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The Brain Wars

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"It's heroes vs. evil Brains when mind-controlled beasts invade Makuhero City."
― Back Cover

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The Brain Wars
Type Young Reader Book
Year(s) released 2013

The Brain Wars is a Level 3 Readers book, part of the Dorling Kindersley Young Readers Hero Factory book series, and a level up from Brain Attack!


The book features character bios and story elements as they appear in the 2013 Brain Attack line, with a focus on the Alpha 1 Team characters and their weapons. It also uses screenshots from the two early 2013 Brain Attack commercials, and summarizes Episode 10: Brain Attack's plot.


  • Unlike the two DK Readers books in 2012, which use screenshots from the Television Episodes that they summarize, this book does not have screenshots from Episode 10.
  • Although Von Nebula, Fire Lord, Witch Doctor, Black Phantom, and Voltix did not appear in the book, they are mentioned in there.
  • The last page includes a concept art picture for Hero Factory's 2010 story arc, where William Furno, in his 1.0 form, is facing Von Nebula, who is using a black hole to suck many objects into itself.

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