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Makuhero Star
Makuhero Star Page 1.png
Type Newspaper
Year(s) released 2010

The Makuhero Star was a promotional newspaper released in the September–October 2010 UK LEGO Magazine.


The front page commends Preston Stormer and the Alpha 1 Team for defeating Von Nebula after he attacked the planet Earth. This story concludes on the next page. The second page discusses a monster beetle outbreak in Makuhero City, and Stormer receiving an award for his bravery in stopping Von Nebula on Earth. On the third page, there are several advertisements, mainly one for Hero Factory. The back page discusses sports, and how William Furno's last-minute goal put his soccer team, Makuhero FC, first in the galactic standings. It also says that Furno has signed a three-year deal to remain on the Makuhero FC team.