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This article is about the television episode. For other uses, see Breakout (Disambiguation).

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Episode 9
Television Episode
Director Howard E. Baker
Producer(s) Joshua R. Wexler, Kristy Scanlan
Writer Adam Beechen
Starring John Schneider, Eric Christian Olsen
Channel Nicktoons
Released April 9, 2012
Runtime 22 minutes

Breakout: Part Two is the ninth episode in the Hero Factory television series. It originally aired on Nicktoons on April 9, 2012. It is preceded by Episode 8: Breakout Part 1.


Daniel Rocka, who is trapped in the Villain Storage Unit, contacts Nathaniel Zib in Hero Factory, who tells him that they are running a Core Breach Drill and there is absolutely nothing to worry about, though Zib is actually forced by his captor, Black Phantom, to say this. However, Rocka is not convinced and becomes suspicious, so he escapes the Villain Storage Unit.

On Z'chaya, Nathan Evo is continuing his pursuit of Toxic Reapa, who keeps on hiding in the murky swamp, only continuing to come out to briefly attack Evo using his Toxic Jets.

The Oxidium rusting Furno

On Scylla, Jawblade is locked in combat with William Furno underwater. Jawblade finds Oxidium and throws at Furno, who begins to rapidly rust. Jawblade explains what Oxidium is and states that he plans to use it to defeat any Hero.

On Tansari IV, Voltix moves in to finish off Jimi Stringer, but accidentally recharges his Hero Core, but begins firing raw energy at Stringer.

In the Sigma Sigma Communications Satellite's asteroid field, Mark Surge, after being recovered from Infecticide, manages to cut two thirds of the asteroid heading for the communications satellite off, but the remaining third is still heading to the satellite and Surge gets attacked by Splitface.

Finally on Kollix IV, Speeda Demon manages to collapse an ice arch in front of Preston Stormer, allowing him to escape.

Alone in Hero Factory, Rocka tries to communicate with Zib, who activates a warning to draw Black Phantom away. Zib manages to tell Rocka of Black Phantom's nefarious actions in that he and Mission Control are imprisoned. Rocka heads to Akiyama Makuro's quarters to override the Fail-Safe Shield around the building. Black Phantom realizes that Rocka is on the move, and Zib pretends to not have contacted Rocka. Black Phantom uses an elevator shaft that Rocka is in to try to crush him and then sends Arachnix after him. Rocka escapes from being crushed by the elevator shaft, but gets surrounded and attacked by Arachnix drones. Black Phantom hears Rocka's scream, making him think that Rocka is defeated, so Black Phantom goes to finish what he came to the Factory for. Zib asks Black Phantom what he is doing. Black Phantom tells him his plan, to copy Hero Factory's design to make his own version of it to make an army, and then destroy the Hero Factory to get it out of his army's way. Zib doubts Black Phantom because the Quaza in Black Phantom's robots will make them recognize his villainy, but Black Phantoms states that he has a solution for this problem, which is Anti-Quaza, the Quaza's polar opposite. Black Phantom uses Anti-Quaza in his body to shut down all of the staff members in Mission Control. Meanwhile, Rocka, being unable to contact Zib, desperately fights off the Arachnix drones and manages to start outrunning them.

In the asteroid field, Splitface is punching Surge to the ground of an asteroid. However, Surge stuns him with his Electricity Shooter and throws Splitface into the asteroid fragment, saving the satellite, and uses his Hero Cuffs to cuff Splitface. Splitface argues with himself about his failure, but Surge quiets him.

As Jawblade moves in to defeat Furno, Evo is chasing after Toxic Reapa, but his Plasma Gun is stuck to a rock. Evo tries radioing Furno for help, who angrily rebukes him as he is faring badly against Jawblade. Using his Tank Arm, Evo fired at the rock and launched himself at Toxic Reapa, throwing his Hero Cuffs and re-capturing the villain.

As Jawblade moves in to kill Furno, Furno uses his Hero Core to break the rust by supercharging. Furno then uses his harpoon to shoot his cuffs on his Plasma Gun, cuffing Jawblade.

On Kollix IV, Stormer powers through the ice and launches himself after Speeda Demon. He throws his cuffs, and Speeda's left hand is cuffed and he is unable to properly control his bike, sending him crashing into an icy mountain. Furno radios to Stormer saying that no Hero can contact Hero Factory as Stormer apprehends Speeda Demon.

Stringer awakes on Tansari IV, finding that Voltix's power has been absorbed by energy cells. With Voltix's power drained, Stringer easily captures him. Stringer starts his search for his Hero Pod while carrying Voltix.

Inside Hero Factory, Rocka is picking off the Arachnix drones with his Crossbow and reaches Makuro's door, which is locked with a slide puzzle, much to Rocka's annoyance.

