir. It has a water channel that was moved underground during the Hero Factory's early days. The channel has grilles, bars, and other physical obstacles. There is a part of the channel where water gets boiled. There is a branch that led to the Hero Factory's central power core. It had a three-foot stretch of tunnel where heavily insulated power lines ran along the ceiling and into the central power core. This could lead to the power core's thick cables, which gave the Hero Factory power. Jawblade once destroyed the grilles, bars, and the other physical obstacles during the Hero Factory's early days.[SM2]

There are other parts of the city, which include a shopping mall, a space port, a scrapyard, a stadium, a power plant, and sewers.(shown in the Brain Attack game)[Episode 10]

The city also has a place called the Circuit and a foundry that has raw materials. There are two manufacturing plants. One of them is called the Regal Munitions Plant.(shown in the Mission: Von Nebula game)

The city has a news station, which much of their news media is delivered through the news channel HFX. Daniela Capricorn and her camera robot, who runs in batteries, work in a news company called "Hero News Wire" in the channel.[Episode 4]

There is a plaza with a grassy ground that has a large pedestal in the center. The pedestal has statues of six of the Alpha 1 Team members in their Breakout forms. The statues were made to honor the Heroes. The citizens meet the Heroes there during a community event.[Episode 10]

There is a street terminal that can be used to regulate the city's power. The city also has a power grid called the Makuhero City Power Grid, which is located near a place called Central Park.(shown in the Mission: Von Nebula game)

The city is known to have these following roads:

  • The Makurobroad Expressway
  • The Jubilee Expressway
  • The Eastenboard Expressway
  • The Horncastle Expressway
  • The L29
  • Makuhero Boulevard
  • The 6-West (Hero Factory FM)
  • Makuhero Avenue (shown in the 2013 version of

The city is also where robots get hot dog-like food called "Oil Dogs". There are also subways in the city.(shown in the Breakout game)

There is a dance academy called Makuhero City Dance Academy.(Hero Factory FM)

The center of the city is where shipments of protean space gems are delivered from a frontier world. People from that world make these deliveries.[SM5] (NOTE: Although the prime reality's version of the fact is not shown, it can be assumed that, since Von Nebula City is very much like Makuhero City, it exists.)

There are also pleasure cruises that have rich robots, and vast amounts of jewels and precious metals.[SM5] (NOTE: Although the prime reality's version of the fact is not shown, it can be assumed that, since Von Nebula City is very much like Makuhero City, it exists.)

The city has manholes, which robots call "robotholes" because they use the manholes.[SM5] (NOTE: Although the prime reality's version of the fact is not shown, it can be assumed that, since Von Nebula City is very much like Makuhero City, it exists.)

Hero Factory

The Hero Factory's main headquarters, where the Heroes are made. It is located in the center of the city, in a district called Central Business District. The corporation bases its headquarters outside of the main factory.[HFPM] It is surrounded by a moat.

The Hero Factory has security robots that guard in and around the Hero Factory and its immeditate environs. It also has automatic laser cannons that can be deployed for defense around it against outside invaders, and the cannons are in the city. The factory also has laser turrets on its Assembly Tower's rooftops. The robots and the weaponry around the Hero Factory were all powered from the Hero Factory's central power core, deep inside it. The power chamber also had thick cables. If the cables would get destroyed, the Hero Factory and its external security systems would get a power outage, but the Hero Factory's backup system would power them back up in around 60 seconds. Jawblade once bit onto the cables to destroy them, so power in the Hero Factory went out for around 60 seconds before its backup system was activated. Black Phantom used his scout ship to destroy the security robots that guarded the factory from the outside and were trying to get in.[SM2]

There are also the Hero Pod lines under the city, which have to be connected in order for the Hero Pods from the Hero Factory to function.(shown in the Mission: Von Nebula game)

The Hero Factory also has satellites. There are communications satellites, like one in the Sigma Sigma system.[Episode 8][Episode 9] There are satellites that can also take pictures on planets.[SM4]

Makuhero Stadium

A stadium where an obstacle course race happens. It features robot runners from all over the galaxy. During a championship obstacle course race, if there are so many robots who enter the race, the promoters will create two separate courses and divide up the runners between them. They then will sell a split ticket that allows fans to cross back and forth between races and see both if they wish. The money used for purchase is contained in a security pouch.[SM5] (NOTE: Although the name "Makuhero Stadium" is not shown, it can be assumed that, since Von Nebula City is very much like Makuhero City, "Makuhero Stadium" was the original name of the Von Nebula Stadium.)

Makuhero University

A prestigious[FO:MSG] university for young students and those who want to go back to learning. It is run by a thin, small robotic clerk called an L-model robot, who informs people where they can learn a certain thing in the university. The university has the main administration building, which has the university's name carved in stone above the building's two heavy front doors. In front of the building has steps. Inside the building, the air is cool and the place is quiet. The floors have padding that can muffle the sounds of robots' metal feet. the L-model robot sits behind a curved wooden desk.

The university has a headset called a Histotron, which provides information about history for robots who want it. The L-model robot checks in the Histotron to see what its user asked and who the user is.[SM5] The University has the only known working model of the Histotron,[FO:MSG] which is located in the building's east wing.[SM5] The Histotron is used by the Hero Factory to contain secret files, which are written in their guidebook.

The university also has a research facility called the Makuhero University Research Facility (MURF).(shown in the Mission: Von Nebula game)


All people who live in the city are robots. The people use white cars and six-wheeled light gray trucks as their modes of transportation.[Episode 10]

Hero Factory Employees

As the base for Hero Factory, all the staff and heroes for Hero Factory live in the city. It serves as their base of operations across the galaxy. The Factory has controls for lockdown and emergency protocol for the entire city.


The city primarily is comprised of many civilians that live under the protection of Hero Factory. The people do a community event, where they meet the Alpha 1 Team at the park while the Heroes get to know the people. The Heroes sign electronic autographs by putting their hand on a person's electronic tablet. The electronic autograph has the Hero's signature and current appearance doing a confident pose. They also answer questions and show off some of their skills.[TBW] The people also play RoboBall with the Heroes and take pictures with them.[Episode 10]

Makuhero City viewed from above



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