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In order to assist the universe and achieve the vision of Akiyama Makuro, Hero Factory regularly sends out Heroes on Missions in all areas of the universe to deal with various threats or needs. These occurrences can range from natural disasters, to crimes committed by dangerous villains, or other civilians who need assistance. These missions are managed by Hero Factory personnel known as Mission Managers—the chief mission manager is Nathaniel Zib.

Some situations require heroes to return to the Hero Factory to get backup, recharge their Hero Cores, or get certain equipment or an upgrade. Heroes can always contact Hero Factory's Mission Control center to get the information they need to contain the problem and stop it. Each Hero is deployed into missions by a Hero Pod, which is either carried by a Drop Ship or directly launched from the top of the Hero Factory. The Heroes sometimes use Drop Ships to get to their mission sites. There are various kinds of missions, like training missions for rookies. Some missions are made of many smaller ones. Some missions are secret.[FO:MSG]

Mission Name Hero Team Opposition Location
Legion of Darkness Alpha 1 The Legion of Darkness Mechna, two more planets, Asteroid J-54, Makuhero City
In the early days of Hero Factory, criminal Black Phantom grouped together the galaxy's worst criminals to destroy Hero Factory in its infancy. Despite a genius plan to destroy Hero Factory's credibility, even leading to it being shutdown, the Legion was stopped by Preston Stormer, who reformed Alpha 1 Team to defeat them.[SM2]
New Stellac City Alpha 1 Silver New Stellac City
Thresher's Team responded to an alert in New Stellac City, where they encountered a gigantic drone, Silver. Thresher was incapacitated while saving the rookies, Preston Stormer and Von Ness, forcing Stormer to intervene and disable the droid. Von Ness fled in fear, and eventually became the criminal Von Nebula. The mission is also called the "Von Ness mission".[Episode 2][Episode 4] The Hero Factory corporation looks at the mission as ill-fated, but they do not think that it was Stormer's fault that this happened.[Episode 1][Episode 2]
Core Hunter Alpha 1 Core Hunter Two planets and a freighter
A Hero-turned-villain called Core Hunter stole three pieces of the Doom Box from three places, and hid them in three other places. The Alpha 1 Team was dispatched to these new places to capture Core Hunter and recover the pieces. Though the Heroes could find the pieces, Core Hunter was eventually captured by the Hero Factory. This happened 7 years before Mission: The Doom Box happened.[SM1]
Imposters Rho 3 None Etamin system
The Rho 3 team was dispatched to the Etamin system, where Hero Factory personnel were about to be banned by neighboring planets, due to previous incompetence by Hero Factory members. Having no record of Heroes sent to the region, Rho 3 was given 16 hours to investigate the incidents. They eventually discovered rogue cleaning robots, who were pretending to be Hero Factory members as they idolized them, were responsible for the damage. Bans on Hero Factory were reversed, and team leader Zeal took custody of the robots, who were then employed as workers in the Hero Factory.
Guard the Princess Zed 4 None Segunis
Zed 4 was assigned to guard the Suzerain of the Segunis planet as she toured through the war-torn outer provinces of the region. However, the princess complicated the trip by repeatedly putting them all in dangerous situations, in order to prove the lack of fear required by her station. Team leader Dodge eventually convinced the princess to admit that she was afraid, and engineered a situation which made the princess look like a hero, increasing her confidence and political standing.
Almaak IV Disappearance Alpha 1 Almaak V officials Almaak V
When the planet Almaak IV disappeared, Alpha 1 was called in to investigate. Stringer eventually deduced that the planet was actually still there, just hidden from view, and destroyed a cloaking device created by the officials of Almaak V, who were trying to provoke a war with neighboring planets.
Yequee Particle Removal Mu 19 None Space
A training mission, where Emma Sage, team leader of Mu 19, took three rookies on a routine mission to remove Yeq particles, which damage ships and block communications to Hero Factory.
Dragons! Epsilon 4 Dragon Earth
Shortly after becoming fully fledged Heroes, Epsilon 4, experienced in dealing with mythical creatures, was chosen by a Mission Manager named Zeta to head to planet Earth, where people made an emergency call on the 1-888-4-HEROFACTORY number to call the Hero Factory, in order to remove a dragon from a local high school, and clean up the damage caused. The dragon was much more placid than predicted, and was located in a nearby wooded area, asleep, and easily contained.
Fire Sprite Suppression Rho 14 Fire Sprites Android Relaxation Grounds
When Fire Sprites attacked the Android Relaxation Grounds, Rho 14 was called in to remove the plasma beings. The team took less than two hours to complete the task, and also helped repair the damage caused.
