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"Another squad won't be Alpha Team. You and yours are the best, and only the best will be good enough this time."
Nathaniel Zib, Secret Mission 1: The Doom Box

Alpha 1 Team
Hero Team
Headquarters/Base Makuhero City
Leader(s) Preston Stormer
Status Active
Goal(s) Protect the universe

The Alpha 1 Team, or Alpha Team or Team Alpha,[Episode 11] is an elite Hero team from the Hero Factory. The team is the most famous of the Hero teams.[HiA]


Thresher's Leadership

Thresher with Von Ness and Preston Stormer

Alpha 1 was the first active Hero Factory squad, led by veteran Hero Thresher. Thresher organized the formation of his team, gaining newly created rookie Heroes Preston Stormer, Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk, and Von Ness. Alpha 1 became reputed as a legendary team within the Hero Factory, and it was the dream of many Heroes to be leader of the team. Stormer had aspirations to become leader of Alpha 1, like many others, and targeted the position specifically, despite idolizing Thresher. After many successes, the missions began to get more routine due to Alpha 1 scaring off criminals. Thresher left to investigate a crash of a Hover Ship containing XT4 robots at Makuro Industries, secretly caused by Thornraxx, and Stormer and Stringer were sent to watch a move of mining robots. However, Stormer and Stringer found no move and were attacked by the mining robots instead. XT4 arrived, saving them, alleging to be Alpha 1's new rookie. He was taken back to Hero Factory where XT4 met Bulk and Von Ness, where he stole company secrets and escaped in a Drop Ship. He was pursued by the rookie Heroes to Asteroid J-54, where Bulk and Von Ness went on the asteroid to stop XT4, who freed Voltix and Toxic Reapa, who the Alpha 1 Team arrested earlier, from the prison. However, XT4 caused a prison break to distract the Heroes. The Heroes started fending off the prisoners, and then Von Ness went to stop XT4, Voltix, and Toxic Reapa while Bulk fought the prisoners alone. Stormer and Stringer were pinned in by an ore freighter with its engines set to explode. The only way to escape was blocked by Black Phantom's scout ship. He announced the Legion of Darkness to Stormer before leaving the Heroes trapped in the explosion, though Stormer and Stringer survived. Von Ness found XT4, Voltix, and Toxic Reapa, but he was too afraid fight them because he felt outnumbered. The villains convinced him to let them pass. After Von Ness let them pass, the villains took XT4's Drop Ship while Toxic Reapa destroyed Bulk and Von Ness', making the two Heroes unable to get out of the asteroid. When Thresher learned what happened to the rookies, he collected Stormer and Stringer, and then Bulk and Von Ness.

After Stormer and Stringer recovered from their injuries, Thresher and and Nathaniel Zib called a meeting with the team and announced that Hero Factory's reputation was in tatters because of the jailbreak, and it would be impossible to regain it, causing Akiyama Makuro to close down Hero Factory. Stormer resisted, but Bulk, Stringer, and Von Ness accepted security guard positions at Makuro Industries and departed, though Stormer gave them Hero transmitters. Jawblade made the power go out at Hero Factory, causing Thresher to investigate in the Assembly Tower and Stormer at the power core. Stormer found XT4 and Splitface and began to fight them while Thesher encountered Voltix, Toxic Reapa, and Speeda Demon. Despite Thesher's best efforts, he was no match for all three of the villains alone and captured. Stormer sent a signal to the other Heroes to call for help. He managed to outwit and defeat Splitface, but was attacked by Black Phantom. Black Phantom explained his secret plan to use the Legion as tools and then have them get captured, leaving him as the destroyer of Hero Factory with no competition, though he will keep XT4. Stormer recorded Black Phantom's plan without Black Phantom knowing it. Just then the other Heroes arrived, they confronted Black Phantom and XT4. Von Ness defeated XT4 to start making up for his mistake on Asteroid J-54. They chased Black Phantom into the Assembly Tower where Stormer played a recording of Black Phantom's plan to inform the other villains about it, causing them to rebel against their leader. In the chaos, Von Ness saved Thresher, and the team defeat the remaining Legion members. The whole Legion of Darkness was apprehended by the Alpha 1 Team. Though Thresher covered up the incident as it almost was disastrous, Makuro commended Alpha 1's bravery and announced his plans to go ahead with Hero Factory.[SM2]

While responding to a routine burglary alarm, Thresher, Stormer, and Ness encountered a giant mechanoid running rampant in New Stellac City. Thresher was incapacitated trying to protect the rookies, and Stormer ordered Ness to guard the fallen leader, while he challenged the robot. Von Ness instead stole their Drop Ship and fled the area out of cowardice; Stormer attempted to stop him, but was unable to. Using the taking off ship as a leverage point, Stormer was eventually able to disable the robot, saving the city and Thresher.[Episode 2][Episode 4]

Stormer's Ascension

Stormer eventually became the leader of Alpha 1, replacing Thresher, who willingly stood down to allow the new generation of Heroes to succeed. As a result of his previous experiences with Von Ness, Stormer was extremely rough with new recruits to his team, with most of them transferring out due to the pressure. Stringer and Bulk remained permanent fixtures on the team, veteran Heroes themselves. Von Ness became the criminal mastermind known as Von Nebula, having sworn revenge against Stormer.

