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Secret Mission 1: The Doom Box

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Secret Mission 1: The Doom Box
Secret Mission 1 The Doom Box.jpg
Type Secret Mission Book
Year(s) released 2012

Secret Mission #1: The Doom Box is a Hero Factory chapter book by Greg Farshtey and the first book in the Secret Mission series. It was released by Scholastic on September 1, 2012.


Five thousand years ago, four hooded beings including Deneb, Arctur, and two others of their robotic-reptilian race are creating the Doom Box in a mysterious chamber. As the box is completed, they examine it, and Deneb marvels at the power it will grant them, but Arctur tells him that the box will not be used, but rather destroyed. Deneb questions this but Arctur explains the Doom Box has no off switch and destroys it. The pieces are scattered, but Deneb draws a map. This map gets into the hands of thieves who are attacked repeatedly by the beings that made it and sell it off.

Much later, it is in the aftermath of Voltix's Breakout and Nathaniel Zib issues a Delta-Red Warning, that the galaxy is in danger. Preston Stormer rounds up William Furno, Mark Surge, and Dunkan Bulk who were trapped in the training room of Hero Factory. They along with Jimi Stringer and Natalie Breez are assembled and told that the escaped former Hero Core Hunter is trying to recover the Doom Box. First they watch Bulk's mission log against Core Hunter in the past. Bulk arrived to respond to a theft from a highly guarded vault, and found that Core Hunter disassembled himself and was placed in the vault. He re-assembled himself and left the vault by going out, which was not guarded. Bulk then went into a nearby power plant to search for Core Hunter but was trapped in a power net. Bulk had to destroy a dynamo to escape, and Core Hunter started a chain reaction with the second. Bulk sounded the alarm for the workers to escape, but this allowed Core Hunter to get away. Looking for where Core Hunter could have hidden the Doom Box fragment, Stringer found a duradium mine nearby and reasoned Core Hunter would hide the fragment there.

Next, Stormer's mission log was examined. On an unnamed criminal planet, he talked to Geb, a small-time owner of a station. Geb pointed Stormer to Core Hunter's room where Stormer then narrowly avoided a trap set by Core Hunter to drain his Hero Core. Realizing the villain was in a nearby building, Stormer pretended to give up and leave. In actuality he flew over Core Hunter's building and jumped in through the roof. Core Hunter was a little shocked, and Stormer managed to defeat him and began to drag him to his ship. The villain then exploded and Core Hunter told Stormer that it was a double and he was off-planet. In the present, it was determined that Geb was the only lead to the fragment. Stringer's mission log showed him going on a derelict ship in space and he and Core Hunter getting attacked by a winged creature. As it could kill them both, Core Hunter and Stringer navigated it out in space using the airlocks. Core Hunter then left Stringer to die in space, but the creature saved Stringer by putting him in Core Hunter's ship as Core Hunter had taken Stringer's. By tracking Stringer's ship, it was how Core Hunter was apprehended. It was determined the Doom Box fragment was in the cargo hold of the ship. With Zib, Julius Nex, and Nathan Evo running the mission the Alpha 1 Team went to recapture Core Hunter, who was in space at the time, plotting to become the galaxy's ruler.

Bulk and Breez arrived at Geb's store pretending to be smugglers and asked him to store something in their vault. He took them down, and they saw the Doom Box fragment, Core Hunter had run a double bluff with Stormer. Core Hunter then arrived and used anti-gravity disks to levitate Geb into the sky and retrieve the Doom Box fragment. Bulk fired his Missile Launcher at Core Hunter, but a hooded being saved him and told him to hurry to the mine before vanishing. Breez and Bulk chased Core Hunter, but he escaped. Furno and Stormer were heading to the mine location, and after avoiding sentries, they found the area covered in a thick layer of dust which Furno determined was artificial. After facing down sentry robots, they saw a hooded being at their ship who told them Speeda Demon's name. Rocka was sent by Stormer to Asteroid J-54 to interrogate Splitface as Speeda Demon had managed to escape yet again. Splitface told Rocka that Speeda Demon bought Deneb's map but sold it to Core Hunter and gave Rocka the name of a planet. Arriving, Rocka encountered the hooded being.

Stringer and Surge had been fighting off Core Hunter's mercenaries in the ship graveyard before being pinned down, and forcing Surge to abandon Stringer. Stormer, Breez, Furno, and Bulk all arrived to help Surge save Stringer. They found Core Hunter having assembled two of the Doom Box pieces and intending to ascend to ruler by the threat of using the third fragment. Angrily, Surge shot him with his Electricity Shooter, causing Core Hunter to spasm and form the box. The hooded being revealed himself as Arctur and shattered the box once again. He teleported Core Hunter to where the Doom Box was forged, the only place it truly could be activated. Arctur revealed that Core Hunter has to activate the box so his Hero Core Remover Tool could absorb the energies, rendering the Doom Box harmless. Arctur travelled with the Heroes to his planet where they met Rocka. They went down and confronted Core Hunter.

Stormer told Core Hunter that he was used as a way to weed out Heroes unfit for duty by stealing their Hero Cores, and that Core Hunter was only a small-time criminal and his ego was inflated. With his reputation gone, Core Hunter fired at Stormer, but Arctur took the blast and became fatally wounded. Core Hunter then activated the Doom Box, but Breez inserted the villain's weapon into the transparent box, and its unique properties absorbed the energy. The Doom Box's threat was over after five thousand years, but Core Hunter now harnessed unlimited power. Defeating all the Heroes save Surge, he offered Surge a spot in his empire. Surge declined and reflected Core Hunter's power back at the villain, and Core Hunter's body folded in on itself and vanished. The Doom Box was taken back to Hero Factory, where Stormer and Surge reflected on how and why Heroes like Core Hunter turn bad. However, they had to continue re-capturing the escaped criminals.



  • Preston Stormer
  • Jimi Stringer
  • Dunkan Bulk
  • William Furno
  • Natalie Breez
  • Mark Surge
  • Nathan Evo
  • Julius Nex
  • Rocka


  • Core Hunter
  • Splitface
  • Geb


  • Arctur
  • Deneb
  • Nathaniel Zib
  • We Who Serve


  • Zib's statement that "only the best will be good enough" for the mission to stop Core Hunter is a reference to The LEGO Group's company motto, "det bedste er ikke for godt", commonly translated as "only the best is good enough".

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