Pirates of the Constellations Delta 9 Captain Dark Horrendous's space pirate army Space Station Regular 1
Lucas Valor led the Delta 9 Team in facing Captain Dark Horrendous' space pirate army at a space station. Delta 9 was victorious after a lengthy battle.
Tiger Ants Alpha 1 Cornelius Zo and his Tiger Ants A city in an unknown planet
The Alpha 1 Team was sent to stop Cornelius Zo and his army of Tiger Ants from destroying a city. They were able to complete the task thanks to Dunkan Bulk driving a tank called the Crusher. This happened more than a year before the events of Mission: Von Nebula.(Hero Factory FM)
Von Nebula Alpha 1 Von Nebula's Gang Merak 9, Lemus 2, Tantalus 5, Mekron City, New Stellac City
In a series of missions, Von Nebula's criminal gang attacked Alpha 1. The mission ended when Von Nebula got sucked into his Black Hole Orb Staff and all of his six henchmen were captured.
Ordeal of Fire Alpha 1 The Fire Villains Tanker Station 22
Fire Lord and his minions attacked Tanker Station 22 and captured Mark Surge. The newly upgraded 2.0 Alpha 1 Team attacked, capturing the criminals and rescuing Surge.[Episode 5]
Savage Planet Alpha 1 Witch Doctor and his infected animals Quatros
The Witch Doctor had infected Quatros' population[C6] and was illegally mining Quaza.[Episode 6] The 3.0 Heroes from Alpha 1 Team attacked, freed the animals, captured Witch Doctor, and restored Quatros.[Episode 7][C7]
Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em All Heroes All escaped Villains and Black Phantom The entire galaxy
After the Breakout, Heroes were sent to recapture the villains individually.[Episode 8] However, the Black Phantom infiltrated Hero Factory and transmitted the structural building plans to an unknown recipient. Even though the Black Phantom was defeated, the mission was ongoing.[Episode 9] Before Mission: Robot Rampage happened, all escapees are recaptured.[SM4]
The Doom Box Alpha 1 Core Hunter Four planets
Core Hunter planned to find the pieces of the Doom Box and use the Doom Box to rule the galaxy. The mission ended when Natalie Breez made Core Hunter absorb the energies of the Doom Box. Then, when Core Hunter tried to use the energy to attack Mark Surge, Surge redirected the energy to Core Hunter, making his body fold onto itself and disappear.[SM1] Core Hunter somehow survived the incident, lost the Doom Box's energy, and continued to cause crimes. However, Dunkan Bulk was able to recapture him finally.[FO:MSG]
Collision Course Alpha 1 Brains, Aquax, Kirch, Xera The Valiant
Hero Factory detected the Valiant on a collision course with Makuhero City, and Alpha 1 Team was dispatched to the ship. They found that Brains had taken control of the ship, and were planning to destroy Hero Factory. Alpha 1 managed to take control over the Valiant and prevent that disaster.[SM3]
Robot Rampage Alpha 1 Brains, Karter, Dumacc Tranquis VII
Furno and Bulk went to Tranquis VII to rescue Stringer. A swarm of Brains in the planet tried to use the Galactic Conspiracy's weapon called Project Sunstorm. Furno freed Stringer from a Brain, with the help of Stormer. Furno, Stringer, and Bulk fought and defeated the Brains. They arrested Karter for destroying Project Sunstorm and his other evil actions.[SM4]
Mirror World Alpha 1 Karter, villains from Reality 11275.6 The Hero Factory, Von Nebula City from Reality 11275.6
Karter tried the destroy the Hero Factory, but he unintentionally sent Stormer, Furno, Bulk, and Breez to an alternate universe called Reality 11275.6, where versions of their enemies, the Legion of Darkness, XT4, Core Hunter, and Von Nebula, ruled much of the galaxy. The alternate universe's versions of Brains sensed the Heroes, so they tried to get to the prime reality to use the Hero Factory's technology. However, the four Heroes worked with the alternate universe's ones and Akiyama Makuro to fight and defeat the Brains and Von Nebula while the Brains destroyed the Legion of Darkenss, XT4, Core Hunter, and their guards and bounty hunters called the Jolters. The Alpha 1 Team returned to the prime reality and stopped Karter. He was killed by the Galactic Conspiracy's boss.[SM5]
Invasion From Below Alpha 1 The Jumpers Antropolis City
The Jumpers attacked Antropolis City. The Alpha 1 Team used their Battle Machines to fight and stop the Jumpers. The mission ended with the Jumpers stopped. The Alpha 1 Team convinced the city's people to build a bridge over the city rather than a tunnel below it.[Episode 11]


  • The missions' names can also be called "Operations", as Daniela Capricorn called Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em "Operation: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em."[Episode 10]
  • Not all missions are officially named, as they are named after significant parts of them in this wiki.
  • The Attack on Makuhero City is technically not a mission because it involved the Heroes defending Makuhero City from the Brains.

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