Service Record

Three senior members of Alpha 1

The senior Alpha 1 members had a series of conflicts against Hero-turned-villain Core Hunter. Bulk fought him on one planet, but Core Hunter escaped by rigging a power plant to blow. On an unnamed criminal world, Stormer came into conflict with Core Hunter's duplicate, and captured it before the real Core Hunter destroyed it. Finally, Stringer and Core Hunter had the final showdown on a space freighter where they had to band together to drive off a powerful creature. In the aftermath, Core Hunter stole Stringer's ship, but it was able to be taken over remotely by the Hero Factory and this led to Core Hunter's capture.[SM1]

The Alpha 1 Team was once called in to investigate the vanishing of the planet Almaak IV. The governing officials of Almaak V blamed the planet's disappearance on a weapon that had been invented in the Prima Giedi system. It was Jimi Stringer who discovered that the planet was merely cloaked by a holographic projection. The team discovered that Almaak V officials were responsible; the government was attempting to incite a war with the Prima Giedi system.

Last year, Alpha 1 was assigned to fight off a villain named Cornelius Zo and his army of giant Tiger Ants that were destroying a city. Bulk drove the ants off by using a tank called the Crusher. There was also one time where they successfully captured a notorious space pirate.(Hero Factory FM)

A division of three rookies, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge, and led by Furno, was attached to the Alpha 1 team and named Rookie 1.

At one time, all six members of the Alpha 1 Team chased fuel smugglers in the Faraday Belt. The team survived and completed the mission.(Hero Factory FM)

All members of the Alpha 1 except for Surge had many interviews with Mak Megahertz in his radio talk show called Hero Factory FM, in his segment called Mak in the Morning. Breez did her first interview with Mak Megahertz two months after the mission in the Faraday Belt.

Rise of the Rookies

Alpha 1, accompanied by Furno, was assigned to guard a shipment of C-4000 explosives headed for a mining center on Merak 9. Upon arriving at the asteroid, the center was attacked by XPlode and Rotor. Though the team managed to protect the shipment, both villains escaped.

Later, Stormer, with Furno, Breez, and Surge, responded to an attack on a Lemus 2 explosives plant by Rotor and XPlode. Stormer was injured, but the rookies succeeded in fending off the criminals. While XPlode escaped, Rotor was arrested by Furno.[Episode 1]

Stormer staring down Furno

Team members Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer, along with Breez and Surge, repaired the damage on Lemus 2 and oversaw the installation of new security measures for the explosives plant. The four Heroes were then called to respond to an attack on the construction site of Penitentiary 1331 on Tantalus 5 by Corroder. While Breez evacuated the workers, Bulk, Stringer, and Surge engaged Corroder. Bulk sustained serious injuries after becoming pinned under a pile of girders and the three were forced to create a Hero Cell until Furno arrived. Furno defeated Corroder and convinced him that more Heroes had arrived when Breez appeared in a Hero Craft. Corroder fled, and Bulk was taken back to Hero Factory to be recharged.[Episode 2]

Stormer and the rookie team went to Mekron City in response to an alert. Upon their arrival, Police Chief Drax, infected with nanobots, attacked them and the Heroes were forced to subdue him. Meltdown appeared and infected Stormer with nanobots as well before escaping. Stormer was taken back to Hero Factory, where the nanobots took full control of him. Stormer escaped the building, despite Bulk, Stringer, and Furno's attempts to stop him. Furno went after Stormer while the rest of the team traveled to Lunar Tratix to find a cure. Furno fought with Stormer, making the leader realize that there was still a piece of his personality left. This was enough for Stormer to suppress the effects of the nanobots long enough to be taken back to Hero Factory and cured.[Episode 3]

The team later traveled to New Stellac City to answer a distress call. There they found Thunder, who was soon joined by XPlode, Corroder, and Meltdown, who attacked the three. The rookie team quickly arrived to aid them. Von Nebula appeared in a black hole, and Stormer and Furno followed him into it. Tricking the criminal mastermind, the two trapped Von Nebula within his own staff. The other villains fired upon the rest of the team until they ran out of ammunition. They were then arrested and transported back to Hero Factory.[Episode 4]

At some point, Bulk, Furno, and a Drop Ship pilot fought Vapor.[S!] Vapor got arrested and imprisoned in the Hero Factory building.[FO:MSG] It is unknown if the three Heroes had defeated and arrested him before this.

Ordeal of Fire

The Alpha 1 Team newly upgraded

Stormer, Furno, Breez, and Surge responded to an alert at Tanker Station 22, as informed by Zib,[FO:MSG] where the Fire Lord and his minions, Drilldozer, Nitroblast, and Jetbug were attacking. The Heroes were unable to fend off the villains, and they were forced to fall back. Before they could escape with the station workers, they were cornered by the Fire Lord and his minions. However, Surge broke away from the group, drawing the villains fire towards him, giving the group enough time to escape.

Meanwhile, Stringer, Bulk, and Thresher were attending a press conference where Makuro was presenting the 2.0 Upgrade, Julius Nex, and Nathan Evo.

Stormer and the remaining members returned to the Hero Factory, where they met Nex and Evo,[FO:MSG] and attempted to acquire the upgrade to 2.0 forms. Akiyama Makuro refused to let them be upgraded, as the process was unfinished. They eventually convinced him to allow it, and the Heroes were successfully upgraded. Breez came first, and then Furno, and finally Stormer.

