Dune Crawler

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Dune Crawler
TV Dune Crawler.png
Known locations Makuhero Planet
Conservation status Active

Dune Crawlers are small desert insects living on the Makuhero Planet.


Dune Crawlers inhabit a desert region in the Makuhero Planet.

Many Dune Crawlers, including Scarox, were possessed by the Brains who invaded the planet with the intent on initiating an attack on Makuhero City. These mutated creatures joined a marauding army, and attacked the city. Though the local Hero population was able to resist the army, the creatures eventually overran the city. Eventually, the Heroes discovered how to disable the Brains and remove the creatures from their control. Free of the mind-controlling influence, the Dune Crawlers returned to their homeland.

Abilities and Traits

The Dune Crawlers are ordinarily small, six-legged beasts.

When transformed, Dune Crawlers became bipedal monsters, with striking blades and venomous fangs.


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