Arriving in Makuhero City in a Drop Ship with all the heroes and cuffed villains (sans Stringer and Voltix), Stormer sees the Fail-Safe Shield. He sees Daniela Capricorn alone outside the Hero Factory and approaches her to get her help. She reports that no heroes have returned from their missions, pleasing Black Phantom.

Rocka solves the puzzle and lowers the Fail-Safe Shield, and sees Black Phantom using the Assembly Tower's cranes to lift himself up in the tower. Rocka sees the returned heroes and tells Stormer to head for the Assembly Tower. Stormer, Furno, Surge, and Evo go inside the Hero Factory, meeting Rocka near the Assembly Tower. While Evo is deactivating the lock in the door to the tower, Rocka explains the situation. Furno is surprised that Rocka accomplished so much and asks him how he did these actions, causing Rocka to reveal his membership in the Hero Recon Team. Furno and Surge are impressed by the revelation. Evo deactivates the lock, and they rush in the Assembly Tower to stop Black Phantom.

Rocka dueling Black Phantom

The Heroes notice Black Phantom being charged with energy and being lifted higher in the tower. The Heroes begin scaling it. When Black Phantom reaches the top of the tower, he sends a swarm of Arachnix drones down at them. Rocka manages to break from the drones and jumps up at Black Phantom. Disarming the Razor Sabre Mace Staff from Black Phantom, Rocka is told by the villain that the building's destruction is imminent. Trying to fight Black Phantom, Rocka finds that the villain has too much power to defeat normally. Stormer tries to get Rocka to unplug him, but Evo tells Rocka to plug Black Phantom into the system even more. Right after Furno destroys the last of the Arachnix drones, he questions Evo's idea, but Evo tells Furno and Stormer to trust him. Stormer changes his advice, and Rocka begins plugging Black Phantom into the system more, which overloads his systems, defeating him.

Furno asks Evo how he came with his idea in plugging in Black Phantom. Evo explains his idea, and thanks Furno and Stormer for giving him the idea of combining knowledge with his instincts. Furno is impressed with this and tells Stormer this. Surge wonders where Stringer is. Stringer then arrives with Voltix, late, because he could not remember where he parked his Hero Pod due to Tansari VI's mist.

Capricorn takes credit for saving the Hero Factory and reports that hundreds of villains are still at large. Back in the Hero Factory, Zib realizes that Rocka's membership in the Hero Recon Team is how Rocka contacted Zib and knew that the override controls are in Makuro's quarters. Zib says that he thought Rocka was working for the other side. Rocka apologizes, and then explains that the Black Hole Orb Staff was placed in the Villain Storage Unit because it was a part of some larger plan. Makuro arrives and states that the Breakout was a distraction to keep the Heroes occupied, and there is a larger plan at work. Zib explains that Black Phantom transferred a file containing the Hero Factory building's schematics to an unknown destination.

The file is seen in a dark room activated by possibly Von Nebula and an unseen being laughs when he sees his plan succeeding.


Actor Role(s)
Charlie Adler Speeda Demon
Maurice LaMarche Splitface
Nick Jameson Toxic Reapa
Mark Hamill Black Phantom
John Schneider Preston Stormer
Stephen Stanton Jimi Stringer
Malcolm McDowell Mr. Makuro
Eric Christian Olsen William Furno
Bryton James Mark Surge
Tom Kenny Rocka
Jason London Nathan Evo
Henry Winkler Nathaniel Zib
Jennifer Coolidge Daniella Capricorn
Rick Wasserman Voltix
Steve Wilcox Jawblade


  • XPlode is shown in a silent cameo in the end of the episode. He was recaptured by a Hero. Other villains shown in the previous episode did not appear in this episode. Vapor, Thornraxx, Core Hunter, XT4, Natalie Breez, Dunkan Bulk, and Julius Nex did not appear in the episode for some reason, either.
  • Right before Stormer said to Rocka that Rocka is from the Hero Recon Team, there is a holographic Bulk 1.0 duplicate from Episode 6: Savage Planet Part 1 looking at one of the consoles in the Mission Control Room. The duplicate is just a reused animation model, so this is not canon.
  • Von Nebula's hand is shown in a cameo in the end of the episode. The villain who laughed when he got the Hero Factory plans from Black Phantom is probably not Von Nebula. This unknown villain is not credited in the episode, but did in the next episode, Episode 10: Brain Attack.
  • This episode has an unresolved cliffhanger, as Black Phantom's ally is planning to make an evil version of the Hero Factory.
  • Unlike Episode 6: Savage Planet Part 1 and Episode 7: Savage Planet Part 2, Episode 8 and this episode use word versions of the Savage Planet episodes' title's numbers instead of the numbers themselves for some reason.
  • Like Episode 8, this episode does not have a comic based on its script, neither is it featured in a DVD or ITunes for some reason. Also, unlike the Savage Planet episodes, Rocka's first name, "Daniel", is not credited in the end credits for some reason. Daniela Capricorn's name in the end credits is misspelled as "Daniella Capricorn".

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