The three Heroes returned to Tanker Station 22, where they engaged the Fire Lord and his forces in combat. With assistance from Nex and Evo, as well as Surge, the Alpha Team was successful in defeating the criminals, and apprehended them, returning them to Hero Factory. Surge received an upgrade, and was presented an Ice Spear Blaster at a ceremony commending his bravery. Stringer, Bulk, and Thresher attended the ceremony. The team recruited Nex and Evo.[Episode 5]

After the upgrade is perfected, all current members of the Alpha 1 Team got the upgrade, and Stormer, Furno, Breez, and Surge's upgrades were later perfected.[C6][Episode 6][Episode 7][C7][Episode 8] At one time, Stormer, Furno, Breez, Surge, Nex, and Evo went to fight a robotic monster called Makuro-X1, who was attacking the Hero Factory, but it is unknown what happened to the monster when the Hero Factory is safe.(questionable canonicity)

Savage Planet

The first five 3.0 heroes of Alpha 1 Team

New Hero Daniel Rocka joined Alpha 1's rookie division, and later went on a mission to Quatros replying to a distress call from Aldous Witch, Stormer's old professor who got exiled from the Hero Factory for trying to implant a Hero Core on his body. Once there, Rocka reported that the planet had changed, and Rocka was assaulted by Witch, who became a villain called the Witch Doctor, and his two infected Fangz hounds. Alpha 1 members Stormer, Stringer, Bulk, Furno, and Nex were outfitted with various animal-based armor and weaponry. Stormer came first, then Furno, Stringer, Nex, and finally Bulk. The five Heroes traveled to Quatros to aid Rocka. Once there, the injured Rocka told Stormer that the Witch Doctor had attacked him. Furno spotted the Witch Doctor and ran off to try to catch him, but he failed. The Witch Doctor announced his plan to Furno that he wanted the Heroes' large Drop Ship to escape the dying planet. After the Witch Doctor disappeared, Furno was founded by Nex and Stringer. Three infected animals, a female Waspix, a male Scorpio, and a male Raw-Jaw, encountered the three Heroes and were about to fight them[C6] when they left the area. The three Heroes went back to their team. The team went to travel across the jungle with the upgraded Rocka to a transporter that can take them to the site of the Witch Doctor's Quaza mining.

After the team found a transporter, which is a teleportation tunnel, Nex revealed that it could not take more than three Heroes in a charge because the tunnel was not active anymore and it could take days for the tunnel to recharge. Since this and Furno and Rocka being competitive to each other, Stormer decided to temporarily split up the team. Stormer told Furno to lead Nex and Stringer, and Rocka to lead Bulk and himself. Rocka's unit took the malfunctioning tunnel directly to the mining site, and Furno's unit traveling through the jungle to get to the mining site. Rocka's group was shrunk down by the teleportation tunnel after using it to get to thr mining site, which is an ancient temple, so Rocka decided to have his unit do some reconnaissance for now. Furno's group encountered the Waspix and the Scorpio.[Episode 6] Furno's unit was able to defeat the Waspix and free her from the corrupted Quaza implanted on her wings by removing the Quaza from the wings, but the Heroes were having a difficult time fighting the Scorpio. Rocka and Bulk were captured by the Witch Doctor, causing Stormer to order Furno to have his unit get to the temple immeditately and free Rocka and Bulk from the Witch Doctor. Furno had his unit run to the temple, with the Scorpio chasing them. Furno freed the Scoprio from the Witch Doctor's control while Nex and Stringer rescued Rocka and Bulk.

After Nex and Stringer restored Rocka's unit back to their normal size, Rocka and Stormer engaged Witch Doctor in a fight, but Witch Doctor knocked Rocka aside and then was defeating Stormer. Stringer freed a Raw-Jaw from the Witch Doctor's control. Furno discovered ancient armor pieces in the temple, and then he and Rocka used the pieces to make Rocka taller and stronger, turning Rocka into Rocka XL. When the Witch Doctor was defeating Stormer, Rocka got the Witch Doctor's attention, saving Stormer, and then fought the Witch Doctor. Stringer and Bulk freed the two Fangz from the Witch Doctor's control. When the Witch Doctor was defeating Rocka, Stormer stole the Witch Doctor's staff called the Skull Staff, saving Rocka, taking away the Witch Doctor's powers, and defeating the Witch Doctor. Stormer broke the staff. Furno returned the planet's core's Quaza back to it right to save the planet from dying. The six Heroes put Hero Cuffs on the Witch Doctor, arresting him.[Episode 7][C7]


Rocka got a new upgrade. When the massive breakout in the Hero Factory (orchestrated by Black Phantom and Voltix), in which the captured villains within the Hero Factory's containment facility escaped, Rocka, Furno, Stormer, Stringer, Surge, and Evo tried to stop the villains from escaping, but they failed. Later, the whole Alpha 1 Team was outfitted with new upgrades similar to Rocka's and new sets of Hero Cuffs to help bring the villains back in. They were sent after various criminals to locations in the galaxy. Stormer was sent after Speeda Demon, Furno after Jawblade, Evo after Toxic Reapa, Surge after Splitface, Stringer after Voltix, Breez after Thornraxx, Bulk after Core Hunter, and Nex after XT4. Stormer came before Furno, Evo, Surge, and Stringer. The Alpha 1 Team went to recapture their assigned villains, but Rocka was the only Hero left in Hero Factory when Black Phantom took it over.[Episode 8] Rocka learned of Black Phantom's take over of the building. He then went to Makuro's room to deactivate the Hero Factory's force field called the Fail-Safe Shield, which Black Phantom had put up. By that time Stormer, Furno, Evo, and Surge had returned successfully and Rocka went to them and tracked Black Phantom into the Assembly Tower. With Evo's idea, Rocka plugged Black Phantom into the system more than he was, overloading his energy systems. Hero Factory was restored, and Stringer then arrived with Voltix. The present members of the team were informed by Nathaniel Zib that Black Phantom had transferred the building's schematics to an unknown recipient.[Episode 9] Breez, Bulk, and Nex's villains were still on the loose, and Voltix and Speeda Demon were able to escape yet again.[SM1]

