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This article is about the establishment. You may be looking for the franchise or the building.

"We, the good, bold and virtuous, stand united against the malignant forces in the universe. Our sole and unwavering resolution: to root out and eliminate all things lowdown, vile and villainous. We go forth with conviction and courage, and strive wholeheartedly against the dark. Together, we build a safer universe. We build a better tomorrow. We build Heroes."
― Hero Factory Foundation Pledge

Hero Factory (Corporation)
Headquarters/Base Makuhero City
Leader(s) Akiyama Makuro
Status Active
Goal(s) Protect the Galaxy

Hero Factory is a corporation founded by Akiyama Makuro. The Factory designs, builds, and dispatches robot Heroes to fight villains, solve crises, and restore peace across the universe.


The Call Center

Akiyama Makuro saw the growing threat of criminals in the universe, and founded Hero Factory using the advanced technology of the time, with the aim of helping people with their problems, such as criminals, creatures or natural disasters. Each Hero was forged, and given personality from their Hero Core, made from the rare mineral Quaza. The factory was established as the main center of operations for all heroes. The first team was Alpha 1 Team, and their failure to stop a massive operation at Asteroid J-54 by the Legion of Darkness, Makuro planned to shut down Hero Factory. However, the Heroes' great bravery in stopping the Legion of Darkness from taking Hero Factory changed Makuro's mind and he went forward with the plan, starting to produce new Heroes. Mr. Makuro personally inspects the creation of every hero, and points out ones he believes will be special. Over time, the number of employees in the factory increased from several hundred to millions, expanding outward and developing a great amount of the cities and inhabitable areas, including Makuhero City, which surrounds the factory.

The Hero Factory is responsible for the defeat and imprisonment of numerous criminals from across the galaxy. Alpha 1, was recently responsible for the apprehension of the infamous criminal Von Nebula and his gang.

After a testing process, the Factory debuted an upgrade process to create new 2.0 heroes with improved armor and weapons. The first built in this form were rookies Nathan Evo and Julius Nex; four members of Alpha 1 later had the upgrade applied directly to them, giving them fire-resistant armor and ice-based weapons to help them defeat and arrest Fire Lord and his cohorts. The 2.0 form has become the new standard for Hero Factory Hero creations, and can also be used on existing Heroes.


The Hero Factory dispatches its Heroes at no cost to the public. Using the number 1-888-4-HEROFACTORY (43763228679), anyone can call in to alert them to a crime or disaster. The employees devote themselves to helping the Heroes function in their tasks.

To keep the general public safe and informed, the Hero Factory utilizes a series of Threat Levels, representing the amount of danger present, which it issues to the populace. The lowest Threat Level is "Pearl", or "White", which means there has been minimal or no villain and dangerous creature activity in the past 24 hours. The highest is "Ruby", used recently when there was a mass prison breakout in the factory.


The Hero Factory FM radio talk show is run by Mak Megahertz, and broadcasts from within Hero Factory. Heroes and employees frequently appear on the show to provide information.


Due to its presence in the universe, Hero Factory possesses a number of sponsorship deals. Power Core mobile vending pods are the official drink of Hero Factory. The Hero Preston Stormer once appeared on a large electro-billboard promoting the brand.

The energy drink company Robo-Jolt also once asked Natalie Breez to be in a commercial for them.


The corporation bases its headquarters out of the main factory, situated in the center of Makuhero City, and part of the Central Business District.


The main Hero Factory building has 11,127 employees, including:

  • Akiyama Makuro - Founder of Hero Factory
  • Nathaniel Zib - Chief Mission Manager
  • Quadal - Zib's assistant
  • Zeta - Mission Manager
  • Sherman Lennard - Call Center Manager
  • Lucy - Call Center Operator
  • Big Joe - Worker
  • Skinny Jack - Worker
  • Titiania - Worker
  • Mak Megahertz - Hero Factory FM host
  • Boz Freeman- Head of the Assembly Tower
  • Sid Asimo - Furnace Worker
  • Gargantuan Smash - Former criminal, now a Hero Factory employee
  • Dr. Calvin Metric - Design team worker


"You know this isn't going to work right?"
"It seems to be working fine so far."
"Do you know how many would-be galactic conquerors Hero Factory deals with every week? It's what we do."
Daniel Rocka and a Brain-controlled Kirch, Collision Course

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