Creep Crushers

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Creep Crushers
Creep Crushers.png
Game Information
Availability Available
Platform Online, HeroPad
Controls Arrow Keys, Space Bar

Creep Crushers was an online game that featured the first 2.0 and 3.0 Heroes. Players had to insert the code from under the lid of a Hero 2.0 or 3.0 set into the HeroPad in order to access the game. For the 3.0 Heroes, the game was labeled as Jungle Crushers. When the main page was updated for Brain Attack, it was removed along with the HeroPad, Mission: Von Nebula, Mission: Ordeal of Fire, Mission: Savage Planet, most of the videos and the building instructions for 1.0-3.0.


Creep Crushers gameplay

The player controls a Hero from the Ordeal of Fire mission or Savage Planet and tries to survive as waves of "creeps" appear. Various power-ups are available and some objects fall from defeated creeps that give the player points. When the player activates three Ordeal of Fire Creep Crusher games they will fight with Fire Lord after 5 waves, otherwise they will face a giant Nitroblast. In the Savage Planet version, either a giant Waspix (called "Flying Lizard" in the game) or Witch Doctor will be fought, depending on the number of unlocked Heroes. When the player defeats the final boss, a small win scene with the selected Hero appears. If the player is defeated, a losing scene appears with the final boss triumphant.


Jungle Crushers gameplay
  • Left and Right Arrows - Move the Hero in the corresponding direction.
  • Up Arrow - Jump
  • Down Arrow - Shield
  • Space Bar - Shoot
  • Up Up - Double Jump/Up Platform
  • Down Down - Down off Platform
  • Down Arrow in Mid-air - Stomp Attack


  • This was the first (and currently only) online game to feature the HeroPad Code system.
  • Although three heroes are required for the unique final boss, there is a glitch that makes it possible to have only two heroes and unlock the boss.

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