A new rookie later joined the team. This rookie is currently stationed solo in one of the outer sectors of Hero Factory jurisdiction, where he is considered a freedom fighter for the frontier worlds there. He was after a mutated industrial robotic villain during Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em. Since the mission was over before Mission: Robot Rampage happened, it is unknown if this rookie had completed his part of the mission when the villain he was after was recaptured.(questionable canonicity)

The Doom Box

Alpha 1 was called in to respond to a Delta-Red warning, that the galaxy was in danger due to Core Hunter re-assembling the fragments of the Doom Box, which would lead to the galaxy's destruction. After reviewing Bulk, Stormer, and Stringer's previous missions against Core Hunter, they realized where they could find the locations of the fragments. Splitting up into three teams of two, they went to the site of previous battles against Core Hunter. Bulk and Breez found one of the fragments, but Arctur saved the villain. Furno and Stormer were too late at their fragment, but Arctur gave them a lead involving Speeda Demon. Rocka interrogated Splitface on Asteroid J-54 and learned the name of the planet where the Doom Box was forged. Surge and Stringer were at the final location, and were joined Bulk, Breez, Furno, and Stormer. They found Core Hunter with the three fragments, and Surge impulsively attacked Core Hunter, giving the villain spasms and causing him to form the box, though the box did not activate, surprising the Heroes and Core Hunter. Arctur shattered it and teleported him to where the Doom Box was forged. He then explained to the Heroes that Core Hunter has to activate the Doom Box, so his Hero Core Remover Tool can absorb its energies, rendering the Doom Box harmless. The Heroes and Arctur went to the Doom Box's planet and met Rocka there. The seven Heroes confronted Core Hunter, and then the Heroes goaded the villain into activating it. Core Hunter tried to kill Stormer for the insults, but Arctur took the blow and got fatally wounded instead. Shortly after Core Hunter activated the Doom Box, Breez used his weapon to absorb the Box's energies, rendering it harmless. However, Core Hunter was left with the energy and began to attack the Heroes. Core Hunter defeated all but Surge, who reflected the villain's powers at him, causing Core Hunter's body to fold and vanish. With Arctur being the only casualty, the Doom Box was put in Hero Factory and Alpha 1 went back to recapturing villains.[SM1]

Core Hunter somehow survived his ordeal with the Doom Box, lost his Doom Box powers, and got recaptured by Bulk finally.[SM5][FO:MSG] The whole Alpha 1 Team recaptured all of their assigned villains.[FO:MSG]

Since the team's fights with Core Hunter, they became worried that well-equipped villains like him can steal or destroy their Hero Cores. However, Rocka designed the Hero Core Locking Clamps, with the help of Zib, so the Heroes felt safe about their Cores.[FO:MSG]

Brain Attack

At some point, Furno was promoted a team commander for many Hero teams, though he still obeys Stormer due to him being a member of the Alpha 1 Team.

Attack on Makuhero City

Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Bulk, Breez, Surge, and Evo attended a publicity event in Makuhero City where Furno announced that many of the criminals from the Breakout have been recaptured. After giving autographs and posing for pictures, the Heroes were urgently recalled to Hero Factory. Zib announced that there is an army amasing around Makuhero City and the Heroes quickly upgraded. Furno came first, then Stormer, Surge, Evo, Bulk, Rocka, and Breez.[TBW] The Heroes went outside to see the city, which was somewhat damaged. Furno was given operational command over the mission and directed Heroes into tactical positions, and assigned Evo to canals and Surge to Hero Factory. The team saw an army of Brain-controlled creatures and began fighting them, Evo dealing with Aquagon and his species. Bulk figured out how to remove Brains from the beasts, and the Heroes did so, and started to gain the upper hand. Surge was taken over by a Brain and his signal went offline, and Dragon Bolt soon arrived, breaking into Hero Factory. The Heroes chased after Dragon Bolt, and Rocka took care of the dragon by chasing him through the skyline with a jetpack before removing his Brain. The others found Surge creating an army of Blank Heroes, and fought them before Breez saved Surge from the Brain and then had Surge shut the drones down. After the Brains were defeated, the Heroes went to repairing the city and helping civilians.[Episode 10]

Collision Course

After a communications line was downed on Tranquis VII, Stringer went to the planet, expecting an easy mission. On the capital of Tranuquis VII, also called Tranquis, Stringer found that a swarm of Brains had overrun the city.[SM3][SM4]

After all major criminals had been captured, a meeting was called between Alpha 1 members save Stringer. The team then picked up a signal call from the Valiant in deep space, a ship commanded by Stormer's old friend, Aquax. It began heading on a collision course directly to the Hero Factory. Rocka and Breez were sent on the Valiant, and they used personal rocket packs that Rocka designed to get there. The other team members lost contact with them, and Bulk and Furno voted to simply blow up the ship, even with the knowledge that it would kill Rocka and Breez in the process. Stormer refused and took a personal rocket pack for himself.

On the ship, Breez and Rocka arrived and found it strangely empty, with Breez picking up more organic than mechanical energy signatures. Rocka went to engineering to try and cut off the power flow to the engines, and then was attacked by a group of Brains. Running from auxiliary control, Rocka entered engineering and saw twenty crew members, all controlled by Brains. The Brains' swarm leader, who possessed the ship's security chief named Kirch, captured Rocka. Breez met Xera, who claimed to be a refugee from the Brains, and sent her into the ventilation system to escape. However, she was attacked by a Brain, but managed to defeat it. She found a hundred crew members who were not possessed by the Brains and reawakened them from their forced sleep, which was how their mechanical energy signatures were not picked up. Stormer had been flying to the ship and radioed his old friend, Aquax, who was the captain of the Valiant, but grew suspicious because of Aquax's new behavior, and tried to board, but the Valiant fired upon him. He managed to get on the ship and meet Breez. Aquax, who was revealed to be also possessed by a Brain, and two more Brains confronted Breez and Stormer, but were defeated by Xera, who had done so only due to Aquax's disobeying of Kirch in letting Stormer board. Kirch told the Heroes through the ship's communication system that he has Rocka hostage. Evo and other Heroes in several Drop Ships then arrived, but had new orders that Furno gave after talking to Bulk, who wrote his resignation letter after condemning Stormer and his teammates to death. When Stormer and Breez were talking about their plan to retake the Valiant by using its auxiliary control room, Xera attacked the Heroes, revealing his secret allegiance to the Brains. However, Xera was defeated by Breez. The Drop Ships held the Valiant still with tractor beams. This distracted Kirch from Rocka, unintentionally freeing him. Kirch started using the Valiant to fire on them. However, Stormer used the auxiliary control room to try to stop the attack while Breez went to the bridge to stop the Brains from there to do so. Bulk and Furno then arrived on their Drop Ship and then at the Valiant bridge, and Breez and Stormer joined them while Rocka went to the auxiliary control room. Stormer called Evo to call Hero Factory to call more allied space ships from the local solar systems, forming a fleet that could help the Heroes defeat the Brains. Stormer then had Rocka use the auxiliary control room to send the Valiant toward Makuhero City's sun, forcing the Brains to give up their hosts without destroying them and leave. As the Brains were vaporized, the ship was heading now for the sun, Stormer and Aquax gave up with an idea on saving everyone. Rocka warned everyone around the Valiant away. Bulk and Stormer went to cuff off the ship's engines. Furno and Breez had its crates of an explosive material called Galedanium ready to be launched. Aquax went to the bridge. Bulk destroyed the engines, stopping the ship. The Galedanium was discharged by Furno and Breez in front of the ship, blowing it away from the sun.

Returning to Hero Factory, Stormer refused to accept Bulk's resignation, saying that Bulk did the right thing during the mission Stormer's friendship with Aquax had clouded his judgement, but added that the Brain's plan was likely just beginning.[SM3]

Robot Rampage

Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em was over when all Breakout villains were recaptured.[SM4]

Stringer managed to get to a working communications tower and radioed Furno for help before he his mind was taken over by a Brain.

Stormer sent Bulk and Furno to the city with a prototype Drop Ship with a chameleon ability. Bulk disguised it as a cargo ship, but they were attacked by three pirate space ships and a pirate space battle cruiser, and Bulk hid behind a moon. When Bulk and Furno touched down outside Tranquis, they found the area deserted, and pursued a single robot by tunneling underground. They broke into a secret lab underground and were attacked by security robots, but Bulk and Furno distracted them with likozite and a flashbang. Going to the roof of a building, Furno saw the robots with Brains on their heads surrounding the building, and the two fled to another building. There, Stringer and twelve other robots controlled by Brains ambushed them until Karter and his security robots saved them. Karter took them back to his laboratory and explained he and Dumacc were trying to get a cure for the Brains as Tranquis VII robots had a partial immunity after a previous environmental catastrophe. However, Bulk and Furno were asked to stop drawing attention to the Brains, and Dumacc jailed them when they refused. Stringer then called Stormer for Hero reinforcements, worrying Stormer as Stringer seemed out of character. Zib inspired Stormer to take command of the prototype Drop Ship remotely to have more control of the situation. Dumacc reformed and gave Furno and Bulk their weapons back to defend the lab from Brains, saying if they got to the superweapon Project Sunstorm, the Brains would be invincible. Bulk and Furno tried Dumacc up with cable as punishment for his evil actions and because they were tired of looking after him. The Heroes stopped Karter from transferring Project Sunstorm's data to his bosses. Bulk had Karter draw Brains away for him to defeat them while Furno went to Stringer and fought him. Turning down Stringer's offer of a place in a Brain empire, Furno cuffed Stringer. However, Stringer attempted suicide, but was saved by Bulk's Drop Ship, controlled by Stormer from the Hero Factory. Furno knocked the Brain off Stringer as Stormer flew the ship to Bulk and gave it to him. Bulk brought Karter along and rammed the ship in the ground. Bulk and Karter saw Brains, who were controlling Dumacc, activating Project Sunstorm. Bulk and Karter started fighting security robots possessed by Brains. Furno and Stringer arrived just in time to help Bulk and Karter defeat the security robots. Bulk stopped Dumacc from using Project Sunstorm and then Stringer shut it down. Stringer and Furno activated a large electromagnetic pulse that shut down all of the robots in the city but Stringer, Furno, Bulk, and Karter, making the Brains lose control of their hosts.

Stormer, Evo, Rocka, Breez, Nex, a dozen other Heroes, and Zib arrived later on the planet. The 20 Heroes put the Brains in stasis and started cleaning up the mess in the city. At one point, Zib, who was examining Project Sunstorm, and Bulk found Karter had knocked him unconscious and destroyed the weapon. Karter tried to stab Bulk with a dagger, but was defeated by Bulk and the Heroes put him in jail in Hero Factory. Stormer and Stringer discussed that the Brains must be controlled and made by another power and that there was a conspiracy that created Project Sunstorm, but that the Brains are a more pressing threat.[SM4]

Mirror World

Evo did security check on Bulk at a security checkpoint. Bulk went to the meeting with Stormer, Furno, and Breez at the briefing room while Jimi Stringer was busy submitting to lengthy debriefings as a result of Mission: Robot Rampage. Stormer told his fellow Heroes about a power generator that would provide Hero Cores with a new energy source. However, Karter used a solid-light hologram projector to mess with the beta and zed circuits of the generator, sabotaging it.

On the next day, when the Heroes activated the generator to test it, it rapidly went out of control. The Heroes were unable to escape and were forced to sacrifice themselves to prevent the generator's explosive energy from leaking out and destroying Makuhero City. A beam of blinding light from the generator knocked the four Heroes unconscious and teleported them to a deserted warehouse in an alternate reality.

After Breez realized she and her fellow Heroes had been spatially displaced, the Heroes noticed an attacker robbing a person of tools. After the Heroes stopped the robber, the robber and the victum looked at the Heroes as criminals, confusing them. Bulk realized they were at the same coordinates as they were before, as they believed they are in Makuhero City. The four Heroes went to learn about the strange new changes in the city, so they went to Makuhero University, which is mysteriously renamed Von Nebula University. The Heroes asked a female small, thin, clerk robot called L-22 from the university to learn about the city's history, and she suggested using a device called a Histotron, which looks different from the one the Heroes know, to do so. When Stormer used the device and got his answers from it, he told his fellow Heroes to leave the university. Stormer then told them that they are in the alternate universe, where Von Ness betrayed Hero Factory to Black Phantom in its early stages and it was defeated. Rebuilt as Von Nebula, he ruled the Citadel, a vast empire of villainous planets around the galaxy, and changed Makuhero City's name to Von Nebula City. Von Nebula created laws where heroism is punished, and crime and power are honored. The Heroes vowed to get back to their universe.

The Heroes came up with a plan to meet Von Nebula and see if the universe has its own version of the generator, as they theorized that the Citadel may have it. The Heroes attacked and defeated Splitface, Jawblade, and other villains and stopped their crimes while pretending to be a gang of villains. It took three days for the Heroes to get the Citadel's attention. When XT4 stole several jewels, which attracted the four Heroes' attention, he told them that Von Nebula wants to negotiate. Stormer told him to tell Von Nebula that he and his team want a meeting with him.

Thrity-six hours later, the Heroes noticed Jawblade in chains, showing that the Citadel wished to meet them at their place. The Heroes went to the Citadel, where they met six members of the Citadel's inner circle, Von Nebula, Speeda Demon, XT4, Black Phantom, Toxic Reapa, and Core Hunter. During the two groups' conversation, Von Nebula was shocked to see Stormer, so he had a small group of Jolters imprison the Heroes and planned to interrogate them, despite Stormer demanding him to hand the Citadel to the Heroes. However, the Heroes defeated the group of Jolters. They planned a breakout of Heroes in the Citadel's prison. They first freed the alternate reality William, who did not trust the prime realty Heroes at first, but Furno angrily convinced him to be free from the prison and help them free the other prisoners. William accepted their words and started helping them. The five Heroes freed all of the prisoners.

Stormer convinced William and the other prisoners to fight the Citadel. The prime reality Heroes heard Voltix announcing to the Citadel about the invasion of Brains on the city. The Heroes used security cameras to see what was going on outside of the prison. The Brains revealed to be different from the ones in the prime reality by being larger, having wings, and being able to shoot devastating mental blasts. While the prisoners were fighting the Jolters, Breez noticed that the Brains were not focused on controlling the city's residents. Stormer led Alpha Team to the upper floors of the Citadel, where they noticed the Brains having allied with Von Nebula. The Brains found and defeated the Heroes.

Von Nebula had the Heroes imprisoned. He had one of the Brains read Stormer's mind. While the Brain was reading his mind, Stormer learned about what these Brains are and what they are planning. The Brains learned of Hero Factory, which they saw as a way to become unstoppable. They planned to use the alternate reality's generator to get to the prime reality to conquer Stormer's galaxy. After Stormer's Brain read his mind, Stormer's mind is intact, and he tricked the Brains and Von Nebula into thinking that the Brain that read his mind made him mindless. The Brains told Von Nebula to take them to the alternate reality's generator, but Von Nebula told them that he needs to finish making the generator first in order to make it work.

Von Nebula had Jolters deliver Stormer to his fellow Heroes. The Heroes were shocked to see Stormer being mindless, so they got angry and wanted to avenge their friend. They were about to free themselves when Stormer revealed that his mind is intact and helped them free themselves and himself. Stormer told the Heroes that the alternate reality does have its own version of the generator, but he wanted to stay in the alternate reality to prevent the Brains from using the generator, much to the Heroes' worries. The four Heroes found Core Hunter, who was arguing with two Brains for barring him from entering the Citadel. The Heroes convinced him to help them fight the Brains because the Brains cannot be trusted when they get what they want. Core Hunter helped the Heroes get their stolen equipment back and then distracted the Brains, so the Heroes defeated them. Furno then knocked Core Hunter unconscious. The Heroes got to the Citadel's laboratory and found the generator there, but they discovered that half of an Amelium cylinder, which is needed for the generator to work, was missing. Von Nebula showed up, showed the Heroes the other half in his possession, and threatened to destroy it if the Heroes fight him. He proposed an alliance with the Heroes against the Brains because he did not want his prime reality counterpart to win, and his fellow members of the Citadel were barred from entry to their building. While Stormer learned from the Histotron that the alternate reality Makuro was deactivated and disappeared when the Hero Factory was destroyed, Von Nebula also revealed that he actually imprisoned Makuro, who made the cylinder three years ago, and made the lie in the Histotron. Von Nebula escorted Stormer to Makuro's cell while the other Heroes guarded the lab. Makuro at first did not trust Stormer, but Stormer told him that he is from a different universe where Makuro's dream of running the Hero Factory came true. This made Makuro want to help Stormer and Von Nebula.

Makuro created a low-emission beta wave device that can put six Brains at a time to sleep. The prime reality Heroes and the Citadel fought the Brains while they were using the jammer to defeat some of them. Then, the the alternate reality versions of Preston, William, and Stringer, the prisoners, and the alternate reality Preston's allies came to help the Heroes. Von Nebula got so angry to see his Stormer that he tried to use the Black Hole Staff to destroy him. However, both Stormers shot at the staff, causing it to cause Von Nebula's body to fold onto itself and vanish, ending his reign. The Heroes from both universes defeated the Brains. They celebrated their victory while peace was finally restored.

The prime reality Heroes made the generator work. Preston, William, and Makuro told them that with Von Nebula gone and the Brains having destroyed the Citadle's inner circle and the Jolters, they plan to re-create the Hero Factory, change Von Nebula City back into Makuhero City, and get rid of the rest of the Citadel. They also plan to destroy the generator to prevent invaders from coming to the prime reality after the prime reality Heroes use the generator to go back to their universe. The two groups said their goodbyes to each other before the prime reality Heroes used the generator to return home.

After the prime reality Stormer, prime reality Furno, prime reality Bulk, and prime reality Breez returned to the prime reality, they found Perjast, a member of the Galactic Conspiracy, trapped in the Hero Factory's repair bay. They interrogated him, and made him confess that it was Karter who sabotaged the prime reality's generator. The Heroes planned to find and catch Karter. They had Zib lie to Karter that the generator is causing a second explosion that will destroy the Hero Factory. The Heroes caught Karter using his communicator to call the Galactic Conspiracy's leader while revealing to them that the second explosion is a ruse just to catch Karter. Stormer stole the communicator and threatened the contact. However, the contact said that the Heroes would need Karter to find him, and then the contact killed Karter from afar to prevent the Heroes from finding the contact. Later, Stormer felt that the Galactic Conspiracy is coming closer in their plan to fight the Hero Factory soon.[SM5]

Invasion From Below

At least Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Bulk, Surge, Breez, and Evo got new forms that allow them to use giant mechs called Battle Machines. They also got a Remote Builder, which allows them to build the mechs. When a few construction worker robots from Antropolis City in another planet were reported disappearing in an underground tunnel, Evo, who brought his Battle Machine called the Evo Walker, went to the city to investigate the tunnel. However, a few Jumpers attacked Evo, forcing him to abandon his machine. Evo noticed more Jumpers attacking the city, so he called Hero Factory to help him fight the Jumpers and save the city.

Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Bulk, Breez, and Surge used a new Drop Ship to get to the city. They observed the Jumpers attacking the city. They found and helped Evo fight several Jumpers. Stormer had Rocka use the Remote Builder to build three Battle Machines for him, Furno, and Rocka. When the Heroes started using the machines, Stormer had Evo build his own Battle Machine. During the fight, Stormer, Furno, and Rocka lost their Battle Machines. The seven Heroes were able to defeat some Jumpers, but two mutated Jumpers kidnapped Stormer and Furno and brought them to their underground lair, where the Jumpers' queen called the Queen Beast imprisoned the two Heroes in Cocoons. Breez called the Hero Factory for reinforcements, so she and her remaining teammates could go underground to rescue Stormer and Furno.

When they were traveling underground, Rocka took in charge of the remaining Heroes. The five Heroes found the construction workers imprisoned in the Jumpers' cocoons. After freeing the workers, the Heroes told them to go back to the surface. Rocka had Evo use the Remote Builder to build five new Battle Machines that can adapt to underground. After the machines were built, the Heroes used them to travel further undergrund. However, a cave with magnetic rocks took Rocka and Surge, separating them from their comrades. Rocka and Surge fought some Jumpers in a chamber with magnetic rocks, but a mutated Jumper called a Tunneler Beast kidnapped Surge, causing Rocka to go save Surge. The beast brought Surge to the Queen Beast, who imprisoned Surge in a cocoon. Meanwhile, Breez, Bulk, and Evo noticed the workers' drill and then explored a chamber with green crystals and a lake of acid. A group of Jumpers in the chamber attacked the three Heroes, but the Heroes managed to defeat them while finding the exit of the chamber.

When the Heroes arrived at the Queen Beast's nest, Breez noticed that the queen has Surge in a cocoon, and then told her fellow Heroes about it. Evo used his Battle Machine called the Evo Spider Machine to fight the queen, despite Breez's warnings not to, but the queen resisted his attacks and tried to push the machine, with Evo in it, to a pool of acid. Breez discovered that the queen also had Stormer and Furno in cocoons. Bulk tried to fight the queen to save Evo, but the queen kicked him away. Rocka reunited with Evo, Bulk, and Breez, and tried to save Evo from the queen, but the queen resisted Rocka's attack. Breez tried to tell her three fellow Heroes to force the queen to stop fighting by aiming their weapons on a web thread that supported the queen's nest, but her teammates destroyed the thread, making some unhatched Jumpers in cocoons fall into a pool of acid, killing them. This got the queen's attention, so Evo got out of his machine to save himself. Breez told the Heroes to let her talk to the queen, but the queen got angry and called reinforcements to defeat the Heroes. Bulk destroyed another web thread, killing more unhatched cocoons. When the queen pinned down Bulk and Evo, Breez started making a communicating connection with the queen, making her let go of Bulk and Evo. Evo supported the idea. Breez communicated successfully to the queen and convinced her that it was a mistake to disturb her kind and promised her that Breez and the Heroes will close up the tunnel leading to the underground lair to leave them alone in peace. Breez told her fellow Heroes to lay down their weapons to convince the Jumpers to stop fighting them. After the Heroes did so, Breez told the queen to end the invasion, so the queen recalled all of her children to do so. The Heroes and the Jumpers made peace with each other, and the queen gave the four Heroes their three comrades back. However, just when the Heroes were about to leave, one of the normal Jumpers accidentally triggered one of the Heroes' guns, damaging the nest. The Queen Beast noticed, so she got angry and mistakenly thought that the Heroes had betrayed her, so she attacked them again. The queen grabbed Bulk, but Stormer used the Spider Machine's Canister to hit the queen, saving Bulk. This also damaged the nest more, and the Jumpers disappeared when this happened. Before the queen fell into a pit along with an acid lake, she grabbed Bulk and dragged him with her, but Bulk used the Spider Machine to fly out of the situation. The seven Heroes used the machine to get out of the Jumpers' lair and back to the surface.

The Heroes had the city's people close up the tunnel leading to the underground lair and build a bridge over the city rather than a tunnel below it. When the Heroes are leaving with their Drop Ship and heading home, they do not notice that there is a Jumper, who is contained in an unhatched cocoon, being placed in the ship for some reason, so the Heroes are accidentally bringing the Jumper along.[Episode 11]


Alpha 1 is a team of the Hero Factory's toughest Heroes, and they are strong and high-skilled. The team usually works together. Despite making some mistakes and having a hard time catching and defeating villains, they never actually failed in a mission.[TBW] The team did a larger number of missions in its history.[BA!] Stormer is known to be harsh on rookies, but he greatly cares about them, and he later became less harsh. Stormer had transferred some of the rookies out of the team.

The team consists of two divisions, veteran Heroes and the Rookie 1 unit. Furno, Breez, and Surge were initially rookies under the supervision of Alpha Team, but were later promoted to full-fledged Heroes. Brand new Heroes Evo and Nex later joined the Alpha Team to help fight off the Fire Lord and his minions, and Rocka joined soon after, establishing himself as a team member before their fights in Quatros.

The Alpha 1 Team has also recently gained a new rookie, who is currently stationed solo in one of the outer sectors of Hero Factory jurisdiction, where he is considered a freedom fighter for the frontier worlds there. However, it is implied that he had to go recapture a villain that looks like Jawblade during Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.(questionable canonicity)

William Furno became a team commander of many Hero teams, including Alpha 1 Team, before the Brains attacked Makuhero City. However, Stormer is still commanding Furno due to Furno being the member of the Alpha 1 Team.[Episode 10][SM3][SM4][SM5][Episode 11] Furno commanded the teams in the battle. He also works as Stormer's trusted lieutenant.[FO:MSG]

When Stormer and Furno were kidnapped by the Jumpers, Rocka became the deputy leader of the remaining members of the team until Stormer and Furno were rescued.[Episode 11]

Known Missions


Thresher's Team

Veteran Heroes


Stormer's Team

Veteran Heroes

Rookie 1


  • The unnamed Hero never appeared in any other Hero Factory media other than a Lego Magazine in May 2012, neither did his Breakout foe. Since the Hero's combiner model is made of Evo, Furno, and Surge's Breakout sets, there are no combiner models for Rocka, Breez, Nex, Bulk, Stormer, and Stringer's Breakout sets for some reason.
  • Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Stringer, Bulk, Surge, Breez, Nex, and Evo are the main protagonists of the Hero Factory series. Specifically, Stormer, Furno, and Rocka are the true main protagonists while the others are major characters.
  • Apparently, the Heroes' ages go, from oldest to youngest, Thresher, Stormer, Stringer, Bulk, Von Ness, Furno, Breez, Surge, Nex, Evo, Rocka, and the unnamed new rookie, according to some media, like the DK Readers books, Secret Mission 2: Legion of Darkness, and Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook.
  • According to a News Story in in January 24, 2011,[Villain Update: Depot on Fire! (January 24, 2011)] Furno, Breez, and Surge became veteran Heroes after they defeated Von Nebula and his gang in Hero Factory's 2010 story arc and when they were fighting the Fire Villains in Hero Factory's early 2011 story arc. Furno also once said to Evo in Episode 8: Breakout Part 1 to "stick with a veteran like him" before Furno accidentally hit a door. However, in the DK Readers books in 2012 and 2013, Secret Mission 1: The Doom Box, Secret Mission 2: Legion of Darkness, Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook chapters about Hero Factory's 2010-2011 story arcs, and iTunes' description of the Savage Planet movie, Furno, Breez, and Surge are still called rookies. In Episode 10: Brain Attack and Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook chapter about Hero Factory's 2013 story arc, it could be implied that the Heroes became veteran Heroes, as Furno was leading many Hero teams in a battle. In Secret Mission 5: Mirror World, Breez stated that she and Furno are no longer rookies.


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